Women come to me for all sorts of reasons at varying stages of life, but what they're all seeking is...

Sovereignty, Wellbeing & Success.

Get Higher Spiritual Guidance and the support to build your Divine Lifestyle around your deepest soul-needs.

Fulfilment, clarity, confidence and empowered living are just the beginning of what working with me will lead towards.

Here’s what you need to know…

The Grail Path

In 2012 whilst holding circle for a group of extraordinary women, I was guided by my Spirit team to ask a simple question of everyone in the room – “What holds you back from living the life you truly want to experience?” The answers were multi-faceted, varied and valid, but the all fell into 7 definitive themes. I noted every answer they came up with and later, tuned into the angelic realm, I was instructed in the biggest breakthrough of my now 25 year spiritual career. The first pillar of The Grail Path, the 7 Principles (forming the rules of empowered operating) were born.

Later I was instructed in Pillar 2 – The Grail Mechanics which comprise the most significant pitfalls on the path to applying those Principles, Pillar 3 which forms the basis of a blueprint for a balanced, vibrant and fulfilled life and then finally Pillar 4 which forms the spiritual pathway to building it. Moving from where you are to where you want to be.

Over the past decade I have refined, tested, experienced and taught the path to so many incredible women who have reclaimed their sovereignty and wellbeing, and redefined their success so that their own grail cup is full and overflowing and they can now serve from the overflow without ever having to feel burnt out.

Your deepest soul-needs should be nurtured first and never just an afterthought.

What do I mean by Sovereignty, Wellbeing & Success?

You are a sovereign being. You hold dominion over your own life. You have free will and the power to create your world exactly the way you want to experience it, and yet so many people give that power away, day in day out, usually because society taught them to conform. The businesses and empires we build still have us putting our own needs last on the list and even when we reach extraordinary success, there is an inherent emptiness in it, when we define success around a social construct without ever checking in with what our soul’s truly desire… wellbeing and soul-satisfaction require a different kind of success and it looks different for all of us because we were all born with a unique destiny, desires and dreams.

Sovereignty = The power to define the way you live and your own destiny

Wellbeing = Mind, body and soul aligned with and fulfilled by the life you’ve created

Success = A life that contributes value to the world and the world contributing to that valuable life. (Symbiosis).

The Benefits – What’s in it for you?

Stop the burnout and reclaim your personal power, wellbeing and vitality

Redefine success on your own terms

Map out your ultimate desired Divine Lifestyle

Create that balanced and fulfilled divine lifestyle where your deeper soul-needs are prioritised

Heal co-dependency and build healthy boundaries

Expand your experience to realise deeply-held dreams and desires

Develop a personal spiritual practice that supports your vision

Access Higher Spiritual Guidance to move through personal roadblocks and accellerate your life’s transformation.

There is so much more that you wanna do, be and have…

If only you could get unstuck and stop feeling so confused over what to change to bring your life closer to your soul’s truth… I know what you are thinking: you’ve invested so much time, energy and effort into your current circumstances/career/business/relationship/life (or whatever it is that’s feeling stuck), that you just don’t even know where to start or how it’s even possible to find the clarity and courage to let go of what’s not working and get your sense of self back. You’ve started thinking it’s not possible to be spiritually fulfilled and still want so much, or to maintain the boundaries to protect it.

You know that you are ready for more freedom, a different kind of success and much, much more happiness… You know that you are ready to experience more love and more expansion, more joy and a more connection to your truest nature. You know that you have more to offer to the world (or to the right project, right clients, right employer or right partner). You know that there is a way to take control of your energy, life, love and business and rebuild your very own “Garden of Eden” or Heaven on Earth, where your deepest needs are central to the equation.

Imagine a world where you’re clear about exactly what you want. not just on the surface but at soul-level, and what steps you have to take to get it. And not only that but you are filled with the courage, wisdom and clarity to take action and move forward with confidence and alignment towards your Divine Lifestyle, knowing full-well that the Universe, your angels and your Spirit team are working for you!

I know change can feel daunting, especially when you don’t know exactly what “new” looks like yet. That’s why its so valuable to work with a guide, coach or teacher… someone who has walked the path, navigated the pitfalls, extracted the wisdom and won the game of peace and purpose to walk with you. As your Sacred Wayshower you can be assured that not only have I done all that, but I’m still devoted to doing it, every day of my life.

What is Higher Spiritual Guidance?

We each have access to our own soul’s wisdom and with development can tap into the divine consciousness to intuit inspiration and universal truth. As an angel and ascension teacher, I recognised the beauty in the messages coming through, but something much deeper was emerging – within the sacred insights were powerful tools to overcome the limitations we place on ourselves in our physical lives. Higher Spiritual Guidance is the roadmap to grounding your version of heaven here on earth, while you get to experience it.

One woman’s Heaven could be another woman’s idea of Hell. Higher Spiritual Guidance removes obstacles and gives direction to aid the wise use of free will in creating YOUR version of a Divine Lifestyle.

What do I mean by Divine Lifestyle?

Your Divine Lifestyle is one where all your needs are met. Imagine that… you are living up to your full potential, experiencing joy and fulfilment along the way and the whole universe is moving with you to make it happen.

I can’t describe what your Divine Lifestyle looks like in physical terms because as I already stated, one woman’s Heaven…

It is life on your terms without sacrificing your wellbeing, your integrity or your heart’s most precious desire –

A life of Sovereignty, Wellbeing & Success.

The Features – What’s included?

Regardless of what package you choose, The Grail Path is the same, the outcome is the same (if you apply the wisdom) and steps are the same. What changes is the level of access to me as your guide and therefore usually the speed at which you move towards your desired outcome.

We will work through:

Pillar 1: The Principles (Rules of Empowered Operating)
Pillar 2: The Grail Mechanics (Overcoming what holds you back)
Pillar 3: Lateral Axis – The Garden of Eden:  (Life-Mapping Your Divine Lifestyle)
Pillar 4: Vertical Axis – Alignment, Expansion & Spiritual Practice… The Path
Plus: The Life-Mastery Classes (the path’s steps) and 12 stages of transformation

Grail Wisdom, Angelic Counsel, Soul-Alignment and Energy Mastery

You want to:

Get clarity about what needs to change
Hear and understand your soul’s guidance
Recognise your obstacles and blocks
Break free of limiting beliefs
Take control of your energy
Define and claim your version of success
Understand and action the exact steps you need to create it
Overcome your reluctance to make waves
Initiate real forward movement towards a more fulfilled Divine Lifestyle
And redefine your boundaries to protect your sovereignty in the process.

Doing all that whilst increasing your capacity to give generously to the world, your divine gifts, skills and talents, knowing they will be honoured in return.

Traveling this path with me you are going to learn how to:

Establish better boundaries
Identify balanced soul-friendships and relationships (and those that aren’t)
Begin to heal the burnout/overwhelm
Eliminate unnecessary worry
Unburden your schedule, your mind and even the excess demands on your material resources
Take care of YOU first by developing a “Self-Full” daily spiritual practice.
And to fill your proverbial cup, serving only from the overflow, giving and receiving in balance.

I’m not going to lie to you –

It takes bravery to walk this path

It is going to unleash a powerful side of you that you may not have met before

It requires commitment and action

It is the most practical, spiritual journey you will ever undertake… but not everyone is cut out for it.

This journey will transform your life for the better if you let it, but there will be sacrifices along the way. Nothing worthwhile ever came without personal cost.

You will inevitably lose people or have to leave them behind as you uplevel. You may have to walk what feels like a solitary path before you find those who genuinely value you for YOU and you begin co-creating life as your own version of Heaven here on Earth.

If living your Divine Lifestyle of Sovereignty, Wellbeing & Success is worth more than your current discomfort, The Grail Path will get you there, by eliminating every other path but your own. That is what I’m offering you.

As your Grail Guide and Sacred Wayshower, I’m here to walk with you along that path.

Packages – Levels of Access.

Temple Membership

Access to the online Grail Temple and resource centre where you will find The 4 Pillars, Life-Mastery Classes that take you through the wisdom of The Grail Path, which you can do at your own pace. The most powerful resource you have access to, is the weekly online Live Grail Circle.  For two hours each week I’m available to the group to answer questions, coach, guide and help you overcome the obstacles on your path and even to help you create a personal plan. The sessions each have meditation, energy work and alignment oracle guidance. That’s between 8-10 hours a month of priceless group coaching.

Your investment for this year of transformation is £3k

Grail Temple Membership

re-opens for enrolment on 23rd May 2022

Grail Counsel Package –

Everything that is offered to a Temple Member is also available to a Grail Counsel client if they want to take advantage of those resources. However, Grail Counsel clients have dedicated one-to-one coaching with me on a monthly basis for a whole year. Taking you through 12 stages of The Grail Path in a way that suits your desired Divine Lifestyle outcome.

Your investment for 12 weeks of one-to-one transformational coaching is £5k

V.I.P Sovereign Package –

Again, everything that is offered to a Temple Member is available to a Sovereign client if they want to take advantage of it but Sovereign clients have bespoke *unlimited access to coaching with me for a full year alongside their scheduled monthly coaching sessions (*Subject to availability and advance booking).

Ready to initiate Legacy Frequency? Let’s explore your unique soul’s calling.

Need an immersion day? Fine let’s book it in the calendar.

Hit a major roadblock? Let’s schedule an impromptu session.

Need some energy work, divination, soul conformation, or just a personal alignment session…?

It’s all part of the V.I.P  Sovereign service.

Your investment for this year of bespoke transformational Higher Spiritual Guidance is £33k

Why should you invest in your spiritual path?

If you still assume that you are separate from the universe and it doesn’t apply to you, then you haven’t accepted that everything is energy. Energy or life-force is Spirit and therefore your entire life is a spiritual experience.

If it doesn’t look the way you want it to, doesn’t feel like you hoped it would and you are still trying to navigate how to get it in balance, then isn’t it a wise decision to dedicate time, energy and resources to getting it to align?

Wouldn’t it serve you to get help from someone who has walked the path you are setting out on?

The biggest lesson you will learn on The Grail Path is how your self-worth affects everything you create in your life. Aren’t you worthy of your own investment? Isn’t your personal growth, health and wellbeing, family, career, business and overall soul-deep fulfilment worthy of your investment?

Only you can answer that.

Once you have, I’m here to guide you, mind body and soul, to the next level of your Sovereignty, Wellbeing & Success.