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Saturday Oracle – Beyond A Karmic Connection

The Universe may just be about to offer you the chance of a lifetime and it involves a very difficult choice: to leave behind the painful mistakes of yesterday and travel beyond a karmic connection, or to hold onto the bitterness and blame of situations long since relegated to the halls of history and forever be trapped by unforgiveness.

This week’s oracle is a little unusual in that it contains two challenge or chakra cards. This is because when selecting the cards by the force of the energy flowing through them, I couldn’t differentiate the level of power they each had. What was obvious to me though was the polarity of the energy within each… Principle 3: I AM Human acts as a back drop to the magnetic dance being performed by the two challengers. It’s underlying message is one of fallibility and forgiveness, it smacks of repetitive patterns and the free will fuck-ups that we as a species and as individuals are destined to make in the name of learning and evolution… and it takes some of us longer than others.

In the first instance I chose the chakra card that offered the frequency of pain. Simply because I understood that its polar opposite would offer relief and therefore the cure for the first. The card turned out to be the vibrant orange sacral chakra. Pulling this card with Principle 3 speaks of repetitive relationship mistakes and the pain of co-dependency. Like the Devil in a tarot deck, temptation, entrapment, emotional bondage and repetition have been feeding disappointment born of expectation up to a point but this karmic connection, call it a soul mate relationship if you will, has now played out its dark side and this karmic lesson is complete.

Here is where the polar opposite energy stream emanating from the emerald green of the heart chakra comes into play in a dynamic plot twist that offers a higher karmic lesson that you can choose to accept in this lifetime or roll over into the next. This is the lesson of unity.

We cannot separate the Principle from the cure and therefore the way through, should you choose to accept the new evolutionary mission now, is forgiveness.

Forgiveness in this case is not a word or even a sentiment, it requires the complete surrender of every painful memory or action that has passed between the divine masculine and divine feminine in the previous karmic cycle, not through dismissal but through acceptance. It requires ceremonial definition as an absolute ending to what was, in order to become what will be.

Unity requires, no, demands the execution of the old paradigm of competition as the now complementary (no longer opposing) forces align to face the next test together… a test that the universe has designed to be unachievable as individuals.

Of course you can choose to forego the new karmic adventure and carry on as you were. Stepping through this gateway, though agreed upon by all parties prior to incarnation, is still and always will be subject to free will.

In summary then: that was then, this is now… choose unity or choose separation but the old story has come to its natural end and the way of the heart is the doorway between levels of consciousness. If you choose to remain on your side of the portal your life will continue along its current trajectory, if you choose to step through you will ascend to a higher level of love than you have ever before experienced in your fragile human form.

I suspect the decision might take a little time… have a great week.

More later… x

Pre-Christmas Quarantine And How To Stay Merry

Building my Power Sphere in meditation with the angels this morning, I put in a specific request with the celestial helpline to widen the perimeter of energy bubble they placed me in (I refer to this sacred space as The Temple of Illumination)… now encompassing my whole house in pre-Christmas quarantine as I contend with my second bout of a winter cold in a just a few short weeks.

It’s hardly surprising really as I’ve been dealing with some stressful changes and having my life turned upside down of late, all of which can have a sneakily detrimental effect on one’s immune system without you actually realising it until it’s too late and you’re already doing a mighty fine impression of Rudolph (minus the flying capabilities).

Despite feeling a bit physically pants though, I’m actually quite chipper and resolute in my efforts to nurture me whilst planning a merry little Christmas with the family. We often forget to do that in the midst of the festive build up… the self nurturing part I mean. We get lost in the drama and intense pace of what needs to be done, where needs to be attended, what should be bought, who should be included… It’s exhausting just thinking about it.

This year I’m concentrating on the important things: my health at the top of the list, the people I love most in the world right up there with me, after all, how can I be of any use to them if I’m feeling less than a hundred percent? I’ve decided to forego the tree and the decorations, the shopping and the cards, and instead put all my efforts into being well so I can be present!

Principle 6: I AM Self-Full is the concept within The Wholly Grail that promotes self-care so that you may be overflowing with love, grace, wellbeing, energy and vitality in order to serve and be present for others… I’m planning on creating the most incredible Christmas Dinner for my loved ones whilst not infecting them with any cold and flu bugs and very definitely no Bah humbugs! That’s enough. Staying merry at Christmas is all about getting your needs met and the only way to do that is to honour yourself and do it for yourself.

The angels agreed and the quarantine stands… at least for today.

If you would like to know how the Power Sphere meditation works you full access to it as a Seeker member and you can join for FREE here.

More later… x


A Stranger In A Strange Land

I’ve been absent from posting updates and insights for a couple of weeks due to a distinct lack of internet facilities during my house moving escapades. Though I’ve moved less than a couple of miles up the road I have to admit I’m currently feeling like a stranger in a strange land. Every noise is unfamiliar and the things I once took comfort in and was inspired and healed by, like the hundreds of birds in my old creaky elder tree at the top of my garden, are now absent from my days.

I’m finding joy in new things now… the view from my bedroom window which looks for miles towards giant wind turbines in the fields and fascinates me for a few minutes each morning, the murder of crows that welcomed me to the house when I first came to view it (as if Odin himself showed me the way). It’s not pretty, not by any sense of the word, but inside hides a little gem that has everything I need and a comfy place to create something new.

When working with The Wholly Grail Principles for any length of time, you recognise the first step on the road to joy is acceptance, followed closely by gratitude. The process from where you are to where you want to be often encompasses letting go, embracing loss and subsequently experiencing grief, but the key is to remember that all in this life is temporary and the less tightly you hold on the more you flow from one vision to the next… hopefully leaving a trail of magic behind you as you go.

Magic is present in abundance in my new home (now), simply because I carry it with me. The Grail is me and the magic is the Grace of pure Source energy that fills me as I allow it to flow through me.

Change is constant. Allow your life to flow with magic by embracing it, accepting it and being grateful for the new opportunities it brings.

Principle 2: I AM Detached and Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted

More later… x

Monday Mating Musings – This Time Around

In the Oracle post at the weekend I mentioned its similarities with the tarot cards: The Tower, Star and Wheel of Fortune. As a collection they offer the breaking down of circumstances and a hopeful outlook towards a second chance at mastery as fate brings something around again for consideration. Will you do it differently this time around?

Life goes around in cycles and we are often faced with familiar situations that, although the details may have changed such as the faces, places and appearances, but the lesson is often exactly as it was before simply because we didn’t settle it right. Sometimes the players are the same but the timing makes all the difference…

Let’s take relationships for example… My current astrology transit is full of the reappearance of an old acquaintance or former love… a connection that is unresolved coming back to the fore for us to have another crack at it. Being an avid supporter and promoter of Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted, I have no problem with people showing up in my life again, simply because I don’t carry grudges, I don’t have space for them and I don’t like the taste a grudge leaves in your mouth. That being said, I do often ask the questions: why now and what for?

I’m an inquisitive soul and learning is a much faster process when we ask questions but to be honest, just observing is as effective when it comes to relationships especially when you’ve been there before. This time around you have a road map, landmarks, signs and signals… but you also have a brand new day, another crack at the whip and therefore a chance to follow a different path to a different kind of relationship or outcome but that takes real bravery…

When you know what the pitfalls are in a union, why would you choose to repeat them? The universe has seen fit to bring the unlikely pieces together for whatever reason, magnetic pieces of a bigger puzzle that keep attracting each other together only for one of you to flip polarity and repel at the last minute. But why do we have to flip polarity? Fear? Fear of what? Am I the one whose polarity switches?

I have a fatal flaw when it comes to relationships: I believe in complete emotional honesty. I believe in being upfront about how I feel, I completely own my own feelings and I’m really not afraid of them. Obviously that’s not really a flaw, it’s a refreshingly uncomplicated “know-where-you-stand” position for another to be faced with, but it also burns really hot and is often too intense for those who have, for reasons of self preservation, had to suppress within themselves. So how can I do it different this time? Should I play it cool? Should I pretend I’m just not that interested? Should I ignore completely the opportunities I’m faced with?

Here is the thing: I love me. Who I am has taken years to accept, to acknowledge as a worthy and beautiful divine being (Principle 1: I AM God). My light is blinding, I burn with such intensity that like the Sun, I create worlds… if you are afraid of my fire, I understand, but do not ask me to tame it, to diminish my light or offer less than all of myself, because to do so would only burn me and nobody has the right to ask me to self harm.

This time around, what needs to be different is this early warning: “If you choose to approach, make sure you are fireproof. Leave the  extinguisher at the door, it will put out the flame in everyone involved. Don’t fear my honesty, it is your shield and your mirror, instead fear your own heart’s armour that keeps you in perpetual separation from that which you seek.”

Wow! That turned out to be a bit more personal than I intended but hey, I’m not looking for a repeat performance, I’m looking for a brand new version of divine dance.

What are you going to do differently this time around?

More later (when I’ve finished my packing)… x


Saturday Oracle – Heads: You Win, Tails: You Still Win

Our trusty favourite: The Sacred Chalice makes an appearance this week and of course we don’t need to pull a chakra challenge card with this indicator as it stands alone and speaks for itself. And it affects every part of your life when it shows up. We don’t always consider it a favourite though, considering it could literally go either way unless of course you begin to take the attitude and perspective of “Heads: you win, Tails: you still win.”

If life, health, wealth, love and happiness were the contents of a cup (or sacred chalice), then the fuller the cup the more of those things you would enjoy, or any combination of them. What if the cup spilled? Now you would consider yourself to be really unlucky in those areas and to potentially have lost everything, right?

What if the now empty cup was instead considered and pure, clear vessel in which create abundance with fresh energy and new versions of those things that you think you lost? What if the spilled contents were merely making way for more beautiful opportunities to flow into your life?

When you see this week as a win-win situation whichever way the Chalice shows up, then the surge of wonderful that is headed your way will be just that, provided you employ every one of the Grail Principles.

Change is inevitable. The Sacred Chalice is akin to a blended Tower, Star and Wheel of Fortune in the tarot. It can bring blessings but it can also bring stress as your circumstances shift. Whatever is going on around you, keep a keen eye on your health and well-being while the chaos subsides and remember that whatever is making a mess in the moment, be it an upturned or an overflowing Grail cup, when the dust settles and you look back at it from the other side of this week, you will see the miracles and the potential for even more.

More next week… x


Midweek Memories – Finding The Way Home

When I was about 8 or 9 years old my family went on holiday to the coast. It was only a couple of years after my dad had passed on so this was a trip where my extended family decided to go together… my mum, my brother and I, plus my nan and step-grandad and my cousin (the latter three all gone back to Source now).

This was the last holiday I remember knowing how to fully immerse myself in childlike play, it seemed to be a skill I began to lose after that, but for this trip to California Sands (actually in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk and nowhere near the glamour capital of the USA), I was still happy to be just a kid riding round on bikes we hired and spending hours splashing in the pool.

Almost very child undergoes the right of passage of feeling lost and frightened. For many it’s that point where they turn around in the supermarket and mum isn’t on the same aisle anymore, moments later panic sets in, loud cries ensue and mum comes running back around the corner… mum is your safety place… after all when you’re that small you have no idea how to get home! I didn’t have the supermarket experience though, I had the holiday park experience.

I was rubbish at direction, usually because I wasn’t paying attention to much besides how much I was enjoying life and being in the moment, my brother on the other hand, he’s is the most practical minded Capricorn I’ve ever met, so 3 kids out on bikes exploring the holiday park was easy… back in 1980, kids were allowed to play out and explore, doors still weren’t locked, and nobody worried if you were gone for more than 3 seconds…

I couldn’t pedal as quickly as my brother and cousin and besides, who wants to race and miss out on the scenery? (Wisdom for life right there). So my focus is on the trees, the glorious summer sunshine and the… er? Um…?….surprisingly similar chalets… row after row after row… and where is my big brother?

Now I’m 9. Screaming and crying is not an option (so not cool) unless I fall off the bike and break something… but I don’t know this place… at least back in Sheffield I would know the way home by the familiar landmarks.  I continued riding around for what seemed like an eternity up and down rows of holiday cabins but the one where my family was did not appear. If mum is home, I couldn’t find her.

After the longest time and rising internal panic, (actually no more than around 20 mins), brother came bombing it around the corner on his bike followed moments later by my cousin, sent by my mum to find out where I had gotten to, to guide me in like tug boats leading a ship into harbour… I didn’t show the panic, I allowed them to believe I had been exploring the site and taking in the scenery… but in that one afternoon, my fear of not finding the way home was born.

As an adult I’ve learned that home is not a place or a person, it is a recognition of something much deeper, a knowing and a belief in one’s ability to survive, to rebuild and to create connections wherever I am. It’s a remembrance of my divine origin and that home is wherever I make it, with whomever I make it.

My sense of direction still isn’t much better, I navigate via angels these days, but my sense of home, though occasionally tainted by a 9 year old’s fearful memories, has expanded to include all of creation.

Principle 1: I AM God (and I can never be separated from that).

More later… x


Monday Mind Manoeuvre – You Will Figure It Out

Solutions seem a little elusive to me this morning as I focus on the day’s tasks that lie before me. Not the solutions to the tasks though, the solutions to the bigger things like finding somewhere to live that I feel comfortable with, understanding my relationships and where I stand within them, getting to grips with where I want to focus professionally, where to serve, etcetera, those things. There’s a really tiny voice in my head though reassuring me: “If you just take care of the little things, you will figure it out.”

I’ve learned over the last few years that the universe has plans for me that have very little to do with my own, in fact every time I make a decision to go one way, I’m met with an obstacle the size of a mountain that renders my destination not just inappropriate but irrelevant, taking me instead on an adventure that I hadn’t anticipated to realms I didn’t know existed… and all I had to do to get there was put one foot in front of the other dealing with the little things.

Is that the best way to move forward? Heck I don’t know! I’ve tried to plan and strategize and Big G (God, Source, The Creator, Tao) always seems to have an alternative route, and He has better access to the bigger picture than I do… it’s like trying to argue with gravity whilst falling!

I’m asking myself a new question now: “What is it I believe actually needs solving?”

The challenges I’ve encountered along the way have felt significant but never insurmountable, the wisdom I’ve gained as a result has been invaluable, the relationships that have sustained along the way have been a gift and a blessing and the ones that have fallen by the wayside have positively lightened my load.

If I’m honest about the big things, the solutions I’m looking for, they don’t take me any closer to the ultimate dream I have for my life, in fact they would be a distraction from it. The real solution I should be looking for is how do I muster the courage to become who I’m meant to be in order to fit into the big dream? What do I need to let go of? Who do I need to let go of? What do I need to stop being, doing, thinking?

When you know what the right questions are… you will figure it out.

If you are looking for solutions about the big dream, try asking these ones to start off:

  1. How have I underestimated my worth? (Principle 1)
  2. What history am I repeating? (Principle 2)
  3. What failures can I forgive and learn from? (Principle 3)
  4. What is my truest dearest wish? (Principle 4)
  5. What things have I created that now hold me back? (Principle 5)
  6. What actions nurture my mind, body and spirit? (Principle 6)
  7. How can I better receive the grace flowing towards me? (Principle 7).

Shift your perspective today by asking yourself if you are settling for the mediocre when you could be creating the magnificent. Take care of the small things in the meantime while you allow the universe to give you a directional sign. You were born to be amazing!

Have a great week… x


Saturday Oracle – Closing The Gates

The universe is generally a benevolent entity, it’s nature being that of expansion: more, more, more to the point that we often get much more than we can comfortably handle. Positive or negative, good or bad is beside the point and pertains merely to individual preference. You might argue that the universe is just as adept at taking things away, but from a different perspective that could be interpreted as it giving you an opportunity to learn to get along without whatever it was or get creative with what replaces it, after all they say nature abhors a vacuum.

This week’s combination sees Principle 1: I AM God team up with the exuberant yellow of the solar plexus which is often referred to as the seat of personal power or the home of the ego…

Quite a combination.

When your divinity and your ego become partners you become a magnet for all the gifts the universe has set aside for you, but when these two don’t get along and your fearful ego forgets that it is/you are God/Source in human form, that’s when you stop the flow of abundance like closing the gates of heaven and locking yourself on the outside.

This week you have the opportunity to recognise how worthy you are of all good things. The solar plexus is also the centre for bliss, joy and laughter, it’s your guidance system and your centre of preference. It’s called ‘solar’ because it radiates like the sun and invites life to orbit around it, making it also your point of attraction but if fear, low self-esteem and a lack of self-worth fuelled by the disconnection of or failure to recognise your divinity is in play then you will not only stop receiving but energetically reject it and reverse its flow.

In short: a gift from heaven is on its way but you have to recognise it, receive it and know that you are worthy of it and ready for it.

This could come in the any number of forms but most likely it will be a recurrence of something that has shown potential before, something you’ve been waiting for or something that you thought you had previously missed out on… it was just waiting for you to be ready… waiting for you to open the gates.

Have an amazing week… you are worthy… x



Monday Mind Manoeuvre – Just Below The Surface

There is something I’m not seeing at the moment. I’m aware of it on the subtlest level like it’s hidden just below the surface or skulking about just outside the door of my perception, but the more I try to see or even listen for evidence of its existence the more elusive it becomes. It’s a bit like my guides and angels are whispering amongst themselves and stop whenever I enter the room or start paying attention. This is what happens when you are about to leap from one stepping stone to another (but the next stepping stone is as yet unclear).

It isn’t psychic paranoia as you might think, it’s just the energy of the universe lining up opportunities and options and trying to juggle the inner workings of manifestation process while attempting to keep up with your ever changing set of criteria. Think of it like this…

It’s Christmas Eve and Santa is doing his best to get your order delivered but the elves can’t read your list because you’ve scribbled out and rewritten it so many times. They are confused about what to put in the sack and just when they think they have it right and Santa gets all the way down your chimney, just as he is bending to place the package under the tree the elves radio in with a message saying you just sent in a different order in the form of a wish and the list has automatically updated… “abort mission, repeat, abort mission.”

That almost imperceptible whispering you think is happening is actually the universe’s version of Santa standing in the next room on the radio to head quarters trying to work out whether the package can be salvaged or if he needs to return to base to start on the new order.

Yes I know it’s a bit early for Christmas analogies but it was the only one that seemed to fit.

My awareness of that “something” going on is simply an internal request to get clear, to be observant, not just of my environment and the gifts being delivered but more importantly the thoughts going on within. Every thought creates a prayer field: the energy that emanates from you at the frequency that attracts its manifest likeness. In order to get Santa (or whatever form the delivery service takes) to deliver what you want or the help you need to achieve it, you must be absolutely clear about what you are asking for.

My problem is that in the midst of uncertainty I’m asking for safety and security whilst asking for adventure at the same time, trying to rebuild the fallen Tower whilst hoping for the Knight of Wands to whisk me off into the sunset, donning the mantle of the Queen of Pentacles whilst sitting on the throne of the High Priestess. Perceived stability over unprecedented risk.

If you are trying to perfect your prayer field, the only way is to get real still for little while, empty yourself of all the requests and preferences and instead allow the voice deep inside you, that part of you that is Source, who is also Santa’s boss, (Principle 1 : I AM God), to help you create a vision for your life that lives up to your Divine Blueprint, regardless of the how and the when. Meditate upon that vision everyday until it becomes so emblazoned within your brow chakra that every action you or the universe takes leads you closer to it…

That feeling that something’s just below the surface is an indicator that clarity needs to be gained and choices need to be made. (Principle 4: I AM Truth). Your cosmic support team are awaiting instructions.

Happy Monday… xxx


Saturday Oracle – Unshakable Ideology Into An Undeniable Reality

This is an unusual combination and one I don’t remember seeing before while I’ve been posting the Oracle online. It matches Principle 6: I AM Self-Full with the deep indigo of the 3rd eye or brow chakra and as such it teams vision and intellect with self-interest and personal care.

For a while now you may have found yourself being buffeted by the hopes, dreams and needs of others, not really allowing your own vision to peek through the everyday grind, but this is a week where that has the potential to change dramatically as some part of your personal vision falls into place to remind you that your big dream is actually a genuine possibility.

How many of us have put that big idea we hold sacred to one side because a) we couldn’t see how to make it work, or b) other people’s stuff was higher up the agenda? This is a time where that unshakable ideology that you only allow yourself to daydream about in the moments in between real life could become possible for the first time ever… but…

… Can you desist from pushing down the vision, from putting your life on hold and resisting the urge that swells inside you? Can you say no to distractions and deterrents and finally turn the unshakable ideology into an undeniable reality?

The brow chakra in the Intuitive Chalice Oracle represents prophecy and vision, the ability to project into the Divine Matrix a set of parameters for creation… if you can visualise it you can create it, it’s the ability to tap into the blueprint for your life and add to its expansion… that’s why the ideology is so deeply engrained within your psyche, playing out in a series of wants, needs, desires and drives causing preferences that lead you into ever expanding versions of yourself as you attempt to perfect the vision.

Watch for the opportunity, or as my guides said to me this week “look for the doorways,” they will show you how you can finally find a way to have what you want, what you dreamed of… this dream is all about you.

Enjoy… x