VIP - Sovereign Package

Spiritual Initiation into a life beyond profound success.

Don't just leave a legacy, start living one!

If you’re already a powerful female leader who is self-aware, soul-led and highly successful in your business, you might be considering your next evolutionary quantum leap. Is it time to fully embody your soul’s divine assignment and unique soul-purpose through legacy frequency?

Transcend success into deep fulfilment through your sacred calling.

Is that inner-voice calling you to:

  • Unlock your Divine potential
  • Understand and embody your soul’s true purpose here in the world
  • Elevate your business into an empire that leaves a legacy of healing across the globe
  • And open the gates to infinite resources and cascading success

If you’ve already…

Uncovered the secrets to incredible success and the keys to abundant wealth creation,
Crafted your empire through dedication, courage and extraordinary tenacity,
Gone through the exquisite inner transformation of the woman you were into the leader you fully embody today,
Become the one who, at least to the outside world, appears to have it all, the one who has her shit together,
And you’re the one who other women aspire to be, the one who leads with mastery in her field, creating the results you’ve continuously grafted to manifest…

You’re also…

The one who is seeking something beyond the tangible, something deeply sacred.
It feels like there’s an empty space in your heart that’s waiting for your soul to enter, like the beloved returning from a lifetime of separation and your business isn’t filling it anymore.
You intuitively know that being completely en-souled means being empowered by your own highest Divine potential.
You feel instinctively that this gift is your birth right, but you’ve yet to discover how to access and unlock it’s secrets.

I’m Jo Jerodene,

As a Divine Channel working primarily with the Archangelic Realm, an Ascension Guide, Oracle, Master Energy Healer and Creator of The Gail Path, it’s my unique and authentic soul-purpose to lead women back to The Sacred.
In this particular arena, exclusively with those elite female pioneers who are already killing it in their businesses and destined to powerfully influence and positively impact the world, and it’s conscious evolution through their soul-led empires.

I know you want to:

Live an inspired soul-led life
Live with passion, feel turned on and lit up
Find equilibrium between your inner and outer wellbeing
Ensure against burnout or exhaustion
Breakthrough personal barriers and business plateaus
Be surrounded and supported by soul family and kindred team players
Tap into the flow of infinite abundance and material resources
Open your heart to love in it’s entirety
Make an even greater impact in your business and career
Live in your legacy frequency now!

The Package:

This is a rare and exclusive opportunity to work with me exclusively on YOUR personal ascension path. A tailored 12 month package can include:

Monthly in-person immersions, energy work and path activation.

Activations/Energy Assessments, Timeline Healing

Spiritual support and additional guidance throughout & divination when requested.

On-demand* Soul’s Counsel spiritual guidance and Sacred Insight.


The Purpose:

To step into Light-Mastery

Powerfully shift into your Divine Assignment for this lifetime

Embody Divinity/Sovereignty

Unlock Your Full Potential


Legacy Initiation

Personal Healing, Self-Care & Burnout Prevention


Create soul-fulfilment above and beyond profound material success!

The full 12 month package requires an initial investment of

£30k plus a monthly retainer fee of £1,500.

What is Legacy frequency?

Legacy is something we leave behind for future generations, its impact that goes beyond the rewards we reap for ourselves and instead leaves a lasting mark on the planet, community or to the minds of others. When you build an empire you create a machine that has the potential do more than generate revenue. How do you want to be remembered? Wouldn’t you like to live in that frequency now?

I don’t have time. Does it really take 12 months?

No. It takes a few sessions to get you aligned with and moving towards this high vibrational state. The programme is 12 months to support you in the process, keep building on your inner power and maintain your soul-purpose alignment (connection to your Divine Assignment) during real-world transformation.

Is this just another business strategy programme?

Definitely not. I’m not a business strategist for a start. You are the expert in your business, I’m the expert in energy alignment and soul-work. It’s my job to unlock your potential, guide you into sovereignty and initiate you into a higher frequency that in turn will usher in a new era for your business empire.

What does my spirituality have to do with my business?

Everything is energy. If you’re already self-aware and soul-led, this isn’t news to you. Relationships are energy, money is energy, creation is energy made manifest. Your business, whether product or service based, involves you delivering something in exchange for something else. This involves the law of reciprocity, the law of attraction and the law of consequence to name just a few. These are fundamentally spiritual principles and integral to the work we’ll do together.
Your Divine Assignment on the other hand, that is something you have likely been skirting around for years, but have yet to understand the higher aspects of the mission. We will discover this through your ascension work.

What will it do for my business?

Instead ask: what will it do for YOU, that you will then use to explode your business into it’s next quantum leap in evolution? Absolute knowing of your earthly mission, limitless access to the energy and resources to achieve it, wisdom beyond all uncertainty, upgrading creativity, magnetic communication, authentic delivery of soul-purpose, attraction of soul-mate collaboration. All these things come from you. I will facilitate your access to this universal vibration.

More questions?

Lets hop on a call and chat about your needs…

Legacy Frequency is the state of soul-integration, within which you can access limitless energy… lighting you up so you can light up the world.

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of the universe that allow you to make everything and every life you touch, golden?

This is what it means to create cascading success. As you ascend higher, you effortlessly light up and lift all those following you on the path.

Let’s get started.