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Check out just a few of the nice things people say about working with Jo:


“…No small thanks to you my lovely! You have a wonderful way of cutting through the bullshit and making us see what we can do! I know that… {name removed}… wouldn’t be where she is now if she hadn’t been to you, and I feel much the same, so you must take the credit for what you inspire us to do! I know we have to be brave etc, but sometimes we just need “permission” in a no nonsense form! As in “Get real woman you can do this” delivered authentically! …Much love, and many blessings darling xxxx” – Caroline S (upon landing on the Thai-Burmese border to start the adventure of a lifetime)!


“My Wholly Grail session with the lovely Jo Jerodene was a really cathartic and truly wonderful experience. Jo instantly put me at ease – she listened intently without passing judgement, and showed genuine interest, sensitivity and compassion. She helped me find clarity and confidence within myself to see beyond the obstacles and the negativity that was getting in the way of me moving forward, by tackling them head on with me, finding solutions and coming up with an action plan. She was so supportive and encouraging and has enabled me to realise my true potential. Thank you Jo, for making me feel like superman.” – Lotte B


“… Jo has been an inspirational and informative teacher and her style of encouraging and directing our development has been wonderfully liberating…” – Ann-Marie C


“… Jo launches into some amazing stories and analogies to demonstrate her point and they flow so easily… I’m never really sure if the stories are true but they are wonderful!” – Margaret

(All true Margaret, I promise you… You can’t make this shit up)!

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  1. Just purchased the Self-full workbook. After doing many years of spiritual development classes with Jo and using her wholly grail in my day to day life. This is a very welcome addition to my journey of self discovery. From the moment I picked the book up and started reading I was hooked. I’m so excited and ready to begin my next journey of self full living. Thankyou so much Jo for being such an amazing woman and friend . Namaste xx

    1. Thank you Karen, I pray it leads you to the self-love you deserve. Your healing journey begins and ends with you, my darling! x

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