We’ve always been searching for The Holy Grail

It has long been a metaphor for seeking the Source of God’s power on Earth. A vessel so perfect that it contains the keys to eternal life, creation, healing and great victory. At what point along the way we stopped recognising ourselves in that description, I have no idea, but I going to go out on a limb and guess, that’s when the search began.

You are that sacred vessel

And in your purest essence, YOU without all the doubt that came from the world telling you’re not good enough or you’re not worthy enough, you are every bit a container for Divinity.

And the “keys to eternal life and creation”?

The vibration at which you choose to live your life ripples out to affect the lives of everyone you touch and everyone they in turn touch. You cannot be in the world without affecting it. You cannot leave the world without leaving an idelible mark upon it. The life and creations that you birth into the world, whether human children or your art, these are your legacy and therefore your immortality. You live on, eternally.

We stopped understanding ourselves as Divine Vessels…

…when others started convincing us we were less than. Throughout history it has served the few to disarm the many through separation, from each other and from Source. We give our power away to others now as a matter of course because that is what we have been trained to do, to accept as normal.

That’s why your cup empties and life feels hard. You don’t even recognise your own part in transfering your power from your own Grail into another’s simply because, somewhere along the line, you stopped trusting yourself. You stopped believing you were the answer to your own prayers.

The biggest part of you though, (the Soul-Self), the bit that never left Source, will continue to call you back to its original blueprint and mission. The further you stray, the emptier life will feel. The more of your power you give away, the more you suffer. Yet, in the single act of coming home to yourself, your cup will overflow, you will remember who you are and what you came here to do.

Power reclaimed, restored.

Not power over others, but the power to accomplish your unique purpose – overflowing with joy, wellbeing and a sense of fulfilment and freedom.

You are The Grail

And The Grail Path leads back to you. The most empowered version of you.

It’s likely that if you are here, you’ve been having trouble tuning into or following the instructions of your soul, leaving you feeling exhausted, burned out, unfulfilled and possibly even co-dependent. You’ve found yourself prioritising hustle over wellbeing and life is becoming unbalanced and unsustainable. Definitely not what you’d hoped for or dreamed of.

I get it, I’ve been there (I still wander into that territory occasionally when I’m not paying attention), but, with the guidance of Source (over decades), I’ve developed the tools for operating from empowerment on The Grail Path. That’s why I offer Soul’s Counsel to help you to redirect the course of your life back to your Soul, letting Spirit lead, so that it in turn can refill your cup and help you build a new kind of success that doesn’t leave you feeling empty on the inside. Success that inspires others, not because it looks shiny on the outside, but because it radiates peace, wellbeing and truth from the inside.

I’m bringing 25 years of Spiritual Practice to The Path,

Healing, Spiritual Counsel, Mentorship, Energy Mastery, Metaphysics, Soul Purpose, as a Divine Channel & Oracle… all tools I use to guide you back to the most sacred part of YOU.

You just need an open mind, a commitment to your own path of peace, the willingness to invest in yourself and the courage to heal your life.

This is your sign from the universe…

“You matter. Your hopes, dreams and desires matter. And it’s time we put your deeper soul-needs back at the centre of the life you’re choosing to live.”