The 7 Principles

Here are the 7 Principles to get you started

Principle 1: I AM God

When you recognise that you are divine, that you are God, all feelings of unworthiness disintegrate, after all, how can God not be worthy? This is a place of extreme power and mastery over your life and recognition that you are the creator of your destiny.  This is not an ego based statement in fact completely the opposite because within this principle we recognise that every thing is in fact God too. You cannot unlock the Grail without understanding this concept.

Principle 2: I AM Detached

One the biggest Grail quests and the trickiest to get the hang of, but also the most rewarding hence it is the second principle. Being detached from things and outcomes allows you to be present in the now, letting go of past history and also the unmapped future, creating a natural unfolding of circumstance. We hear so much these days about how to manifest the things that we want, relationships, money or fame or whatever floats your boat, but the truth is, that without those things you are still whole. I’m not suggesting for one minute that you stop wanting things (that would make me a hypocrite, because there are loads of things that I want), all I’m saying is that the detachment part is about the emotional process of recognising that life won’t stop if you don’t have them right here, right now. The thing is, that when you detach from the outcome of your manifesting, it arrives faster!

Principle 3: I AM Human

It may sound like a contradiction to the first principle but grasping this concept is all about self-forgiveness and recognising that you, in physical form, are limited by 3rd dimensional constraints and therefore you are fallible. We get it wrong, that’s how we learn. What’s done is in the past and you can’t go back and rewrite history so what’s the point in beating yourself up about it? Similarly in all relationships and interactions, apologise if you are afforded the chance but forgive yourself first and foremost. Acknowledge that you are human and suddenly the weight of the world falls away.

Principle 4: I AM Truth

You do not need anyone’s approval to speak your truth and have an opinion. Even if the world says you are wrong, that is just the world’s opinion and therefore the paradox would ask… who says the world is right? The Holy Grail is about recognising that you are whole and perfect and part of that is the inner knowing that what is right for you is your truth and it needs nobody else’s permission. Saying that, as with all Grail principles, they apply to everyone, so you do not have the right to say that someone else’s truth is wrong either. A belief is merely that. If what you are reading here now doesn’t ring true for you then feel free to disregard it, I am only sharing with you what feels true for me. I didn’t ask permission to write it, as you don’t need permission to assimilate or ignore it. Our truth evolves as we do, changing and growing as we allow in more knowledge, all that is happening is that we are organically accessing more of our innate wisdom. When you genuinely speak and stand in your own truth, you draw to you more people who resonate with it.

Principle 5: I AM Liberated

You might think that principle two, detachment, would cover this but in actual fact, emotionally letting go of what you have been attached to, does not automatically mean it will let go of you. This is the ultimate in de-cluttering and it doesn’t stop at your shoe cupboard. Sometimes it’s worth looking at what you “own” and then taking inventory of just how much of it owns you! If you were to have a house fire today (God forbid), how much of that stuff could you live without? It starts with asking “what do you need it for?” If you are working every hour God sends to have THINGS and not actually having any time left to enjoy them perhaps you need to downsize to bring freedom?

Principle 6: I AM Self-Full

Giving to oneself is the most commonly lacking attribute in the people I work with. We spend so much time giving to others that we have put our own needs at the bottom of the list. Saying “no” to somebody would be selfish, wouldn’t it? Learning to recognise, honour, and provide for your own needs first, gives you the replenishment you need to always have something left to give others. Professional carers those who intrinsically give for a living, as well as within their personal lives, tend to be the worst culprits for negating this principle. Often they suffer the worst guilt when it comes to saying no to anyone. Learning how to use this word efficiently to allow you the time and care needed to tend to your physical and emotional health counteracts resentment and neediness and leaves you with so much more to give and the joy of giving it with love.

Principle 7: I AM Open Hearted

When looking for love especially but also when trying to manifest anything into your life, this is essential. Giving is not being open hearted. Open heartedness is a two-way valve, where giving and receiving occur in equal measure. I am constantly working with people struggling with this one. If you have an issue with principle 6 (I AM Self-full) then you will almost certainly struggle with principle 7. It’s a really hard one for modern women, this is because we have struggled for equality and independence for decades and in that quest, we have swayed too far the other way. Its ok to have someone open a door for you or help carry the shopping, it doesn’t show weakness. These are all just symbols of receiving help, gifts and praise. Only when your heart is truly open will you find that balance between giving and accepting.

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