Your Inner Priestess

Discover your inner Priestess and align with your Divine nature, filling your Grail Cup in the process, no matter your walk of life.

Inner Alignment Guidance 

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Connect To Your Inner Priestess

I’ve been a practicing priestess since about 1998… but to the rest of humanity that didn’t look much different to any other busy woman out there in the big wide world.

In tarot, The High Priestess is in touch with her divinity, following her intuition, spirit guided and heart-led… even when it sometimes seems completely antithetical to her logical assessment. She is the keeper of esoteric secrets and the oracle, a confidante, a friend, a lover… she is a channel for The Divine. The living embodiment of The Goddess.

A priestess in practice is a woman learning to trust her intuition on her way to becoming a practicing priestess who serves to teach others the path.

You don’t need to give up your job and all your worldly goods, move to a convent or commune or become a nun. It doesn’t matter if you are a corporate CEO or a stay at home mum, a yoga teacher, a factory worker or a horticultural wizard… priestesses come in all shapes, sizes, from all cultures… this diversity springs from following your truth, your guidance, and living your bliss.

Having worked with countless women on their journey to re-awaken the sleeping priestess, I am now refocusing my work on how best to serve the Keepers of the Inner Chalice – The Priestesses In Practice on their journey to living their best life with authenticity and grace. Using my gifts as a teacher, healer, guide, oracle and of course a priestess in my own right.

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Creating a disciplined daily Spiritual Practice is paramount to developing your intuition, your alignment and connection to Source, and to raising your vibration via the “Vertical Axis,” thus expanding your outer life via the “Lateral Axis.”

Devotional Practice and Axis Guidance is part of the Priestess Membership Package (available soon).

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