Resisting A Rest (When The Universe Asks You To Surrender)

I’ve been exploring the Grail from a divine feminine perspective for a little while. The language I’ve used in the structure of the philosophy is very “Tally-ho! Let’s save the world” and divine masculine in flavour… not that it’s wrong in any way, the Principles are solid, sound and complete, they cover every aspect of […]

Yours Sincerely – Handling Seasonal Cynicism

At this time of year patience is short, tempers get flared and people often act from a place that is less about who they are than what they mistakenly perceive. Sincerity is replaced by cynicism and things are somehow filed into neat little boxes along with the sparkly wrapped presents under the tree… things like […]

First Monday Challenge – Be The Light

It’s the first Monday of the month, September no less and we should really be laying down the gauntlet to be the light. Not least because it’s already started fading here in the northern hemisphere, more relevant than that is the unmistakable rise of darkness being felt in the hearts of those seeking, or seeking […]