Identify When You’re In A State Of Emergency

Are you aware of your own level of well-being to a point where you can identify when you’re in a state of emergency? I’m not talking about an external life-threatening emergency here, I’m referring to the heightened physiological and psychological nature of your mind and body when you are in a default state of stress. […]

Monday(ish) Mind Manoeuvre – Imaginary Manager

Ridiculously late to be posting a Monday Mind Manoeuvre, in fact so much so that its almost a Tardy Tuesday Titbit but that’s somewhat the point of title… My imaginary manager kicked in late last night when I took a look at my schedule for the week and felt a surge of overwhelm begin to […]

Saturday Oracle – Calling The Control Tower

Anxiety levels are on the rise and its not just because of the impending holidays… Since Last Tuesday’s new moon I have been in contact with numerous people who have been overcome with an intense stress energy that is apparently set to lead us into this coming week. When Principle 2: I AM Detached meets […]

Saturday Oracle – Temporary Flux

It’s not the end of the world… so you took a misstep, the sacred dance we call life didn’t come with a choreographer and the dance floor is nowhere near as narrow as you might imagine. This week Principle 3: I AM Human teams up with the currently popular vibrant orange sacral chakra indicating that […]

Saturday Oracle – Divergent Path

This week’s oracle comes with a warning. I pulled a combination for myself yesterday as I occasionally do for guidance but then imagine my surprise when the exact same cards came out for the group reading today. Stress is a killer. At the very least it can make you very ill, very unhappy and steal […]

The Shock of My Life

Do you know the number one cause of stress and worry? Do you know what it does to your body? Do you know how I know for sure what I’m about to tell you? Let’s start in the middle of those questions… Stress, worry and anxiety all have the effect of raising the levels of […]

One of Only Seven Faces

Did you know there are  only 7 possible causes of stress that can disturb your inner peace and happiness? Now those 7 culprits are really good at disguising themselves as millions of other external pressures but I guarantee you that if you look closer, if you do the work, your unrest will have one of […]