The Grail Path

In Search of The Grail

We aren’t talking about an ancient chalice that Christ drank from at the last supper here, nor are we hinting at Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. No, the Holy Grail is the symbolic reference to that which we are all seeking. You may believe that this is different for everyone and on the surface at least, that may be true. Perhaps you believe that having or achieving just one thing will “complete you,” or maybe you think that this one thing will bring you peace. For some it is material stuff and for others it’s less tangible, but ultimately the Grail appears to be something missing from your life that, if you just have it, everything will be perfect.

Perhaps you are looking for love? Perhaps you want money and financial abundance? Is it the perfect, fulfilling job, career, or advancement in the one you have? Perhaps you are weighed down by some of those things and are seeking freedom? The Grail is elusive and vast and although we give it a name and a form in our individual lives, like those things we might be searching for listed above, when we see it as an object, we make it even harder to reach. This is because when you achieve it, something else that you want or need steps in to take its place.

The real Holy Grail is self-love and enlightenment: alignment with your Source.

You may believe that this is something that you have to work really hard towards, reading, learning, giving up all your worldly goods and becoming celibate, and maybe, given an unfathomable amount of time, you can achieve Buddhahood and become truly enlightened. This is a crazy notion. The truth is, you were born enlightened, and “wholeness” is your natural state of being. Playing in the shapes and shadows of the world around you, you just get lost every-so-often and forget the fundamental truth.

Let your search for The Grail start with a set of defining principles that allow you to reconnect with that state of peace which controversially, ultimately brings you everything you need. The Law of Attraction can be accelerated by finding the Grail, but the best thing is, you don’t mind if it doesn’t because you are already in the state of being enough.

The Grail brings you “Home” to yourself. The defining Principles eliminate every other path but your own.

The 4 Pillars

The 4 Pillars make up the complete Grail system for spiritual alchemy and creating the life you want to live.

Each Pillar works with the others to uncover the source of your own personal power connecting your mind, body and spirit, making spirituality an everyday practical reality and grounding your idea of heaven here on earth.

The 7 Principles

These 7 Principles are the keys to Inner Peace