The Grail Path leads to an Inner Temple built on these 4 Pillars each supporting your empowered Spiritual Lifestyle

“A life you love and it loves you back.”

Each of The 4 Pillars works with the others to help you rediscover the source of your own peace and sovereignty, connecting your mind, body and soul, making spirituality an everyday practice to ground and manifest your unique idea of Heaven on Earth as a reality. Whatever your soul desires, your heart admires and your body requires, are waiting for you to remember you are worthy of receiving.

If you’ve been used to making do and coming in last, it’s high-time you remembered the way back to your own amazing light!

Pillar 1 is available to all who visit the site but my exclusive packages and membership give you access to the other 3 and guidance on the path to creating a Spiritual Lifestyle where your deespest soul-needs are prioritised.

Pillar 1:

The Grail Principles

These are the Rules of Empowered Operating, that when applied and used correctly, unlock that inner metamorphosis… They are:

“The Rules of Empowered Operating”

Pillar 2:

The Grail Mechanics

The insidious ways in which your shadow will thwart your progress. They are called mechanics because they’ll throw a spanner in the works… They are:

“The Traps and Pitfalls on The Grail Path”

Pillar 3:

The Life Map (Lateral Axis)

The spiritual reality you truly want to live in requires vision, faith and a dismantling of the life that isn’t yet supporting you. Redesigning your reality or:

“Transforming Your Personal Garden of Eden”

Pillar 4:

Alignment (Vertical Axis)

Sacred practice, soul-enquiry and alignment through spiritual alchemy and energy work with higher realms. Your path to inner transformation:

“Vibrational Ascension & Expansion”