The Truth About Perception

Those of you on a more enlightened path are more inclined to accept that what’s true for you may not be true for another, as in Principle 4 of The Grail. The question is: are you prepared to consider that what’s true for you may not be true at all? Perhaps we should take a […]

Temple, Castle Or Wide Open Road?

I don’t know about you but last night’s full moon had a pretty intense effect on me.  Symbolically standing in its reflection cast shadows so long they appeared to take on a life of their own and began dancing what I can only describe as a pre-ceremonial ritual before they decided to devour me completely. […]

The Story Of The Crack In The Universe

To begin to comprehend this creation story about the crack in the universe you must first set aside your tendency try to reconcile certain paradoxes within your mind, as doing so will only serve to distract from the fable unravelling powerful truth hidden within… There was a time before time, a time before the manifest […]

Are We Desperately Seeking Permission (To Just Be)?

There’s this invisible force that pushes each of us forward. It’s an imaginary force that perpetuates an internal fear. It sounds like the voice of responsibility and authority and berates each of us for not being good enough, fast enough, bright enough, rich enough, beautiful enough, useful enough… enough. We are continually listening out for […]

She Served Me Well, Now Let Her Die

Interesting title for a Monday morning don’t you think? This is a concept that last week became so clear to me, almost in stark contrast to the understanding I’ve integrated through years of self-discovery, but it’s an all-over liberating feeling. Who I have been, where I have been, what I have done and achieved or […]