In Search of The Grail

We aren’t talking about an ancient chalice that Christ drank from at the last supper here, nor are we hinting at Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code (though I believe the fate of the world may rest in us women).

No, the Holy Grail is the symbolic reference to that which we are all seeking…


The Holy Grail is and has always been Self-Love, the recognition of one’s own divinity and the enlightened path back to your sacred self-worth and sovereignty.


You may believe that this is something that you have to work really hard towards. Reading, learning, giving up all your worldly goods and becoming a good girl who serves until it hurts, and maybe, given an unfathomable amount of time and sacrifice, you can achieve your rewards in heaven. What a crazy notion!

The truth is, you were born enlightened, and “wholeness” is your natural state of being. You came to experience all the deliciousness of a physical reality. Its just that, playing in the shapes and shadows of the world around you, you just get lost every-so-often and forget the fundamental truth.

The search for The Grail Path begins with with a set of defining Principles that allow you to reconnect with that state of empowerment which strips away all that doesn’t support you but controversially, ultimately brings you everything you need.

The Law of Attraction can be accelerated by walking The Grail Path, but the best thing is, you don’t mind if it doesn’t, because you’ll already be living in a state of being enough.


The Grail Path brings you back home to your Self, it sets you free from all but your Soul’s truth and eliminates every other path but your own.


On this path you will discover something that you may have long since forgotten:

"You Are So Much More Than Worthy!"


"It's Not Selfish To Be Self-Full!"

You matter. Your hopes, dreams and desires matter… and if your needs are not being met, it’s time to change that.