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Weekly Oracle – Problematic Future-Proofing

Better late than never, they say, whoever they might be? I wasn’t sure I was going to get an Intuitive Chalice Oracle post out this week as its been a bit of a rollercoaster, backwards and forwards to the hospital to visit my mum who is a little bit poorly at the moment. Anyway, that being said, here we are heading into a week containing an interesting full moon and a few shifts in circumstance to boot.

As we look to the combination this week the energy is highlighting our own tendency towards problematic future-proofing. Which in basic terms means we are scrambling for certainty and stability in a universe where the only real certainty is change.

Principle 5: I AM Liberated, is a heads up to the areas of life where we have created gilded cages for ourselves by attempting to build structure through the illusion of ownership… The deep indigo brow chakra draws our attention to the intellectualisation of what’s up ahead or prophesy,(otherwise known as speculation and catastrophizing).

This combination smacks of an insurance scam… I don’t mean that you will be dealing with a dodgy insurance salesman (although please do drop me a line if that happens because it would be most amusing), what I mean is that you can’t control what is to come by panic buying, signing contracts, pinning down deals and extending warranties… what will be will be.

That’s not to say I’m predicting that any catastrophes are headed this way during the week ahead. The problematic part of the future-proofing is the bit when you change your mind about what you want for your future and then find yourself locked-in to a situation that you cannot walk away from.

It’s not so much the week for future-proofing as it is the week when, what you have already attempted to insure against, becomes the trap you want escape, for example: you sign a 5 year contract for a new job but then you decide another company is a better fit; you lock yourself into a mortgage to purchase a house but then hate the neighbours and can’t sell; you build in a clause to a business contract that stops your partners from dropping you in it but then find yourself wanting to jump ship to work on another project… or you get married for material security and then meet the love of your life (who obviously is not your spouse)! See, problematic future-proofing.

Let go of your sense of security (and everything that entails) for the freedom to choose life on a much greater scale.

Your entanglements may take some getting out of, your wings may ache from the tethers you break away from, but if you can rise above your uncertainty you can finally learn to fly.

Have a wonderful week… x

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Monday Mind Manoeuvre – Over And Over

Did you catch the Oracle at the weekend? In it I was welcoming an appealing shift in the energy, lifting recent gloom and inviting well-being back into your life. Sure enough, opening the doors of the previously closed mind to allow in a new era and fresh energy is all it takes to trigger the change, but it takes real discipline to stay out of the trap…

The trap I’m referring to is that tendency to do the same thing over and over, or think the same thought over and over each time expecting different results. This is Einstein’s definition of madness. If you want different results you must take a different action and the action I’m suggesting for now is non-participation.

When you choose not to engage with thoughts, behaviours, situations and even people who have consistently brought you discomfort, disappointment, discontent and dis-ease, you allow yourself the space to heal and the opportunity for these triggers to fall away naturally without you having to experience the drama that attempting to fight or reason with them brings. I know that most spiritually based, compassionate individuals believe in the miracle of redemption and that hope exists in the most hopeless of situations, that level of goodness and faith is a credit to you, but now is the time to save yourself by understanding that the evidence is overwhelming and trying to change the outcome is a futile endeavour… changing your expectation and letting go however is a life giving way of turning your attention to where it is effective – towards YOU!

The fertile mind can produce enormous results when planted with viable seeds (healthy thoughts) and then nurtured by that compassion, goodness, hope and faith and of course supportive action. Now is the time to invest in your own spirit by simply turning away from all that seeks to crush or diminish it. Those seeds that continually failed to blossom may thrive for someone else in another time or place but you can stop now, knowing you gave it your best shot.

You can only be bullied by your thoughts (or anything else) if you engage with them. Bullies are just insecure children who need your attention… you don’t have to provide for their needs anymore. Start providing for your own needs, do that over and over and see what results your Wholly Grail begins to yield.

Principle 1: I AM God and Principle 6: I AM Self-Full.

It’s a new day folks… x

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A Gently Pointing Wing

Archangel Azrael, my guardian, guide and friend, spoke plainly to me yesterday as I did my morning meditation: “I stand and watch you each day. Sometimes I whisper guidance, occasionally I catch you when you fall, but mostly I just watch you. What would you have me watch you do today?” I thought about it for a moment and then reeled off the basic tasks I had to complete during the day as he listened patiently… nothing exciting in the list but then I hadn’t planned anything other than dealing with loose ends and daily stuff. His response was just enough though, to propel me into a completely different mindset and send me off in an unexpected direction via a gently pointing wing…

All he said was: “It takes just one decision to live your best life.”

Now I don’t know about you but when the Angel of Death turns up and basically tells you he’s bored of watching your everyday merry-go-round, I’m going to take notice and re-evaluate what step I take next!

The angelic realm are witness to our hopes,  our dreams, our efforts, actions and failings and they must stand by until we ask for help (or until we are in danger of buggering up the Divine Plan). They don’t judge and they don’t scold if you take an imagined wrong turn but they do feel complete compassion when you choose to berate yourself for missing the mark or for not living up to a standard that you set for yourself… probably based on someone else’s achievements.

Azrael didn’t tell me he was bored, he told me I held the power to achieve my own dreams… I could have been offended if my ego had responded but I’ve had him around for so long that I knew he was encouraging me to simply change one thing and be blessed.

Principle 3: I AM Human, and sometimes I need a little help from the angels.

How do you respond to divine guidance?

More later… x


Carefully Handling My Wobbly Bits

Despite the title I assure you that this is a spiritual/self-awareness post, honest…

As I write this I’m preparing a lesson for a meditation class about creating change. I am experiencing unprecedented internal transformation at present and the process feels very comfortable for the most part simply because, having dived into the depths of self I have faced the true nature of what it is I actually wish to change in my life…

Over the last couple of days though I have had an unusually high number of conversations with friends, colleagues, and clients who are frantically transforming the external decor… from hair and wardrobe to phone and vehicle to address and interior design. Then last night it occurred to me that I too had been browsing the old paint swatches looking for the right hue to brighten up my living environment. What’s going on?

It’s simple. We grow or we die… growth is change.

The dilemma arrives when we use external change to temporarily numb the issues that are really requiring our attention. These sweeping statements of material upgrade are our 3rd dimensional attempt to force the new in our lives.

Change is always happening, but you cannot always see what is being morphed into a new and unfamiliar shape, causing apprehension and internal wobble, so we do what we can to imitate control over our lives to give ourselves the reassurance that change is good when in effect it is neither good nor bad it is simply necessary for growth, for survival.

I’ve decided that slapping some paint on the kitchen is a harmless way of carefully handling my wobbly bits while ever I’m conscious that that’s all it is.  So go forth and dye your hair, clear out your wardrobe, redesign your garden… whatever floats your boat in the moment… but don’t hide from the truth of what’s really requiring your attention underneath the surface glitter.

… And speaking of hair, let’s keep it positive today people!

More later… x

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Saturday Oracle – Resistance Offers Assistance

WIth 50 possible combinations, over a 100 interpretations and infinite outcomes there’s one that is not to be sniffed at…

You may not have noticed as it crept up on you but you have reached a stage in which you can no longer continue along the same lines that you’re used to. The Sacred Chalice presents itself only when the universe is ready to deliver… but this time she will not give up her wares without effort on your part.

The week ahead is offering you a unique set of circumstances, not all of which are comfortable, to utilise as a crucible for transformation.

There are times in your life when you have absolute clarity of vision, stark reality allows you to look at both the big picture and the minute details in a way that liberates you from the trance and in exchange for recognising the stubborn structures you have formed into an existence it offers you the keys to unlock the door to the kingdom… your own personal Camelot.

This unique opportunity can either debilitate you or force you to take control. You are being shown the need for no less than complete reconstruction in one or more areas of your life.

The Sacred Chalice is always a gift, though it’s appearance may at first appear to be more of a threat, but only if you yield to its power and shift out of denial. When the tower falls, to rebuild it the same way would be a wasted opportunity, a travesty even. Use the energy of the Grail to motivate and fuel your rebirth, remembering all the while that even though the process of birth maybe painful, the reward is nothing short of a miracle.

Look to where you have been dissatisfied with life for the areas that require remodelling: health, career, home, finance, relationships, etc and where you feel trapped or stifled in mind, body or spirit, but most of all recognise that the power lies with you.

Fear will inevitably create resistance but resistance offers assistance if you consider the consequences of remaining as you are now.

You can call upon the Archangel Samael to help you face your shadow and get out of denial, Archangel Michael to sever cords to unhealthy habits and Archangel Metatron will be more than happy to be your Divine life coach and motivator… Support is always here for you too.

More next week… x