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Saturday Oracle – Trigger Happy

Consider this week’s combination an early intervention. When Principle 2: I AM Detached does the tango with the royal blue throat chakra, chances are that your sensitivity is exaggerated and you are about to get triggered by someone’s thoughtless (or deliberate) words… and you aren’t going to be happy!

Perhaps the title is actually the antithesis of what this week is about but that’s because it’s advice rather than a prediction. You see, if you take the advice of Principle 2 and get detached and stay present in the moment with what is, then being triggered by a statement or comment from another is far less likely.

Communication is a tricky business when hidden agendas, egos and personal wounds are involved, that’s why this is a week where you should endeavour to take everything at face value and not read into or between the lines of any information coming your way… at the same time you should aim for your own verbal or written offerings to be immaculate in content so as not to press buttons or be misunderstood or misinterpreted by others.

At the end of the day you control your own reactions so take a moment when a trigger steals your happy to check in on reality:

This is also a week where responding rather than reacting to a trigger with respect, kindness and compassion for self and the person who presented you with this unique opportunity for healing can actually be a genuine moment for connection and understanding.

In order to do this you must first understand that the throat chakra relates to all aspects of communicating: both speaking and listening. When you choose to listen with your heart (which is just another way of saying from a compassionate perspective) you begin to understand far more than you would from an analytical point of view.

Though I recommended taking everything at face value so as not to take anything personally this week, the alternative is to look far deeper but remember that everything you hear is a reflection of the wounds and triggers of the orator rather than being about you. This is not an excuse to use this insight to harm the delivered of the message but rather to initiate a truly open channel for healing.

The Oracle at Delphi says above the entrance “Know Thyself.” If you understand where and what your triggers are then they can no longer be sore spots that cause pain and instead become deep wells filled with wisdom… then you will always be Trigger Happy.

More next week… x

Place Of Peace – How Do You Stop The Spiral?

So I’m trapped in the house under what seems like an avalanche of snow, high winds battering my windows and an intense desire to crawl back under my duvet and sleep until the thaw, thinking about how I’m affected by all the external fluctuations both positively and negatively and how my inspiration, motivation and general wellbeing are being so easily entwined in the drama and what it feels like at my centre when I focus inwards towards the place of peace that is my true nature.

Part of my spirit name actually means ‘place of peace’ and this morning I was triggered very deeply into remembering that.

When I was a child I adopted a coping mechanism whenever I felt in anyway belittled or diminished either by anyone else or by my own thoughts and memories of uncomfortable situations, I would simply silently spell my own name whilst counting the letters out by tapping each of my fingers to my thumb (counting my thumb as well, I always had to tap my ring finger twice because I don’t have enough fingers and one letter is repeated anyway): J-O-A-N-N-E.

So this morning, my mind wandering onto a thousand or so topics that I was not consciously monitoring, happened upon just such a diminishing thought that caused my body to tense and a feeling of shame or guilt or some other completely bloody useless emotion to rise within me, but before the feeling could take hold I had automatically begun spelling my name and simultaneously counting the letters with my fingers. I didn’t intend to or think it was a good idea, it just started happening without my conscious input… it was on the second repetition that I recognised what I was doing and that my name was my place of peace… because now I couldn’t remember what the thought was, I had just interrupted the potential downward spiral of a bullying mind.

On further reflection I noticed that the double tap on my ring finger unconsciously represents my commitment to me.

So my spirit name means place of peace but my given name is my place of peace. At the centre of my being is a built in reminder, a survival skill linked to remembering who I am. Principle 1: I AM God... and it overrides and interrupts my occasional inability to accept Principle 3: I AM Human.

How do you stop the spiral and what’s your place of peace?

More later… x