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Learn Something Fundamental About Boundaries

When you are moving through life with the intention of contributing and being of service to others in ways that can really positively affect their day-to-day well-being, it’s vital that you first learn something fundamental about boundaries.

Knowing where you end and they begin, knowing what’s yours to carry and what belongs to others is a skill. A skill, that if not acquired, leads to the overwhem of heavy burdens that Spirit never meant for you to carry. Your soul-lesson then is knowing what to say no to and what is within your remit.

I was once channeling my angelic guides at an event when asked about why certain things kept happening over and over again to the lady who had posed the question. Archangel Azrael was kind enough to respond with the following annotized remarks: “When we step in or intervene in another’s karma, we accept the responsibility for the lesson and so must carry the karma ourselves.” in very basic and almost cynical terms it means that “no good deed goes unpunished.”

Before you let that stop you from actually helping though, you must understand that it is possible to put someone on the path to their own salvation without actually having to walk the path for them. It is possible to support someone and hold the space for their process without actually going through the process instead.

How you choose to help and even if you choose to help others is totally your business, but in the interest of Self-Full Living, learning the extent of your karmic responsiblility is a profound tool to magically turn you from being a martyr to your generosity into a master of balanced giving and receiving.

The lady I was channeling for at the time was stuck in a constant loop of bailing someone out of their own repetitive mistakes simply because she hadn’t given her friend the courtesy of believing in her power to overcome her own karma. In her eagerness to be of service, she actually stole the opportunity for the other person to learn her soul lesson. The very next time the lesson came up for her to overcome, she instead went to her friend who obliged by sorting it our again… until the time came when she was asking why me and wondering why she was exhausted and now in full on victim mode.

You have to love yourself enough to say no to other people’s drama and at the same time, love them enough to believe in their infinite capacity to overcome their karma. you really do empower people when you say: “It’s time for you to shine. Show us what you’re made of!”

Do you need to learn something fundamental about boundaries? The Principles of The Grail can help you to see everyone, including yourself, as the powerful co-creators we are.

Love, Jo x

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Happy New Year! If That’s What You Choose!

We seem to be innundated with those social media posts about how we are so glad to see the back of 2019 and how we hope 2020 will be a better year at present. I’m not sure how we are still posting that stuff after seeing it year after year and according to the memes, nothing seems to be any different. That’s simply because it will be a Happy New Year! If that’s what you choose!

Yes, shit is going to happen. You are supposed to be challenged into expansion and growth. Yes, you will meet with difficulties along the way. How else are you supposed to learn new skills and uncover hidden depths? But happiness is a state of mind that you choose in spite of outer circumstances.

Once you begin to truly understand the nature of this journey and the ultimate gift it gives you, everything else just becomes a game of spiritual snakes and ladders… you climb up, you slide down, you climb up, you slide down again. If it was all one way it would be over in a flash and you’d have nothing to show for it, no experiences, no connections, no battle scars and no stories of great triumph. Your world would be small and your wisdom would be limited…

But it’s not is it?

You are a vast storehouse of compassion and empathy, with a story that can inspire others and soothe their pain when they enter the rapids of life, because you have already navigated them, mapped them, conquered them. You have fought your way through the darkness to become the light and the next wave of whatever comes your way isn’t seeing you as a potential victim it is seeing you as a worthy adversary, ready to joust and win… life expects you to conquer it and it expects to be mastered in spectacular style.

2020 is going to be exactly what you make of it and though you are not in control of what comes your way, you are absolutely in control of how you choose to respond to it.

So what are you going to do?

Lick your 2019 wounds and ask for reprieve (that isn’t coming)? Or are you going to pull up your big girl pants and say: “2020 my friend, I’m ready for you. I’ve trained for this my entire life and I’m not just happy to see you, I’m flying the fucking flags and starting the party early… what took you so long?”

To which it will subtly reply: “I was waiting for you to remember who you are and fall back in love with yourself.

They are going to tell you that 2020 is the year of perfect vision and clarity, but I’m here to tell you now, the only thing you need to see clearly this year is exactly who you are. You are the miracle, sweetheart. You can have a Happy New Year! If that’s what you choose! Make this coming year yours.

Love, Jo x

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Detours Distractions and Sheer Determination

The path has led me a merry dance of late. I fell off it a couple of times (though in reality you are never really off the path). I found myself following a new star for a while and while that was fun, it was only ever leading me to distraction. The detour was good practice in finding my way back to centre and a perfect lesson in discerning the value of peace over pursuit.

Most of what life brings us is a test of what we say we want, and when we know our goals to be in alignment with our divine mission and purpose, those tests are worth the detours distractions and sheer determination.

I indulged in a Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy session (QHHT) just over a week ago. The process was intense but so informative and somewhat liberating, delving into soul lessons from past lives that have relevance now, but what was much more enlightening was the intimate conversation I had with my higher self during the session. Big me revealed that “the path is not the path, it only leads to the path.”

How about that for cryptic!

The thing is, I knew exactly what the statement meant…

Your current purpose is a stepping stone to the next one, and as life is a journey, the path is meant to be filled with detours, synchronicities that propel you down new roads towards greater learning. New passions and new purposes that force your ingenuity, your creative acuity even, to expand beyond what you think is possible, using your accumulated skills and talents to serve the greater whole in some way… and at every turn you have to believe you’ve got the measure of it, you have to believe that this is it, because only by dedicating yourself fully to the present challenge will you master it and trigger the next synchronicity and open up the new path.

I’ve been aware of the new path for quite some years, it’s been my greatest distraction. I have spent endless hours desperately trying to understand how to hop across to the parallel path, not realising that the path converges with my current one at the designated point where the newly formed integrated path then changes direction naturally. But what is the designated point?

The point at which I master this one. I’ve been distracted by the potential of the incoming reality for so long that I forgot to engage fully with this one. (Even a Grail Priestess can get lost in the vision of a future not yet created). 

My higher self brought me great comfort, conformation and most of all permission to immerse myself in now. Not that it hadn’t shown me the way already… how else do you think Principle 2: I AM Detached, was conceived?

One foot in front of the other on the current stretch of my own path, renewed vitality, added interest, engaged talents, new things to learn along the way… and just a sideways glance occasionally to check the next path is keeping pace.

I’m no longer determined to get to he next path, I’m placing all my determination on mastering this one.

If you would like help on coming back to your centre, please do get in touch.

More’s later… x

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Holding All The Aces (And Staying In Balance)

Holding all the aces is by no means a competitive statement, nor does it imply any sort of gamble but to be honest life in general is a great game that we choose to fully engage in or remain a spectator on the side lines. Instead, it is made in reference to the tarot and how keeping a firm grasp on all the aces leads to a Self-Full life (as in Principle 6) and an evenly balanced one at that.

Before I come back to the subject let me offer a scenario in the context of games, or in this case sport (as an analogy anyway)…

I’m currently embroiled in an interaction with another. This great game feels a little like the beginning of a boxing match… one fighter stands firm, flexible and resolute in the centre of the ring, self-assured yet humble, whilst the other fighter bobs and weaves in a display of prowess or intimidation like he has something to prove.

In this case the second player is exhausting his energy dancing around a situation instead of just throwing a punch (or his best shot in any other scenario) but the first player, as the observer, is holding all the aces… The object is not to win the fight against an opponent in this case, but instead to win the fight against one’s own unnecessary expenditure of resources.

Basically it’s about skirting around a subject instead of coming straight to the point. (A little like I did there).

So, the aces then… (I started that sentence with ‘So’ because my opponent doesn’t like my writing style though apparently spends much time analysing it, and believes that beginning a sentence with so is a sign of worry, whereas it’s actually a lazy way of saying “All that being said” or “Bearing that in mind”)…

So, The Aces of Swords:

Absolute clarity, the truth of the matter and no problem in saying it like it is.

The Ace of Wands:

Creative passion, inspired action,  and personal power.

The Ace of Pentacles:

Grounded in reality, tangible and measurable, something solid.

Oh yes… and then there’s The Ace of Cups:

The Wholly Grail or Sacred Chalice, the infinite capacity for love and healing, sharing and giving… firstly to self and then to another.

Holding all the aces means the first fighter doesn’t mind if the second ever throws a real punch… Me? I’m enough. I’ve already won the fight because which ever way this great game goes, I know I will grow from it. The other guy? Well I don’t know if he has realised he is holding his own set of cards. He’s mastered the Cup and the Wand alright but the Sword and the Pentacle have yet to fall out of the deck…

If you know your tarot archetypes then you will know that The Magician has mastery over all the Aces… I’m the High Priestess, and until the Magician gets a grip on all the alchemical tools, I will forever have mastery over him. Not where I want to be I might add. I’d much rather stand shoulder to shoulder with The Magician than have to instruct The Fool. I’m fast developing into The Empress who has infinite patience but that means he’s going to have work harder to become The Emperor… (and The Wheel keeps turning) buts that’s enough of the tarot…

Its time to stop throwing the fight and instead, throw a punch.

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More later… x



Weekly Oracle – Rise But Stay Humble

I’m looking forward to the week ahead, though this combination comes as warning and an instruction of how to gracefully and gratefully move through the world: to rise but stay humble.

When Principle 3: I AM Human appears in any oracle reading it represents the fallible side of us and the need to forgive oneself and/or others. Team it up with the sunshine yellow of the solar plexus chakra and the ego starts taking control of the situation leading to clashes of personality and power struggles. But there is a distinct gentleness about the energy flowing towards us at present which shows us an opportunity coming around for another pass, that where once the ego led the dance, this time the lesson has been sufficiently integrated to allow all parties a softer approach.

This is a time where self-mastery and personal sovereignty have you facing your challenges with the humility and grace of Master Jesus.

To rise in this case means new beginnings, shifts in circumstances, promotions, improvements in relationships… though new feels inconsistent with the energy, it’s more like a new way of handling what’s gone before or fresh eyes on an old idea… something the oracle started hinting at a couple of weeks ago. Success is far more likely this time around as everything has changed.

The changes may not be obvious to all involved at first as they are not visible, physical or material in nature, this is more of a self-assurance about who you are, what you want, where you stand and the deep understanding that your life and your happiness do not depend on the outcome, but rather its your preference. Choice is a powerful gift and you are coming to understand from a humble standpoint that your choices can bring great joy (or great suffering if you ignored the humble part of the message) to others.

As you face whatever greets you on your path this week, do so knowing that when you rise but stay humble, you become greater than the sum of your parts… and the world begins to benefit from your achievement and smile at your success.

Your humanity can become your greatest gift now and leave nothing for you to apologise for.

Have an amazing week… x