The Humble Seer

Grail Oracle 1 Grail Oracle Violet

I pulled this oracle combination for you this morning and then left it to one side for a while whilst I allowed it to filter into my consciousness. I wasn’t suprised by the synchronicity as I work with oracles on a daily basis but this one seemed particularly poignant for me and several others that I have worked with this week.

The Humble Seer combines the 1st Principle of The Wholly Grail: I AM God with the violet energy of the crown chakra and is the point where divine insturction meets destiny and free will seemingly gets overridden. I say seemingly because there is always a choice, but there is moment in many people’s lives when they are confronted with so much evidence of a greater plan that when they look back over the events of their lives the pattern is so apparent that everything that has occurred to them and for them has been leading up to this singular moment or mission.

Overwhelming as it may seem at this time you are being asked to suspend disbelief and step fully into your unique role here on the planet as you now understand that you make a difference… no matter how small and to how few, your contribution is so key to the bigger picture that one way or another the universe has and will continue to push you towards the inevitable conclusion… in other words: you got on this rollercoaster and there is no getting off.

When this oracle selection shows its face we often slip into a mode of questioning our self-worth: “how can I possibly be that important?” and then we shift into asking “what if I screw up?” You have been preparing for lifetimes for the task you came here to do and God doesn’t make mistakes… neither will you. Whatever the outcome of your next steps, everything is as it should be.

Confidence is key and on that note… I believe in you!

More next week… x

On or Off The Planet

Occasionally, perhaps even once in a lifetime comes something so big that it almost knocks you on your arse.

A few days ago after teaching meditation to a group I received what is sometimes termed a ‘download’ from spirit. Two nights of no sleep as the information filtered into my consciousness brought to the fore a whole pattern spanning my life, my work and my relationships and suddenly in a cathartic rush everything made sense… a series of flashbacks mapped the synchronicities along my own personal path that have led to this point. I have a purpose.

Of course everybody does and I don’t want it to sound so dramatic, what I’m trying to articulate (I think) is that we are rarely given a glimpse of the bigger picture and the role we play in the greater whole. Often we just do the best we can from moment to moment following our joy (or pain for those of us who haven’t awoken enough to recognise there’s a choice) towards an unknowable conclusion, but if you catch a glimpse… it’s breathtaking, terrifying, blissful, awful…

Why the mixed blessings? Humanity are rarely equipped to see beyond the scope of their own experience, it’s too big and we start to question whether or not we are up to the job. I suppose it’s like becoming a parent for the first time and realising that you are no longer just responsible for yourself and that life and death are now sitting firmly within your hands, that’s why terrifying and wonderful all at the same time.

No matter how far you can see, no matter how small or large the task, no matter the size of the cog in the machine, you are irreplaceable. Nobody else on or off the planet, can possibly do the job you were sent to do. Only you have that particular genetic code, that fingerprint, those unique experiences, that singular perspective, only you can play the part set aside for you by the Greatest Magician there is and when you grasp that, you yourself become the most vivid and powerful version of you because you understand in high definition that comparing yourself to anyone and anything simple becomes an exercise in futility.

Principle 1: I AM God and Principle 4: I AM Truth. You are too.

More later… x


To be so Naked

On the first Monday of every month I like to set my fellow Grail Knights a challenge, after all that’s what a quest is: a series of challenges to be overcome that when read as a story, your life story in this case, create an epic adventure. Of course you don’t need me to set you challenges as they come fairly thick and fast in their own right. Challenge promotes creativity.

Creative solutions are the product of an open, free mind and that’s what I’m challenging you with today. I’ve found myself conforming to certain beliefs, certain ways of thinking about my own life and the people within it, ways of communicating and understanding each other. We all do it, we become accustomed to routine, but I suddenly realised yesterday that the information I was absorbing from the personal messages I receive from those near and dear may not be what I think they are, in fact they may not have even been aimed at me in the first place!

We love to jump to conclusions as communication is far from an exact science… we all know that what’s being said is only about 10% of the message and the rest is hidden in subtext, how it’s said, what didn’t get said etc. It’s all a bit complicated really, not to mention confusing, so here’s the thing: not just for today but for the whole of February, now that Mercury is direct and we can no longer blame it’s retrograde manoeuvres for our inability to make ourselves understood, I challenge you to find a creative solution to the multitude of ways in which you miscommunicate your intent and allow your truth to be up front and in full view.

It takes a very brave and very special kind of Grail Knight to be so naked and vulnerable but Principle 4: I AM Truth is your guide and friend.

More later… x

The Herald of Opportunity

Grail Oracle 4Grail Oracle Blue

This week Intuitive Chalice Oracle combination has offered up a second helping of the royal blue energy of the throat chakra and combined it with the 4th Principle of The Wholly Grail: I AM Truth. This duo are bringing with them the blessings of success and so are called The Herald of Opportunity.

You have, for too long, hidden your light under a bushell in fear that the world may judge you or disregard your ideas and opinions as pure nonsense, in fact you have found yourself twisting your words and moulding your work to please and appease others, compromising your integrity in the process… but no longer.

The Herald of Opportunity shows up when you have been brave enough to stand up and be counted; to put your neck on the line and say: “this is what I want and this is how I want it to be”and it has paid off big time. there may have been a short silence whilst the world adjusted to your new way of communicating and within that silence you might have found yourself cringing on the inside, wondering “did I ask too much?” “Did I come on too strong?” but the pause was simply time for reflection and a moment for the universal flow to catch up with your vibrational shift… The response? “Ok then.” The door simply swung open without fuss, argument or fanfare.

Use this energy to step through the open doors that are unlocking in response to your new found confidence in your authentic voice and understand that once you step through a doorway, what remains on the otherside is no longer matching your vibration. To stay in your truth you must let go of the little self and soar.

More next week… x


Unchecked and Unchallenged

Paranoia is an insidious entity all of its own and if left unchecked and unchallenged it can gnaw away at even the most balanced of minds… Each aspect or Principle of The Wholly Grail is multidimensional and though they are simple concepts the do cover a lot of ground. Principle 4: I AM Truth, for example…

Last weekend I was writing about the coincidence between my actions and the oracle pick for the week (which you can view here on the site usually on a Saturday), it was about how we allow ourselves to become embittered by past events if we fail to forgive the perpetrator and how we often show unforgiveness by continuously making jibes and references to it and myriad petty offences as a result. These are classic examples of a failure to embrace Principle 3: I AM Human, but take it a little further and paranoia sets in and everything and everyone is then out to get you… at least in your head.

The law of reflection basically states that if you notice it within another then it’s present within you (whether you like it or not), but the truth is a little deeper. Fear of being judged or ridiculed by another is a sign that you have lost touch with your personal truth and that their’s is taking priority in your “things to believe” list. If that anxiety is stemming from a fear of retaliation over your past actions then its this that needs addressing…

Ask: is it true? Is it kind? Is it positive? Is it loving?

If the stuff coming out of your mouth doesn’t fit these criteria then don’t say it, this way whatever returns to you will be of similar quality or at the very least will not fit the first question and can therefore be dismissed as irrelevant offloading from a wounded heart.

Paranoia is your warning of disempowerment and a nudge to return to Principle 4: your truth and Principle 1: your self-esteem.

Oh yes and if you think this article is aimed specifically at you… 🙂

More later… x


I Love You

Something strange happened last night as I was lying in bed reading a book on my tablet: it started singing. As the room was quiet and calm the unexpected and very loud melody almost caused me to drop the thing midst mini heart attack until I realised it was a reminder alarm. When I checked what it was it said “Within”… I couldn’t for the life of me remember what it was for and so opened up the reminder to read the further information, here’s what it said:

“You may have forgotten or lost your way, so I sent this reminder simply to say, you started this year with a simple quest, so review the situation and become your best… I love you.”

How cool is that? I sent myself a message into the future to remind me how important I am to me and how my own needs and goals have to remain a priority in my day to day life. It’s timing couldn’t have been more appropriate as I was beginning to allow old habits to affect my progress and was feeling particularly exhausted by swimming against the natural current… the message was so poignant that it made me cry.

Today I had to share the idea with you because it’s basic yet powerful message shifted my intention and focus immediately and was such an effective tool that I wondered if you might use it?

Principle 1: I AM God, doesn’t sit comfortably with many, but you really are that important and today Principle 6: I AM Self-Full takes priority over everything else… Ask yourself first: What is it that I need?

More later… x

Inadvertently Siphoning

Taking a wrong turn isn’t the end of the world. Each day the thousands of decisions we make, some seemingly insignificant, some having major change-making effects on our lives, all have one element in common: risk.

We risk getting it wrong all the time but what does getting it wrong actually equate to in your world? For me, following my Grail path as I try to do, getting it wrong means I don’t like the result… it means I have an uncomfortable feeling, or a distaste, maybe I cause myself pain or added difficulty, you get the general gist. For many though, getting it wrong is meeting with disapproval from an outside source.

We live in a world where there are rules and regulations, laws and legislation, put there in order to keep the masses safe from each other, it’s by no means a fool proof system but I’m not referring here to the breaking of any laws, I’m talking about upsetting individuals because you choose your own path… a path that is carved out by you, for you and doesn’t conform to the choices of those whom in the past you may have been tempted to compromise for. I’m talking about living an authentic life versus people pleasing for fear of getting it wrong.

Ask yourself which causes you more pain: standing out on a limb loving the new sense of freedom as you blaze a trail down an unfamiliar road, risking the scornful looks of those who expected you to do the opposite, or waiting patiently for their permission to begin pursuing your dreams… permission that you know down deep inside will never arrive?

I took a wrong turn at the beginning of last week: my energy went through the floor and I was almost paralysed into inaction as a result of allowing someone else’s needs to override my own. After having spent everyday since Christmas fuelled with enthusiasm, willpower, productivity and yes, even excitement for the direction I’d chosen, making real progress in fact, suddenly I was scrambling to even maintain an upright posture because the contrast was so massive from living for me to allowing someone else’s agenda to infiltrate my daily life, someone with no intention of returning that energy to me.

Sharing is very much a part of relationships and so is compromise but if it doesn’t come from both parties in equal measure then the spirit of one participant will be crushed under the strain of constant compromise whilst the other rides high on the energy, completely oblivious to its detrimental effects until that day when he or she wakes up and wonders why they were ever interested in their “prey” as the level and quality of energy they have been inadvertently siphoning has become so compromised its distasteful.

Luckily, understanding the Grail, I spotted it and choked it off at the pass… back to work now until a worthy “sharer” shows up ready to support and be supported.

Principle 4: I AM Truth allows you to measure the pain and consequences of your choices whilst Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted will give you a heads up when your emotional counterbalance shows up in real-time… You will know you’re following both Principles when you feel uplifted, joyous, supported, loved and happy…

It’s such a little word isn’t it? HAPPY?

More later… x

The Perpetual Punishment

Grail Oracle 3 Grail Oracle Indigo

Last week I began to post a free oracle reading from The Wholly Grail’s own oracle known as The Intuitive Chalice which takes one of the Principles of the Grail and combines it with the energy of a chakra to give you a glimpse into the overriding theme of the week. Ive been using the oracle since I created it in 2013 and it does prove insightful… especially this morning when I found myself laughing out loud as I pulled this particular combination which I like to call “The Perpetual Punishment.” I was only laughing of course because it is a perfect reflection of my actions over the last 24 hours or so, not that the actions are funny but the synchronicity is and if we dont laugh at ourselves then what’s the point?

The Perpetual Punishment describes the action of continuously revisiting, reliving, visualising, giving energy to, and compounding an event or action whereby something bad happened. I AM Human: the 3rd Principle of Grail requires acceptance and forgiveness of an act or failure to live up to expectations. When this act is constantly replayed, movie-like in the mind or brow chakra it gives rise to a continuation of both suffering after the initial incident and also the fuel to punish the perpetrator. It causes pain to all involved. There are three ways to deal with this combination: the first is to bring the event and the intentions/motives into the light fully in order that it may be understood and completely healed; the second is to forgive the action and move on and the third is retalliation. As you can imagine option three brings more pain and potential for an accident, mishap or misunderstanding to escalate into a full scale war, the second option, the easiest, is to let go of the anger but it usually involves a certain level of mistrust that means separation is required in order to maintain a feeling of personal safety which means that the first option is the one that, though it requires the most patience, tolerance, kindness and an ability to truly see where your own actions played a part in the original wounding, will eventually lead to a complete recovery from whatever attack or seeming disaster first occured…

Should you find yourself this week attacking someone you care about because of something they did, said, didn’t do, didn’t say, if you find yourself using any excuse to hurt them, even when they are attempting to be loving and kind then the chances are you are caught up in the energy of the Perpetual Punshiment. Remember that this energy punishes everyone… including you… Time for a heart to heart so you can understand what really happened so that you can change the ending of the movie playing in your head and lay it to rest for good…

More next weekend… x

Your hinges are rusty…

Following on from my post on Wednesday about the need to embrace Principle 5: I AM Liberated at this time of year, I wanted to go a little deeper into the reason why juggling finance is a spiritual practice. Everything in life is a spiritual practice once you begin living it consciously and the day-to-day mundane operations like getting your money to flow is no exception… but today’s insight has nothing to do with money directly, its about balance.

The entire cosmos is constantly making corrections and adjustments to maintain balance, this is primarily because it’s constant motion, friction and subsequent growth mean that it is constantly out of balance: the dance of yin and yang, dark and light. You as an individual are a microcosm of that seemingly unending energy flow and it is this constant flow that I want to deconstruct for you today…

Imagine if you will a restaurant kitchen, a swinging door with sumptuous delights in constant flow out towards eagerly awaiting diners who feast upon the chef’s creations, good, now let’s assume that the kitchen is your heart chakra. What the diners cannot see is the other door at the rear of the kitchen which is taking in deliveries of fresh produce at a regular rate. The chef expertly takes these fresh raw ingredients and adds his skill and experience, his creativity, to produce the glorious results being enjoyed in the dining room. Now what happens when the deliveries and dishes coming out are not in balance? The food gets backed up and spoils, the chefs gets frustrated and quickly commences knife throwing activities whilst the rest of the kitchen staff start mass panic, dodging sharp projectiles and assuming they are going to be out of a job… on the other hand what if the diners consume more quickly than the deliveries arrive? When chef starts running out of fresh ingredients his creativity dries up along with his supplies and eventually he has to stop serving and close up shop to completely restock, meanwhile his diners have done a bunk to the nearest McDonald’s and bad mouthed the restaurant to everyone they passed en route.

Now there is a genius pot washer in the kitchen who has very little interest in the knife throwing and general drama going on in the comings and goings, to-ings and fro-ings of the kitchen or analogous heart chakra, this fellow is simply witnessing the entire circus in high definition and noticing a couple of things… the last delivery to arrive was a giant ornate gift wrapped box, it was taking up half the kitchen and there was nowhere for any other delivery to go. When opened the box proved to contain nothing but hot air… an empty promise of something exotic and that hot air combined with the moisture in the kitchen, had rusted the hinges on the delivery door… no room and the door won’t open, equals nothing to serve at the front.

The pot washer, unnoticed, begins using one of chef’s knives (probably retrieved from the myriad sticking out of the back door) to break down the giant box and place it, flattened along with its big red bow of promises firmly into the recycling bin and then quickly takes what little olive oil there is left in the kitchen and lubricates the rusted hinges on the back door… oh look, a long line of delivery men are waiting patiently outside to deliver small plain boxes filled with basic ingredients which when chef calms down, he can begin again and the flow is restored… Still nobody notices the pot washer (at least not until the kitchen runs out of plates, which it never does because the pot washer: your higher, humble self is a conscientious fellow unbothered by the shiny boxes that your ego chef assumes contain rare truffles, and instead continues his work, cleansing the serving dishes and tidying up the mess that everyone else is producing).

What was I talking about? Ah yes, flow. We just took a tour around Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted. If you aren’t then check if your hinges are rusty.

More later… x

Trinkets and trappings

Are things beginning to feel a bit tight? No I’m not talking about your clothes. Back in early December I said I would leave dealing with the financial consequences of Christmas until now… not personally speaking you understand, I decided not to go down the route to ruin this year, but in terms of rolling out the Grail.

Well it’s time, you got paid early last month and you’re feeling the stretch, the credit card bills have arrived on the mat and buyer’s remorse has well and truly set in… too late for even the Grail to sort that out I’m afraid but that’s not it’s purpose, inner peace is. So then let’s look at how we deal with where we are at (after all, Principle 2 states that where you are at is where all the power is). We don’t possess a time machine so unless you still have the receipts to return the unwanted stuff I suggest you get comfortable with the fact you may just have overspent and now let’s explore the really powerful Principle 5, probably the one I least explore on account of me still learning how to implement it in my own life… I AM Liberated.

My inbox has been filled with get rich quick schemes this week and all I can say is “good luck with that.” No, if you want to feel liberated then start offloading the financial baggage. Earning more to pay for your lifestyle often means working harder, longer hours and in the process you lose sight of what’s important to you, you have no time to enjoy the things you’re working for and by things I don’t mean material trinkets and trappings I mean relationships, families, experiences… freedom. Working a 60 hour week, even in a job you love will rob you of the balance life is supposed to give you… so what to do?

Everyone I know is sorting out, throwing out, tidying up, organising; it must be a January thing, use this time then to reduce the spending clutter as well as the physical clutter… start downsizing your frivolities: your phone contract, energy supplier, cable tv, your supermarket bill, (I mean, do you have to buy your carrots ready chopped? Honestly how long will it take you with that sharp set of knives you bought for Christmas and haven’t used yet)?

None of this sounds very spiritual does it? Ah but if its inner peace you’re looking for, than practical real world steps have to be taken, you have to do the work, or you can sit and meditate on the law of attraction and abundance and ask the angels to help you… they will, and I might even tell you how to do that in a later post but the truth is that right now you have an abundance of debt, an abundance of useless stuff, an abundance of unnoticed bad spending habits and if that is all true then probably an abundance of stress… Grail Principle 5 asks you to start letting things go and the angels will ask you to do the same.

Apathy is not the same thing as peace. Make room for the abundance that you do want by getting rid of the abundance of burden that you don’t.

If you were expecting me to predict a lottery win for you… that’s my other blog 😉

More later… x

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