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The Truth About Perception

Those of you on a more enlightened path are more inclined to accept that what’s true for you may not be true for another, as in Principle 4 of The Grail. The question is: are you prepared to consider that what’s true for you may not be true at all? Perhaps we should take a closer look at the truth about perception.

Just a few weeks ago I explored the topic in another blog when I began to identify my old self-sabotaging stories, finding new truth’s that better fitted with who I am now and perhaps more importantly, who I wish to become. What if we gave up those stories altogether though? What if we could simply observe the world without having to create a story around any of it?

Our perception is flawed by our experience up to this point. We automatically draw associations and conclusions based on what happened last time something similar showed up in our experience. This gives us a prejudiced and bias view by defualt, of every interaction and observation that we are subjected too. Consider then, that your truth is not your truth at all and simply your current way of understanding your circumstances by comparing them to what you already know (or think your know).

To truly have an open mind you have to let go of the stories completely and just be with the unfolding experience. Where a smile from a stranger is just a smile from a stranger and an offer of help is a genuine offer without strings or complications. Where a butterfly is just a butterfly and not a symbol of transformation… and a dark cloud is just a dark cloud and not an omen of anything negative approaching from the horizon.

Of course the human psyche rarely works like that. It is built for survival and will draw associations in order to prepare itself for anything that might harm it (or you). Through observation and experience we make those associations and correlations in order to exptrapolate conclusions. We then act according to the “truth” we discern from our calculations and take appropriate action in the best way we know how based on the evidence we have conjoured in our own minds. In other words, we create the story first in our own heads and then we live it out… we don’t live the experience and then write the story about it.

Imagine what you could experience if you began to form new conclusions prior to taking action. The truth about perception is: proving what you think to be right might not always be in your best interest… because it isn’t going to allow you to change what isn’t serving you if you believe it is “just what is,” without your psyche putting up a fight.

Align to a new mantra this week and see what changes for you. Try this one:

It means nothing at all except what I decide it means to me!

With love from Jo x

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Temple, Castle Or Wide Open Road?

I don’t know about you but last night’s full moon had a pretty intense effect on me.  Symbolically standing in its reflection cast shadows so long they appeared to take on a life of their own and began dancing what I can only describe as a pre-ceremonial ritual before they decided to devour me completely. Of course I’m here to tell the tale and the shadows faded with the rising of the sun, reminding me that the terrifying spectacle was a play put on by my inner demons to take advantage of current uncertainties and exasperated by the powerful pull of the moon goddess.

I stood as witness to the darkness battling with the light, I took sides momentarily before pulling myself back from the fight, I chose the opposite side and rejoined the fracas before once again withdrawing to observe from a neutral perspective, knowing that the fight wasn’t real, the demons weren’t real, the shadows were merely emotions fuelled by fears and insecurities, and I knew that to quiet the inner raging storm one need only remember the storm  only exists within a story… and I am the story teller.

So this morning I began another story: temple, castle or wide open road?

It’s a story about choice and the environments in which I might play out new roles and wear new masks. Each of us has carved out a reality for ourselves that seems fixed. It holds within its structure a balance of light and dark but the energy can become static or stagnant, it can sway too far into darkness or too far into blinding light, and the reality you fooled yourself into believing was an immutable backdrop at that point becomes uncomfortable… staying longer could become intolerable. This is the moment where change is necessary, nay, inevitable.

So the temple… The place of retreat, reverence, contemplation, solace and potential isolation. The home of The Hermit or The High Priestess.

Or the castle… The playground of Kings, Queens and Grail Knights. Where nobles hold court and feast. Defensible and removed from the likes of those who might oppose but welcoming of those who might pledge fealty to the realm.

Or the open road… A Fool’s journey into unknown territory with nothing but the sum total of her/his past experience (which on this leg of unmapped terrain adds up to not much at all). Heading for adventure? Danger? New found understanding?

The idea is this: as I write the next chapter of my own story do I write what I know, what I believe I want to invite into my life, or do I step forward into the unknown and just document the trip?

One thing is for sure: the shadows are sure to live in every story I write just to provide texture, tension and drama… and so I must remain ever watchful of who in me is writing the story. Today it is the priestess reflecting on the storm from the safety of the temple… I don’t yet know who I will be tomorrow.

More later… x

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The Story Of The Crack In The Universe

To begin to comprehend this creation story about the crack in the universe you must first set aside your tendency try to reconcile certain paradoxes within your mind, as doing so will only serve to distract from the fable unravelling powerful truth hidden within…

There was a time before time, a time before the manifest universe came into existence, when The Source of All Things (let’s call Him Big G, I do), was enjoying his contemplation of, well, nothing much at all…

Big G was content with being-ness, and appreciating being (or not being as the first paradox may demonstrate) but gradually began to conceive of the idea of expansion… “Alas, if only there was more of Me and to Me than just being-ness. If only I could expand through experience.. Ooh, experience, what’s that?” Big G, in that moment conjured up an image to experience, so intensely beautiful that he became enchanted by its perfection… a single flower.

Ancient scholars continue to debate about the kind of flower that G imagined, some believe it was a lotus blossom, there are those who insist it was an exotic hibiscus, personally I believe it to have been a lily… and here’s why:

The mind of God, so powerful it was, that the bloom he imagined, intoxicating in its essence, beautiful in form and in fragrance became so real to Him that he lifted it to his nose to breathe in its very being… (paradox alert: He has no nose, the flower is in His imagination, it’s all in God’s mind). Upon inhaling this heady perfume and not knowing his own creative power, Big G sneezed so hard that he ripped a hole in the nothingness of His own mind and the sneeze formed what we now call the universe… The Big Bang was in fact a big sneeze… Me, being severely allergic to lilies would have not only sneezed but also gone into respiratory distress and probably died before the universe was born, so at this juncture count yourself lucky that this story is Big G’s and not mine. (And if you’re planning on buying me flowers perhaps you should stick to roses and tulips).

… So, the Big Bang then? So powerful is the mind of God that it can create from imagination something so beautiful and so intricate in detail, so provocative and sensuous from absolutely nothing, that it in itself elicits a reaction in the Imaginer that creates world’s. Like I said, it’s a creation story… it’s the story of all manifestation.

Back to the story: Big G has now by sheer accident brought into being the manifest world as a way to ensure that his beautiful idea of a lily can become a physical phenomenon and can be truly experienced rather than just imagined. Now, He understands that it will take millions of years for the universe to expand significantly enough to produce a star system that contains a planet with such an advanced setup capable of sustaining this kind of beauty, but He has time, after all He’s been contemplating for an eternity so what’s an eternity more? In fact it was in that exact moment that He invented “time” because He needed a concept to describe the growth measurement between the emergence of an idea and its fruition. (Probably another paradox).

So what is the crack in the universe?

On this planet, so advanced it is capable of sustaining such beauty, Big G realised He could experience more, create more, expand more by replicating scaled down versions of His own mind: enter we humans. He knew though that the dense energy needed to allow matter to hold form would cause His army of Mini-Me’s to forget their true nature and so He would forever have to remain accessible to his creation… if you focus your attention hard enough you can follow the flow of the universe back to its point of emergence: the crack in the universe, which is in fact Big G’s nostril which was the origin of the sneeze, where you can travel up and directly tap into the mind of God: the most powerful creative imaginative force there has ever been!

Principle 1: You are Big G’s Mini-Me. You are a powerful creator… he imagined you that way. If you can think it, it’s already halfway into manifest form… though the story is completely bogus (as far as I’m aware) the moral is completely true… and I know this because I found the crack in the universe and skilfully fished it out of Big G’s vast mind… 😉

Wishing you a wonderfully creative week ahead.

More later… x

Are We Desperately Seeking Permission (To Just Be)?

There’s this invisible force that pushes each of us forward. It’s an imaginary force that perpetuates an internal fear. It sounds like the voice of responsibility and authority and berates each of us for not being good enough, fast enough, bright enough, rich enough, beautiful enough, useful enough… enough. We are continually listening out for that voice to praise us, praise that the voice is incapable of giving because it knows only “less than” or “lacking.” It’s mantra is born of comparison and competition. Are we desperately seeking permission? Permission to just be?

I’ve been in conversation with this authoritarian inner voice in the last couple of days. I say conversation but admittedly it’s hard to have a conversation with someone who believes you are wrong and they are right, it’s a direct violation of Principle 4: I AM Truth, and in opposition to my last post (which is still inspiring me today). The conversation wasn’t about arguing the toss with my archetypal Victorian Headmaster, more about trying to establish who the voice was within me… (can I just point out at this juncture that my shadow work doesn’t imply multiple personality disorder and is part of my Grail Quest to know myself better. All aspects of Self).

So this voice then: the Whip-Cracker, The Chastiser, The Destroyer of Daydreams… where does this draconian nemesis stem from? To understand further I had to delve into my fear of consequences: “If you don’t achieve this, then that will happen,” is how the dialogue goes.  But is that really true?

Now asking that question the voice took on a different texture, that of the victim… The Victim of Consequences… so I told the victim a story that captured her attention enough to listen. You see all my inner archetypes love stories, that is who I am at my core: a storyteller. And my stories are powerful, so powerful in fact that I believe them (we all do)… I believe the stories I tell myself about who I am and who I’m not, how well I’m doing or not doing, what’s expected of me or not, what belongs to me or not, etc. This story though, this was the story of all stories, it was the story about the crack in the universe… maybe I’ll tell it to you another time if you’re very good (and only you can decide if you are by listening to your own stories)… After hearing the story, my Victim of Consequences understood that beyond all other consequences, believing in an authority greater than your own brings the worst consequence of all.

In that moment the victim was swallowed by the story and dragged helplessly through that crack in the universe, the headmaster was silenced until further notice and the daydreamer, no longer needing permission, stared out beyond the crack allowing the storyteller access to infinite new stories available when the mood takes her to unravel them for all of us.

What is the greatest consequence of all?

For each of you it will be different: your health, your happiness, your vitality, a wasted life… for me its the ability to believe in my own story… and when my storyteller has the attention of all my inner archetypes, oh you should see how spellbinding she can be… The story is captivating, it’s a Grail Quest filled with adventure, love, laughter, wisdom and wonder… and it can’t help but have a happy ending.

Give yourself permission for all of that. Be.

More later… x

She Served Me Well, Now Let Her Die

Interesting title for a Monday morning don’t you think? This is a concept that last week became so clear to me, almost in stark contrast to the understanding I’ve integrated through years of self-discovery, but it’s an all-over liberating feeling.

Who I have been, where I have been, what I have done and achieved or not achieved, that version on of me no longer exists… she served me well, now let her die.

Nobody panic. I’m not about to shuffle off the mortal coil (at least I hope not). This simple statement is a testament to an even simpler truth: I’ve evolved.

We mostly begin new situations with a resume or curriculum vitae of what entitles you to be here, as if breathing requires justification or certification of competence but in so reciting your life experience you dwell on past manifestations of yourself and you quite frankly can’t be that person again. It’s like attempting to fill a glass from a fast flowing river with the exact same water twice… once it’s passed you by its gone forever.

Letting the old self die is a celebration of growth not a thing to be mourned. You have been gifted with knowledge and wisdom, skills and life hacks as a result of the experiences you have traversed, but if you are looking now to experience a new set of circumstances in your life then you simply cannot keep telling the old story of you.

Today was created from yesterday, if you keep repeating yesterday’s story then tomorrow will look exactly like today. That’s terrific if today is exactly what you hoped your life would look like but after a while stagnation will ruin even your most precious dream…

Just like the fast flowing river we are meant to flow to the ocean, which then evaporates and makes clouds, which fall as rain and start a new cycle all over again. The fresh rain doesn’t keep banging on about what happened when it used to be the vast ocean and the ocean appreciates but never mentions the rain.

Who you are today needs no excuses, no justification, no preamble… let your innate kindness, light and loving heart speak for itself. Let your wit and wisdom keep pace with the pack… a history can be exaggerated but a genuine intent always finds its place.

She served me well, now let her die.

Principles 2 and 4.

More later… x