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About the Grail Path, its origins, purpose and 7 Prinicple's for Sacred Self-Care, Empowered Living & Spiritual Wellbeing

What is The Grail Path?

Built around 4 Pillars, The Grail Path is an inner journey that guides you back to your most soul-centred, empowered self. Essentially it’s a quest to rediscover self-love, self-worth, inner authority and a state of honouring your deepest desires for Sacred Self-Care & Spiritual Wellbeing.

These 4 Pillars form the foundation of all the transformational work The Grail Priestess shares with clients and practices within her own life.

Pillar 1: The 7 Principles

Also know as “The Rules of Empowered Operating,” the 7 Principles are the magic formula for healing your life, love and relationships. Jo was delivered these divine guidelines in 2012 and has graciously been sharing them with the world, completely free of charge ever since. (You can receive access to them right now by signing up to the priority mailing list and start healing your life immediately).

Pillar 2: The Grail Mechanics

There is a reason that most spiritual systems and programmes don’t work for a lot of people. First of all, The Grail Path isn’t a programme or a system, it is a way of life. A way of living in your power, connected to your peace, pleasure and paradise. But if it were a system, The Grail Mechanics would  help you get over the obstacles that come between you and The 7 Principles changing everything in your world into Divine Grace.

Private Members get to peek behind the curtain, having full access to insights about these hidden ego traps, that trip you up and keep you spiralling further away from your soul’s truth. Working with The Grail Priestess on a more one-to one level, she will highlight for you, in an honest and supportive way, exactly where you are falling prey to your own small-self.

Pillar 3: The Garden of Eden (Lateral Axis)

The Garden of Eden, or Life-Mapping as it’s affectionately known in The Grail Temple (Private Member’s Area), is the deliberate process of designing and aligning your outer reality in accordance with the self-honouring practices you will develop through the other Grail Pillars. Incorporating 9 essential Life Arenas that require your constant focus, attention and energy, it’s no wonder that so many of us often feel we are neglecting the most cherished parts of our own lives. Building your life, your own way, prioritising what fills your proverbial cup and placing boundaries around your most precious inner resources. On The Grail Path you will learn to create your own version of Heaven on Earth (hence, The Garden of Eden). Not merely “Insta-worthy,” but actually worthy of the Divine Being that you will come to know yourself as. Working with The Grail Priestess you will learn to move swiftly through the 5 stages of a healing cycle in every aspect of your life, until it begins to feel like you are back at the centre of it. Filled up, fueled up and  receiving in a beautifully nurturing and nourishing way, that feels like a replenishing balm to your mind, body and soul.

Pillar 4: The Path of Petals (Vertical Axis)

Grounding Heaven on Earth and making our deliberately designed lifestyle, where sacred Self-Care & Spiritual Wellbeing form the epicentre of a beautiful experience, is often known as manifesting. The Law of Attraction is so widely spoken about, that it is hard to know what the truth is. Atrraction & Manifestation are in fact only the last two stages of a much bigger process. There is an ancient Universal Law, known by ascension tecahers and a few energy healers, that leads you through all the levels that require transformation and healing, before those final two stages can occur. This is the energy work. The inner work. It is known as alignment. Becoming a pure, clear vessel for Divinty in our world. The Grail itself. If you want to understand how to truly receive, so that you can also serve at the highest level, it is not an intellectual exercise. It is energy. Stay on The Grail Path long enough and The Grail Priestess will show you the way.

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Who is The Grail Path for?

If you are a Woman of High Net Worth who is seeking a more authentic and nourishing form of Scared Self-Care & Spiritual Wellbeing, and you recognise that deeper self-love, self-worth and inner authority have to become a priority if you are to truly receive the kind of connection, respect and fulfilment you want to experience in this lifetime – The Grail Path is for you.

The Grail Path is spiritual wisdom that applies to all and can transform anybody’s life, but not everybody is ready to receive it.

Jo Jerodene – The Grail Priestess, simply chooses to work with a very exclusive demographic of women who are finally ready to stop asking if they are worthy, and instead, start asking if what they offer their attention to is actually worthy of them.

Though you may have access to much of what the material world has to offer, you may also still find your outer reality falling short of the nourishing, replenishing, safe-to-be-you space your heart and soul are crying out for. You may be living your outer-life to fit an identity that has little to do with your inner-truth and sacrificing yourself for the sake of making others feel comfortable with their assumptions about you in the process.

The Grail is for you if you’re ready to heal your primary relationship with yourself, your soul and with Source.

You are about to embark on a path of radical empowerment, through guidance, healing & soul-counsel, to help you to redirect the course of your life back to deep fulfilment. Letting “the Sacred” lead, so that it in turn can refill your cup and help you to build a new kind of Self-Love, that doesn’t leave you with the devastating feeling of emptiness from giving everything you “are,” to anyone and anything unworthy of your innate magic.

Sacred Self-Care & Spiritual Wellbeing have little to do with manicures and massages. This is a path of courage, personal power, deep self-respect and grace. It’s for women who are ready to hold themselves as holy, honouring the Divine Feminine wisdom within.

Jo is bringing 25 years of experience in the consciousness space to The Grail Path…

Healing, Teaching, Spiritual Counsel/Coaching, Mentorship, Energy Mastery, Metaphysics, Angels & Ascension and as a Divine Channel & Oracle.

(Learn more about The Grail Priestess here)

You’re required to keep an open heart and mind, to commit to honouring your own Divinity, to be willing to invest in your spiritual well-being and to be ready to discover and heal what’s out of alignment in your life, love and relationships.

Welcome to The Grail Path.

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