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The Homecoming

Grail Oracle 2Grail Oracle Green

You’re struggling to determine a baseline for your emotions right now. One minute you’re excited to try something new and the next moment you’re terrified, first you’re ecstatic and then you’re the public face of depression… you are desperately trying to reconcile the two disparate parts but to no avail and it’s the fight to change the state of mind or indeed to deny or define it that is causing you to suffer this way.

Change is a constant, but it doesn’t necessarily happen at a constant rate. When circumstances arrange a quantum shift either internally or externally, the sudden departure from the known creates struggle.

Imagine if you will for a moment that you have God’s perspective, nothing is out of place from this viewpoint. The divine comedy/tragedy is playing out as per the script and the players are right on cue… enter stage left the next exciting development, exit stage right the beloved main storyline. This emotional baseline I was talking about was calibrated to the old story and God wants you to know that your current discomfort, your current resistance, is based solely upon your dependence on what was, your fear of what will be and most importantly your blindness to what is.

Right now you have an opportunity to create an amazing scene that will shape the rest of your personal story simply by letting go of that fear, accepting the temporary discomfort whilst the set and backdrop are rearranged and understanding that everything that we deem normal today was once new.

The Homecoming combines Principle 2: I AM Detached with the healing green of the heart centre… when this combination strikes, a time of retreat is warranted. Not a running and hiding kind of retreat but a withdrawal within where stillness lies amid the chaos. This blessed haven of balance and peace will restore you while ever you reach for love and turn from fear.

The sun continues to rise and fall and as they say: “This too shall pass.” Joy will follow if you let it.

More next week… x

The Faraway Rumble

Grail Oracle 4Grail Oracle Red

Things are afoot that are creating a shade of uncertainty and you may not be able to put your finger on it.

The combination of Principle 4: I AM Truth with the intense red of the 3rd dimensional base chakra is posing the question of what makes you feel secure and whether you are about to compromise that security to follow another’s truth.

The Faraway Rumble is suggestive of an undercurrent of change to which you may feel that you have no real power to stop but by being passive you are actually complicit in allowing your home, whatever home means to you, to be determined by someone or something that has no real interest in your individual hopes, dreams and fears.

When I pulled this combination and began writing, my concentration was fixed on the personal implications of another human being arriving into your home with new ideas and intentions and upsetting the apple cart, but as I got further into the energy it became apparent that more globally and politically this energy is playing out as shifts in power and infrastructure are being negotiated with no real truth for us to make a discernable choice that has not been touched by hype and propaganda.

It’s not my forte to explore the political scene but I wanted to make you aware on both a personal and transpersonal level that just because that rumble still seems faraway doesn’t mean that it isn’t your home, your security, your life that will be directly affected by the oncoming tremor.

This week you will be met with a choice and this choice may have been on the horizon for some time but now you are confronted with a tangible countdown to change. The truth is not obvious, your truth I mean, simply because you do not have enough information to form a clear picture in your mind of what accepting this change will really mean for your future… don’t be fooled by the shiny promises of those who are selling you this new life, do your own research… explore deep within your being for your own truth. Take the time to address your own personal goblins so that you can choose from love and not fear. Remember that a Grail Knight is a hero not an idiot… the quest requires risking it all for love but even those risks need to be calculated.

Love asks what’s best for everyone and comes up with a beautiful compromise it doesn’t say “…you would if you loved me.”

The Faraway Rumble is heading in your direction, time to assess what really makes you feel secure.

More next week… x