Apply for Your Place at The High Altar

It is my honour to guide women of substance and high-net-worth who have already mastered the material world and found it to be wanting, to refocus their consiousness towards their inner-being and soul-self. There they find deeper meaning and more to life than the things that have so far left them feeling cold and unfulfilled with an unquenchable void within.
I meet you where you’re at in life to guide you towards finding that deeper meaning, peace, fulfilment and greater joy in your experience of all the world has to offer, as we work together to reimagine your spiritual life as a sacred work of art.

I have guided countless women to find higher purpose and perspective through life changes that have been thrust upon them and life transformations they have chosen for themselves. I do so in the capacity of spiritual teacher, wise counsel, priestess, oracle and healer, but also as an empowerment coach who blends the mystical with the practical, bringing each client to her own place of peace.

The Grail Path – my philosophy, requires dedication to personal development, fearless self-love, true self-worth and reverence for the Divine Emissary that you are. You may not begin with those qualities in place, but you will realise them along the way.

The High Altar is an invitation for a select few individuals to work with me for a full year on their individual healing or spiritual empowerment journey.


We will explore in depth:

  • Your deepest desires
  • The obstacles and fears that stand in your way
  • How you are employing your own free will
  • Your spiritual practice and self care
  • How you are applying your spirituality in your 9 life-arenas

Through The Grail’s 7 Principles

Life arenas we will cover:

  • Health, Happiness & Wellbeing
  • Home & Environment
  • Family & Support Systems
  • Work/Career & Business
  • Finances & Resources
  • Play, Leisure & Personal Growth
  • Divine Service
  • Projects & Creativity
  • Romance & Relationships

Levels of transformation we work on:

  • Spiritual & Energetic
  • Mental & Intellectual
  • Emotional & Intuitive
  • Physical & Practical
  • Existential

We’ll heal the energy, adjust your mindset, seek liberation and take action towards your fulfilment

How you use your year at The High Altar is up to you...

The High Altar is a simply a metaphor for exclusive and privileged access. The cost of this service recognises the level of access you have to me as your guide, teacher healer and Grail Priestess – which is in essence *as much as you need.

How you use the access is up to you:

  • Full Day Immersions throughout the year?
  • Extended 3-5 day Retreats?
  • Sounding Board?
  • Weekly Coaching Calls?
  • Healing Sessions, Activations & Ascension?
  • Meditation, Channelling & Readings?


*Boundaries will be agreed in every client contract to protect everybody’s well-being, to esure an empowered relationship and to guard against potential co-dependence.

If you are ready to realise this potential and step into deeper communion with your soul and with Spirit, then you may apply to work with me by emailing

A premium 6-figure investment is required.

Not ready for that kind of commitment?

I will be opening The Grail Temple new members in early Spring 2023,

where we journey into enlightenment, empowerment, healing and growth, together in sacred sisterhood. Sharing Mystical Meetings and Readings, Online weekly Group Coaching and Guidance.

Check back later for details or get on the waiting list by emailing me at

and pop “Membership” in the subject line.