Women come to me for all sorts of reasons at varying stages of life, but what they're all seeking is...

Sovereignty, Wellbeing, Freedom & Success.

Get Higher Spiritual Guidance and the support you need to build your Divine Lifestyle around your deepest soul-needs.

Fulfilment, clarity, confidence and empowered living are just the beginning of the path we will walk together.

Here’s how you can work with me…

Running on empty?

12 weeks of 1:1 coaching and weekly Spiritual Wellbeing Coaching.

Designed to pull you back from the brink of burnout and reprioritise your wellbeing ready to take your next steps into a more empowered, ascended version of you.

I’m here to meet you where you’re at (and I’m painfully aware that sometimes where we are at is a dark place). I’ve been there, beyond the brink of burnout and with no clue how to come back to my natural state of wellbeing and peace. I learned the hard way and without support, compassion or understanding. That experience drives me to empower other women towards their own healing.

This package is here to guide you through the process of recaliming your SELF, healing the practices that led to your depletion and creating new habits and practices that will, over time, plug the energetic leaks, refill the proverbial cup and prevent you from going there again. Spiritual coaching teaches you the principles, practices and processes of radical transformation but it requires practical application on your part. together we will transform your mind, body and spirit to come back into alignment with your soul’s divine blueprint.

I’m not going to throw a load of airy-fairy mumbo-jumbo at you, nor am I going to “fix you.” I already see you as your truly are in your fully empowered state, so I also know that you have everything you need to move from where you are to where you want to be and how you want to feel. As your guide, I’m going to show you the steps to get there and support those first unsteady leaps of faith… but you are the one who will have to take them.

Your Success, Your Wellbeing – it’s all just waiting for you to remember who you are!

The energetic exchange for this service is: £3,333* GBP

*(price increasing to £6k early 2023)

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Ready to reclaim mastery over your own life?

6 months of 1:1 Spiritual Coaching & Re-Coding

With this package you get to meet YOU where you’re at.

Together we are going to transform your inner sense of self-worth, identity and deep faith in your soul to lead you back to your truth. We will enter into a contract of sacred trust with Spirit as we unravel the energy, beliefs and wounds that have caused you to lose (or give away) your personal power, so that you may re-embrace your own divinity.

Universal law states: “As within, so without” or “As above, so below” and you can expect this journey to be “a chariot with two horses” – representing the spiritual inner journey and the practical outer one. Getting these two to pull together, we will ground your idea of Heaven here on Earth, rebuilding your life as your personal “Garden of Eden.”

Weekly sessions include 5D spiritual practices, meditations, energy work and healing plus 3D-world practical application, all with the single purpose of transforming your reality through awakening your inner sovereignty.

All that applies to the Wellbeing package applies here, plus we will:

Explore your relationships, both healthy and toxic

Investigate how you balance your inner and outer resources

Redefine and reinforce your personal boundaries and freedom

Open to receive spiritual help

Create a map to guide towards a soul-led, fulfilling lifestyle in which your needs are not only met, but surpassed.

This is ascension work and requires a level of readiness. Sovereignty comes with responsibility and requires self-respect, trust in your heart to know what’s right for you the release of codependency. Letting go and radical surrender is a part of this path to mastery. By choosing this higher path you must recognise that where you are going, some may not be ready follow, but what is being offered in return is:

Peace, Freedom, Wellbeing, Fulfilment, Self-Actualisation and Mastery… Connection to your heart and higher calling.

I’m ready to guide you but you are the one who must undertake the journey.

Your most yearned for life is waiting for you to enter into a deeper connection with your heart and soul.


The energetic exchange for this service is: £8,888* GBP

*price increasing to £10k early 2023

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Ready to Quantum Shift beyond Leadership into Ascension, Legacy & Deeper Fulfilment

12 months on-demand* Spiritual Coaching/Counsel & Immersion

This premium package is for you if you are women who serves at the highest level, have mastered your material abundance and are serious about aligning your higher soul-needs and mission with deep inner-fulfilment. You may (or may not) want to expand your impact in service of others, but without sacrificing your own peace, freedom and wellbeing.

Expect deeply spiritual and practical one-to-one coaching, soul’s counsel and divination in this package, along with the benefits and guidance available in the other packages.

The High Altar is a high-ticket/high-touch service that allows unique access to me as your guide, coach, healer and Grail Priestess.

You can tailor your experience across the year to include:

*On-demand coaching

In person immersion days (up to 3 in the year)

A personal ascension retreat.

Energy Healing

Spiritual Counsel

The void within is the sign you’re ready for deeper connection to your divine self.


The energetic exchange for this service is: £33,000* GBP

*NB the package price does not include travel, venues and accomodation for immersions and retreat. On-demand sessions require a minimum of 48 hours notice and you will be advised in advance when I am unavailable.

Book a free discovery call – let’s see if The Grail Path is right for you

Traveling this path with me you are going to learn how to:

Establish better boundaries
Identify balanced soul-friendships and relationships (and those that aren’t)
Begin to heal the burnout/overwhelm
Eliminate unnecessary worry
Unburden your schedule, your mind and even the excess demands on your material resources
Take care of YOU first by developing a “Self-Full” daily spiritual practice.
And to fill your proverbial cup, serving only from the overflow, giving and receiving in balance.

I’m not going to lie to you –

It takes bravery to walk this path

It is going to unleash a powerful side of you that you may not have met before

It requires commitment and action

It is the most practical, spiritual journey you will ever undertake… but not everyone is cut out for it.

This journey will transform your life for the better if you let it, but there will be sacrifices along the way. Nothing worthwhile ever came without personal cost.

You will inevitably lose people or have to leave them behind as you ascend beyond their energetic reach. You may have to walk what feels like a solitary path before you find those who are genuinely aligned and value you for YOU, where you begin co-creating life as your own version of Heaven here on Earth.

If living your Divine Lifestyle of Sovereignty, Wellbeing & Freedom is worth more than your current discomfort,

The Grail Path will get you there, by eliminating every other path but your own.

That is all I’m offering you.

As your Grail Guide, Teacher and Coach, I’m here to walk with you along that path.