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Can A Spiritual Practice Improve Your Confidence And Wellbeing?

I get it. You are trying to live your best life and keep the whole show on the road in realtime, when someone comes along and tells you to adopt a spiritual practice. It sounds a bit woo woo and airy fairy and although you might be curious about the idea, you just don’t know if all this “alternative” stuff can actually help you get your shit together, or if it’s just designed to help you escape into fantasy for a little while. Can a spiritual practice improve your confidence and wellbeing?

I started my conscious spiritual journey reading tarot and exploring meditation over 22 years ago. I say conscious, because prior to that I had dabbled and had a keen intuition as far back as I can remember, but never sought to develop it until in my mid 20’s. So much changed for me at that time as I began to identify everything in my life that was out of alignment and integrity with what my inner being was feeling and pulling me towards. It took me years to understand that I had a choice – to follow the crowd or to follow my soul’s calling.

When you first start on the journey, light and dark come into very stark contrast, making the transition from what life is damanding of you, to you directing your life the way you want it, can be terrifying without the right guidance. It’s this dichotomy that makes us question whether a spiritual life and practice is right for us. I get that it is hard to see how you can actually make your life change to fit your new found understanding.

It took me just an instant to understand that the life I was creating was making me exhausted, ill, unhappy and really lonely, even when surrounded by countless people in my life, but it took me years to figure out how to transition into a life that filled me with energy, confidence, real connection (albeit on a smaller scale) and wellbeing that I could manage and replicate just by making small adjustments along the way.

I became the oracle, the interpreter of universal law and angelic wisdom, so that others can benefit from the years of work I had put into finding the spiritual path to freedom, empowerment, self-love and wellbeing. I created a life that didn’t include a spiritual practice but instead became a spiritual practice… the practice of listening to my own truth.

Can a spiritual practice improve your confidence and wellbeing? It really isn’t the right question. The question you should be considering is: can confidence and wellbeing become my spiritual practice? Now you are lining up with your soul’s purpose and asking for the universe to get behind your mission.

Once you make this distinction, every action you take in the direction of your intention… meditation, oracle cards, angelic connection, yoga… skydiving, partying, sex, cake… it all becomes a spiritual practice. You stop trying to distinguish between your day-to-day realtime, boots-on-the-ground existence and your connection to something bigger.

Your confidence and wellbeing will begin to improve the minute you stop trying to be something you were never designed to become. Stop trying to live upto the standards and expectations of others. Stop trying to fit the square peg in the round hole and stop beating yourself up for failing to be perfect.

Everything about you is perfect already… with the exception of the fact you forgot (and even that was a part of the greater plan).

If you are considering starting a spiritual practice of your own, ask yourself if it allows you to explore who you are and how you feel? Ask if it leaves room for you to adapt and transform as your connection to your own wisdom evolves? Ask if it restricts or expands your experience of your physical reality? All these questions will tell you if you are stepping into an empowering practice or giving your power away.

Will you always get it right? Nope! (I still get it wrong and I’m still on the path). We’re always on the path. What I can tell you is: the further you walk it hand in hand with Spirit, the more confident you will get and wellbeing will be yours no matter what storms come your way.

Explore the 7 Principles of the Grail as a spiritual practice.

Jo x

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Weekly Oracle – Invincibility Or Idiocy?

The cards didn’t want to play when I went to select them last night, but reluctantly they surrendered up a storyline for the current energies… and I’m not entirely sure whether that smacks of invincibility or idiocy?

When Principle 1: I AM God, crosses paths with the blood red of the base chakra, we somehow confuse our Divine eternal nature with immortality. This can lead to reckless behaviour and endangering ourselves on very physical level either through deliberate action or lack thereof leading to neglect.

This is a week to recognize that your divine nature is the very thing that makes your physical vessel worthy of self-respect and self-care, rather than the thing that means it is exempt from needing it, and impervious to deteriorating as a result of not bothering.

If there are health issues, however minor and seemingly non-urgent, then put them on your priority list this week. Give the Divine you, the care he or she needs in order to operate at maximum capacity out in the world.

This is not the week to drive 1000 miles with a collapsed lung, carry on to a business meeting whilst suspected of a DVT in your leg, or proceed to test your new product whilst a festering bite is turning into blood poisoning… extreme examples, I know, but all true stories from the path. Not only is that masochistic its also incredibly selfish… you may think you are invincible but deep down you know it’s not true. That project you think is the be-all-and-end-all will be small comfort to those you leave behind when your divine nature pops off back into the great unknown just because you were reckless with the beautiful gift you were given to house it.

Principle 1 means taking care of the opportunity you, as God, have created to dance in human form… your physical, unique, never-to-exist-in-this-shape-again form. Don’t squander it because you are far too busy to notice the most precious thing you were given is in need of your attention. I don’t know… Invincibility or idiocy? You decide.

More later… x

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Weekly Oracle – When The Dream Isn’t All It Seems

The mere fact that Principle 6: I AM Self-Full has made a consistent appearance for the last 4 weeks tells us that we definitely need to focus at this time on transforming our lives, or at the very least some part of it, to be more reflective of our true desires and authentic dreams for Self. This week though, let’s explore the difficulties we face when the dream isn’t all it seems.

I’ve had a recurrent theme show up in many readings this week about establishing boundaries around an offer or opportunity. The gist is that something long awaited is showing up for us soon but it’s showing up in a watered down version of itself. What do you do when someone offers you a very small approximation of what you want? Do you accept, hoping that it might be a foot in the door? Or do you respectfully decline and hold out for more?

This week’s combination of Principle 6 and the deeply spiritual violet energy of the crown chakra shows a connection between the Divine Plan for your life and the dream you dreamt for yourself. When Divine Will and Personal will align, miracles begin to show up in your life… but discernment is necessary to decide what truly fits the bigger picture.

If you come at this week from an insecure and needy stance you will almost certainly settle for less than you truly want but if you know your worth and understand that the universe will always eventually deliver, then you will be much more trusting of the timing of things and the choice will be easier.

Principle 6 asks that you take care of your own needs first so this is a week where you absolutely must write yourself into the equation… which looks like this H=(I+S) or happiness equals (I plus Source)… this is a powerful position from which to receive a universal gift because only from this platform can you perceive what is actually a gift and what is a breadcrumb that leads to depleting the sacred chalice with you feeling thirsty and short changed.

As mentioned before in previous posts, Principle 6 is an indication that healing on a practical and physical level is necessary so this is also a week where you should be making meditation a priority. If you don’t have a daily practice then now is the time to incorporate some discipline in this area as your connection to God, your higher self and your celestial support team is paramount to show you the way through the inbound life changes occurring. Regulating sleep patterns may also be necessary but you may find that your sleep pattern is disturbed at present so incorporate an effective wind-down routine too, one that gives you time away from stimuli before you sleep and perhaps incorporates journaling so you can unburdened your mind of superfluous clutter before you rest.

Most of all remember that life is showing you evidence of what is to come but now is not the time to settle for the petal when God has set aside, not just the flower, but the whole delicious bouquet just for you.

You are on the right path… x

For more insight, check out this week’s video Dragon Reading here.

Monday Morning Mood Makeover – Laughing In The Face Of Wisdom

Writing this on Sunday afternoon as I felt compelled to do, I couldn’t contain the merriment that seemed to be exploding from my inner being as a result of seeking enlightenment.

You would imagine the intense work involved in learning and teaching the secrets of ascension would be serious business and that the euphoria would stem from housing the Light of God for any given period of time… but no, the sheer bliss actually spontaneously erupted from the very human question: “Who in the world would believe this shit… and more to the point, who could you possibly tell without being locked up for suspected temporary insanity?”

In that split second (that went on for a further several minutes) I rediscovered the secret of true enlightenment: the uncontrollable childlike belly laughter that rose up from depths of my being at the absurdity of the hoops we jump through to become that which we never stopped being… we just forgot that we were and always will be, and in fact can never be anything else other than The Divine in human form.

Now I would love to share with you the secret processes, teachings and time honoured initiations that involve transforming your physical body into a pure clear vessel for more light, but it’s Monday morning… can you honestly tell me you have the time, patience (or faith) to follow those instructions in minute detail, even down to how to breathe? Or, would you be much more invested in a couple of minutes with some good friends dropping all your defences and raucously howling at the externally apparent idiocy of having to explain why your base chakra just exploded…

Make of that what you will but should physical repercussions become evident, I bags the first crack at the bathroom!

Laughing in the face of wisdom may be a bit disrespectful but this Grail Knight just had the best laugh she’s had all year.

Drop the struggle and surrender to the absurdity of reality… you may just realise that Principle 1: I AM God, is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth… honest.

More later… x

Smash Through It

The first Monday of the month is upon us and as we gallop into the second half of an already eventful year, my personal challenge of late has been one of reflection.

At the beginning of this year I gave Angelic Annual Forecasts to 10 lovely ladies as gifts to guide them through the coming months and at the same time I created one for myself. June was to be a particularly difficult month according to the chart as Archangel Samael was to be my guide and so foretold of coming face to face with the shadow side of human affairs… and Samael didn’t disappoint. Far from feeling like June broke me though, I’ve arrived here in July feeling empowered and confident that I can move towards whatever life has in store without worrying too much about whether or not my bubble will survive its sharp blades.

As I inspected my forecast over the weekend and found I was to be escorted through this month by Seraphiel, a seraphim creation angel, I almost had to laugh: if Samael was going to have me trawl the depths then Seraphiel was going to push me to the heights… The heights are much harder when you limit yourself with small-self thinking. Spiritually speaking what was previously my highest potential is about to be proved a glass ceiling and the angels aren’t messing about when they ask you to smash through it.

If there is one challenge I can set for you today and for the rest of this month it’s this: let go of what you think you know about your own capabilities, let go of the small-self, let go of the limits that your past seems to have imposed upon you and soar towards your highest potential… which incidentally, you have no idea what that is yet.

Principle1: I AM God

Principle 2: I AM Detached

Happy 4th July x