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August Oracle – Surrender To Higher Will

Your ego is always going to want to control your destiny, but your destiny is always in the process of unfolding. Sooner or later your ego has to recognise that it must surrender to Higher Will.

This combination from The Grail’s Intuitive Chalice Oracle, matching the 3rd Grail Principle: I AM Human, with the transmutational violet power of the potent crown chakra, brings the lowe-self into alignment with the higher-self in a way that reminds us who we are when we strip away the illusion of who we believe ourselves to be.

August is bringing a shift in your perspective. One where your plans will collapse in spectacular style when the universe shows you a doorway to a higher path that you hadn’t yet considered (or considered but quickly discounted).

You have probaly heard the saying: “Man plans and God laughs!” This is the essence of this oracle combination. I have to add though, that this isn’t a bad omen, indeed, it brings forward the potential for miracles to appear in your life, but they are the kind of miracles that even the most seasoned of optimist wouldn’t believe could show up for them.

It might feel a little like having a conversation with an expert (in this case the ego and I use the term ‘expert’ loosely). The expert is carefully explaining to you why you can’t have a pet unicorn and adamantly insisting that that isn’t possible for you. Not because unicorns don’t exist you understand, but more because you aren’t qualified to handle witnessing one… enter the unicorn stage left, complete with a tag on it saying: “Enjoy Your Unicorn, love from the Universe!” At this point your ego, who has been spouting shit in your subconscious for the last 20 years about how you aren’t good enough, suddenly clears it’s throat, turns bright red and loosens it’s tie, conceding its inacuracy with extreme embarrassment.

You see, Your Higher Self has a timetable that aligns with the universal plan and your ego is neither privvy to the plan nor the potential… it only understands the limitations of what it has already experienced.

Now here is where your work comes in and it needs to do so quickly. You and your ego are not separate and the ego will not give up without a fight. When your miracle arrives, if you do not surrender to your higher will and the higher will of the universe you will sabotage yourself by scaring the crap of the unicorn and causing it to bolt before you even have a chance to offer it a sugar lump.

Let me be a little less metaphorical with my examples:

  • The job of your dreams is offered to you even though you told yourself you would never get it but before you get in the door you insult your new boss.
  • The perfect partner shows up and asks you for a date but you tell him you are busy because you have to wash your hair or go and squeeze your bum pimple! (Sorry, that was just unnecessary).
  • … You get the picture, right?

This combination asks that you forgive your ego so that it doesn’t feel the need to sabotage you further. Being proved wrong, even by your own soul or your destiny can be triggering. This is not a time to stick your tongue out at your own ego and make fun of how wrong it was (which would actually be your ego berating itself), it’s a time to step into grace and self-understanding. Your ego is there to protect you from harm, so reassure it/yourself that you understand why it/you tried to hold you back from what might hurt you. Allow it to understand that expansion is desired here and together you can navigate the learning process because that is what life is.

So your ego isn’t an expert? So what!

Your soul has got you covered… and it’s not programmed to gloat. As you surrender to higher will (yours and the universe’s), your world will open up to new possibilities and new pathways and your ego will eventually expand through new information too.

Right, that’s it from me. Let me know how your unicorn shows up this month and forgive your ego for getting it so wrong.

Love, Jo xxx

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Letting Your Soul Speak

Have you ever noticed that when you are at your most relaxed, for example in dream state, that the things that have been filling your waking thoughts often show up in a new way? Letting your soul speak to you in this way helps you to cut through the clutter and go right to the heart of the question.

The soul voice doesn’t lie, that’s why as part of my Grail teachings I focus on soul-life alignment. When you begin to understand the way in which your soul speaks and the language it uses, you become attuned to the universal flow and life begins to open up.

For the last few days I have been talking about an “upper limit problem.” The term Upper Limit Problem (ULP) was coined by Gay Hendricks in his book “The Big Leap” and refers to the point where you have reached the highest level of your own comfort zone or perhaps just begun to crack through it. That is the point where the old self begins to sabotage your progress by any means necessary. Its the point where you’ve just had the best experience of your life and then you go and get sick, or you meet the guy of your dreams and the relationship is going so well that you go all paranoid and turn into a psycho, insecure bitch. It’s the point where you land your dream job and then start staying out late celebrating and then showing up late to work… the list goes on.

The reason I’m mentioning the ULP is that, after the last few days of discussing it, I had the most simple and yet extraordinary dream… a dream where I noticed that a ceiling tile had been moved slightly and there was a gap. Disliking anything seemingly out of place and being a little bit OCD about it, I decided to get a dining chair, climb up and fix the tile… the moment I touched it, the whole ceiling came down!

Now, in real life I don’t have ceiling tiles but that ceiling does symbolically represent an upper limit. My soul voice was showing me that I personally am worried about aproaching my own ULP. But for me, the crack in the ceiling was already unstable enough that even if I try to “fix it,” or go back to what was, it’s too late to turn back now and the whole damn thing is about to open up. That’s good news right? It means I’m beyond sabotaging the next step of the journey. As with any upper limit problem though, the part of me that fears change is on high alert and trying to sabotage progress regardless.

As I listened to my own soul voice through observing the continuing dream, I noticed that the real concern kept coming up for me. My soul showed me what my ego was afraid of, but as I observed how I felt about that, I realised that it wasnt as a big a deal as my small self was imagining. It was about how life has to change, how community has to change, how friendships will shift etc. All those things are a natural part of growth and those that grow with me are meant to stick around, those that don’t resonate with the new level of connection and consciousness will fall away… always with my love and gratitude. I’m fine with that level of flow.

By letting your soul speak you give yourself an opportunity to catch yourself before the saboteur takes over the operation and, who knows? You might just realise you love the new space more once that ceiling comes down and you see the sky is the limit.

Let me know in the comments:

  • What is your soul trying to tell you through your dreams?
  • What “Upper Limit Problem” are you facing right now?
  • What’s you inner saboteur up to at the moment?

Let’s get you back in alignment and put that sneeky little sucker back to bed!

Love Jo x

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Weekly Oracle – Just Before The String Breaks

There’s a reason they are called heartstrings. Anything that has a hold over us emotionally could be said to be holding one of these etheric threads and as such has more than just a little control over your freedom to choose, change, or explore new experiences.

Attachments, whether material, emotional or intellectual, like the ideas that you have over time invested in so heavily that they have become fixed beliefs, are not so easy to escape when you begin to notice their restrictive nature.

Imagine a hot air balloon tugging against it’s tethers, ready to soar high above the landscape to seek out new vistas, new adventures, new lands and new loves but the strings have been put there to stop it from being lost to those who would hitch a ride in it’s basket, and so it is bouncing around trying hard to escape… not contrived in it’s effort, it is merely the nature of hot air to rise…

This week’s combination of Principle 5: I AM Liberated, along with the emerald green of the heart chakra is highlighting the struggle that comes just before the string breaks.

As you begin to awaken to the restrictions your heart feels in your current set of circumstances, you naturally start to move away from what feels uncomfortable. You leave behind people, social groups, places, environments, jobs, behaviours and habits etc, and the absence goes unnoticed or at the very least excused at first, like its an anomaly that you are missing or not partaking, but the gap grows and the string stretches and the more taught it becomes the more resistance you feel… it’s akin to emotional blackmail.

You do it to yourself first and foremost. “I ought…” ” I should…” “I owe it to…” are just some of the sabotaging statements we use just before the string breaks. And those are the moments when, if you refuse to listen to the inner critic (or the mirror manipulation if it’s coming from an external source), when if you are just brave enough to listen to the heart’s yearning to break free, or the balloon’s need to fly, you will release those tethers and rise higher than you have ever risen before.

Those others, they don’t need to hitch a ride, they just need to remember they can fly too. You can show them how by your example.

So basically put, this is a week where you need to listen to your heart’s desire without allowing the tug of the heartstrings to keep you tethered to the old way of being. New heights are waiting to be reached.

Watch for The Sacred Chalice Oracle returning in 2019… until then,

Happy Holidays!

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Weekly Oracle – As A Matter Of Fact

It’s interesting that this combination is following on from last week’s. Where that was asking you to stay open and faithful to your hopes and dreams this week is battling against the limited perception of your inner saboteur that has it’s sights set on scuppering your plans and keeping you small.

As a matter of fact is a statement that could ruin your forward momentum this week simply because facts about what has been are in no way indicative of what could become… but your own limiting beliefs will keep telling you that your saboteur is a pragmatist and your hopes and dreams are merely fantasy.

Principle 3: I AM Human, is an indication that some form of forgiveness or allowance for one’s own (or someone else’s) fallibility is needed in order to proceed. It highlights past failure and waves it as proof in front of your face that you aren’t good enough to achieve whatever your higher self or the violet crown chakra is asking you to reach for… that voice of doubt, which your saboteur calls reason, is a lie.

All week I’ve been using the phrase “smashing through my own glass ceiling” and its a perfect example of this ability to excel beyond what’s gone before… but you have to quell the internal heckler to be able to tap into the Source of all things and see that there is not now, nor has there ever been a glass ceiling or any other obstacle to how high you can rise or how far you can go, other than your ability to perceive and persist.

The very human part of you is an override switch that will kill your ambitions, dampen your resolve, steal your passion and keep you small… if you let it. It isn’t your enemy, it’s your guardian… but it’s over protective to the nth degree and like wrapping a child in cotton wool and placing her in an antiseptic room, you will kill her spirit… your crown chakra is the gateway to your spirit and it wants you to know that if you believe you can conquer the world the world will submit to be conquered (so to speak).

As a matter of fact the device you are reading this on is proof that glass ceilings don’t exist… because neither did it just a few short years ago and if you had asked someone about the idea then, they would have told you it was the stuff of science fiction.

Every genius was once called a madman, and every champion was once called a dreamer… just don’t let it be you that gives you the limiting titles.

More next week… x


Hanbook For Defeating The Inner Saboteur

Okay so it’s not really a handbook but I like the title, instead it’s an insight into why to the outside world it might appear that we are dealing with inner conflict and self-sabotage, what the real issues are and why contradictory behaviour is occurring at all.

First let me get the cosmology out of the way… Mercury went direct yesterday but is still in shadow until around the 19th meaning that communication issues and misunderstandings have eased up just enough to get a point across but some people will still be hell bent on analysing everything you do and say, possibly even attempting to correct, fix or heal you without actually just hearing the truth behind what you are perhaps clumsily attempting to express. Combine that with this morning’s Full Moon in Pisces where we are forced to evaluate whether our hopes and dreams are actually inspired thought or just wishful thinking, we may be forgiven for appearing to fluctuate in our faith in the path we’ve chosen.

There’s a nice free meditation on increasing faith for members if you care to join… also for FREE here.

Now then, inner conflict or the appearance of it, looks like you changed your mind… addictive behaviour in this area looks like you change it regularly. Suppose just for one minute from the inside looking out though, that what’s actually happening is a re-evaluation of the imbalance of commitment, the recognition of going it alone on a project, relationship or intention that was supposed to involve more than one person, suppose historically the effort put in has yielded lack lustre, less than satisfactory results and evidence is showing that more of the same is on the horizon: maximum investment for little or no payoff… is it then self sabotage to consider changing course or is it actually good sense?

I’m guilty of changing my mind (a lot). I change my mind about running this blog/website, I change my mind about continuing as a spiritual teacher, I change my mind about my relationships, my general direction in life and so on… mostly it is just a case of stopping to assess where I am on the path, taking a look around to see which way I’m headed and whether it is making me happy in the moment and whether the theme and texture of the journey are living up to expectations… from the outside it appears to be inner conflict but from the inside its more of a jailbreak to freedom or at least an expansion of the metaphorical cell.

I am often taken to a place in meditation that appears to be a beautiful manor house, it’s rooms are areas of the inner self or subconscious and within each is a lesson or idea to be unravelled. Last night when I approached the house there were giant yellow diggers tearing up the area surrounding the house, my first thoughts were “landscaping?” Then I wondered if it was the beginnings of a moat and the need for some isolation, perhaps even the undermining my foundations? On entering all looked normal except for dust and cobwebs in the foyer, like it had been abandoned for years (even though I was there the night before). As I prized apart the giant doors leading to the great hall  beyond the foyer I was amazed to find the absence of the familiar and instead a giant empty warehouse so enormous that the rear wall, if there even was one, could not be identified. Nothing was in this warehouse except for an empty wooden crate which I sat on and an old fashioned metal watering can, the only light was coming from the foyer through the open doors.

To me this empty space was a place to create something new, the size was so I didn’t put restrictions on what I created and how big it could be, the box and watering can were the meagre resources that I had to start with but the most important thing was the sense of complete peace that I found within the expanse… and I sat… to just be. I didn’t need in that moment to create anything, I didn’t need to fill the space with stuff or with people or with questions. I felt relief.

The diggers were preparing the ground to strengthen my foundations as I prepare to enter a new chapter. If I’ve changed my mind about anything lately, it isn’t because I’m in conflict, it isn’t because I have lost control of my inner saboteur, it isn’t because I’m flakey or inconsistent, it’s because I’m in preparation, attempting to clear the decks for the next phase of my evolution…

Principle 4: I AM Truth. This precept is about not needing to impress anyone, answer to anyone, justify your actions to anyone and more importantly it is about celebrating the zig zags your path encounters as the road to wherever you are going, which incidentally you won’t actually know where that is until you arrive, unfolds. As always with this Principle, it carries the tag line: I reserve the right to evolve.

I get to choose what items, personnel, tools and materials to allow into my warehouse and I’m choosing them based on reliability, flexibility, innovation, yield, supportive nature and on God’s guidance… As for defeating the inner saboteur? First you must check that she isn’t under the influence of the many voices of the outer critics that all have something to lose or gain by keeping your consciousness fixed. Change your mind… it’s yours to change and if the current version doesn’t yield results, reinvent it.

Principle 6: I AM Self-Full.

More later… x