Our Honoured Teachers – Relationship Edition

As you walk your path through life, sometimes aware of the Grail, sometimes holding it and sometimes oblivious to the abundance available to you, you find yourself side by side with those meant to show you the way and others meant obscure it. Our honoured teachers all have significance to the journey… some more than […]

First Monday Of The Month Challenge – The Wonderful Wizard

I’m sure it was my idea to do a First Monday Challenge but somehow it seems to have tempted fate a bit. Yesterday was an extremely challenging day for me emotionally when due to the snow we have been experiencing here in the UK, I was trapped on the opposite side of the city from […]

Monday Mind Manoeuvre – Stop Over Complicating Things

I had a lovely day out and about at a Mind, Body, Spirit Fair yesterday where I was greeted by lots of old friends and familiar faces. It was both inspiring and heart warming to be amongst kindred souls but I noticed something whilst I was there that pointed to a rift in the delivery […]

Carefully Constructed Criticism

I found myself pondering the idea of teaching. More precisely, the teaching of spiritual truths. Of course that’s what I attempt to do in all my work whether it is serious, light hearted, straightforward or wrapped up in a fantastical tale, spiritual truth is ever at its heart. Indeed the seven Principles of The Wholly […]