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Weekly Oracle – Barefaced And Brazen

This week’s combination brings us a double whammy, when the truth of who you are is expressed barefaced and brazen with no holds barred and no inhibitions about the judgments you may be subjected to in return.

The sheer personal power present in this combination propels you towards a “Fuck it! This is me!” move towards liberation.

Principle 4: I AM Truth, asks where in your life you are restricted or controlled by the opinions of others that do not actually resonate with your own beliefs. It asks you to stop and consider what ideas, patterns and behaviours you have unconsciously adopted about your world, your place in it and how you should think, speak and behave in order to conform to the socially accepted standard of what’s deemed normal.

When we dress that energy up in the royal blue of the throat chakra, you cannot help but speak out against this type of personal oppression that you have inadvertently fallen prey to.

You may find that for a long time now you have asking yourself what is true for you and what is, at the core of your being, the genuine article… when the energy of this duo comes up its a sign that you are beginning to assimilate the answers and no longer willing to contribute to the illusion by pretending.

This week then, be prepared to speak your truth no matter how raw, how unpopular, no matter who it offends and whose reality is shaken by your bravery. Remember though, this is not about your opinions about others. This is not an opportunity to demean or belittle those in your orbit, it is a declaration of personal truth, about you, your expectations your ideas, desires, and non-negotiable principles, your boundaries and your intentions… it is a self-expressed rebranding of who you appear to be, bringing appearances into alignment with both your light and your shadow.

Yes, some people will freak out. Yes, some people will fall away. Yes, some people will attempt to put you back in your box… No, it doesn’t have to dictate your next move. Barefaced and brazen simply means without a mask and uninhibited.

Be prepared to be you, no matter what.

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More next week… x

Weekly Oracle – Heartfelt Honesty

It’s not often that The Intuitive Chalice Oracle offers up a perfect combination for laying yourself bare, vulnerable in your emotional authenticity, but this week’s duet is heralding a window of opportunity for heartfelt honesty.

Principle 4: I AM Truth, lends itself to opening up to what, until now, has remained hidden about your feelings for fear of being judged, rejected, ridiculed or shunned. The power of the emerald green heart centre is swelling with such intensity that the truth in what you feel can no longer be contained and your courage is rising up to take a leap of faith… to be seen no matter what.

There is no telling what truth is hidden inside your heart, only you can know that for sure, be it overwhelming romantic inclinations, the desire to create art, the joy of new discoveries or the sadness for that which has moved on… what is sure is that being seen, being heard, is the first practical step towards expansion and either manifesting a tangible shift, or healing.

I have to say that the energy, to me, seems to be focused on revealing how you really feel about another. It feels big. It feels overwhelming. The heart chakra is the point of balance where love flows to, through and from you, if you hold onto that emotion (the accumulation of energy in the heart chakra) within, unable to flow or to be expressed, either verbally, creatively or through giving to others, it becomes twisted and painful, souring within and eventually causing dis-ease depression and illness.

E-Motion or energy in motion has to keep moving, keep expanding, it has to be shared as a genuine creative force in the universe. As it is expressed via the honest interpretation of one’s experience it provides release, transformation and perhaps even opens a gateway towards cooperation and connection.

Putting yourself out there is risky business… but you have to ask yourself what you are risking by holding it in? 

Love is waiting to be expressed by whatever means you feel compelled to deliver it. Someone has been waiting to hear your heartfelt honesty. The opinions of those that judge were never really worth worrying about anyway.

More later… x

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