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Learn Something Fundamental About Boundaries

When you are moving through life with the intention of contributing and being of service to others in ways that can really positively affect their day-to-day well-being, it’s vital that you first learn something fundamental about boundaries.

Knowing where you end and they begin, knowing what’s yours to carry and what belongs to others is a skill. A skill, that if not acquired, leads to the overwhem of heavy burdens that Spirit never meant for you to carry. Your soul-lesson then is knowing what to say no to and what is within your remit.

I was once channeling my angelic guides at an event when asked about why certain things kept happening over and over again to the lady who had posed the question. Archangel Azrael was kind enough to respond with the following annotized remarks: “When we step in or intervene in another’s karma, we accept the responsibility for the lesson and so must carry the karma ourselves.” in very basic and almost cynical terms it means that “no good deed goes unpunished.”

Before you let that stop you from actually helping though, you must understand that it is possible to put someone on the path to their own salvation without actually having to walk the path for them. It is possible to support someone and hold the space for their process without actually going through the process instead.

How you choose to help and even if you choose to help others is totally your business, but in the interest of Self-Full Living, learning the extent of your karmic responsiblility is a profound tool to magically turn you from being a martyr to your generosity into a master of balanced giving and receiving.

The lady I was channeling for at the time was stuck in a constant loop of bailing someone out of their own repetitive mistakes simply because she hadn’t given her friend the courtesy of believing in her power to overcome her own karma. In her eagerness to be of service, she actually stole the opportunity for the other person to learn her soul lesson. The very next time the lesson came up for her to overcome, she instead went to her friend who obliged by sorting it our again… until the time came when she was asking why me and wondering why she was exhausted and now in full on victim mode.

You have to love yourself enough to say no to other people’s drama and at the same time, love them enough to believe in their infinite capacity to overcome their karma. you really do empower people when you say: “It’s time for you to shine. Show us what you’re made of!”

Do you need to learn something fundamental about boundaries? The Principles of The Grail can help you to see everyone, including yourself, as the powerful co-creators we are.

Love, Jo x

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I’m Goin Nowhere Without This One Thing

I can’t even begin to tell you how my last week has been going… one day so hectic that I was juggling two laptops, one video editing and uploading, the other creating a blog post whilst also balancing a paintbrush upcycling my office desk, all in the relative chaos of a room makeover, but only half of the organisational implementation story that is going into planning 2020 at Jo Jerodene HQ (also known as my kitchen/diner). It was only when I stopped the process on Thursday night that realised: I’m going nowhere without this one thing…

On Thursday evening’s I teach a small group of ladies who have been with me for years, on their continuing spiritual development journey. Its a very relaxed group and also allows me to dive deep into my own spiritual practice, especailly important when I’ve been neck high in 3D business planning and the mundane world all week. This week was especially poignant though because I found myself in meditation slamming the brakes on the metaphorical train I was riding, refusing point blank to go anywhere without God!

Whatever your name for your higher power is… (normally I opt for the less formal “Big G”), when your world and your business revolves around your spiritual principles and the deep soul lessons you’ve learned from connecting with the higher realms, angels and messengers of the Divine, to suddenly be propelled into a high intensity level of logic and action in a very real-world form, is really disconcerting. No wonder I pulled the emergency brake to check Spirit was on board with the changes I’m making.

The clear message I got from Big G was: “I want you on that train!”

We forget sometimes that the Divine flows through everything, no matter how seemingly 3rd dimensional or how 5th, 6th, 7th… and on. Principle 1 of The Grail should be reminder enough, it says: “I AM God.” So the fact that I’m on the train means that Big G is on the train… in fact Big G is the bloody train and if it’s hurtling at 6 million miles an hour toward a bright new horizon then its because Spirit deems it so.

The trick is to find balance between the daily hustle and the more reverent spiritual practices, between the doing and the being, between the service and the Self-Full Living. Just taking that short excursion into meditation gave me the clearest indication of my soul’s truth and what I needed most. That’s what it means to be truly soul-led.

If you need help balancing your daily grind with your your Self-Full mind, body & soul practice then why not give my book “Self-Full Living Workbook” a whirl. It’s available through Amazon via the link.

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It’s easy to get so engrossed in the day to day that you don’t leave room for what really nourishes you… and I’m going nowhere without this one thing… Me!

Love Jo xxx

Learn To Do It When You’re Ready.

I’m a day late and a dollar short (as they say). Not that anyone is keeping score. Sometimes you have to understand that in order to keep life in balance you have to learn to do things when you’re ready.

Discipline is a vital tool to keep the show on the road, but discipline should be built around your priorities, and in case you haven’t been paying attention, my priority is not getting the blog or the newsletter out on on time, its self-love and living a Self-Full life… and that’s exactly what I want for all of you too.

To be honest I’ve spent the new year in and out of the hospital visiting my mum who succumbed to yet another chest infection, luckily we caught it before it turned to pneumonia like it did last year (actually 2018 thinking about it). She’s back at the nursing home now in respite and feeling much better but as you can imagine, when your loved ones are sick, especially when they are elderly you go into high alert. I’m your perfect crisis management partner to be honest, I roll my sleeves up, get stuck in and do what needs doing… its when its over I’m FUBAR! Once the emergency dies down I have a hell of a job managing the adrenal spike and the fatigue that follows. I have healing techniques and startegies now that make it a faster job, one of which is to fully acknowledge and allow my own need for a time-out and some deep self-care. Another is to say no to everything that does not serve your wellbeing and to say “not yet” to everything that can wait.

We live in a society that puts so much pressure on us to conform and to deliver and we put even more pressure on ourselves. This people-pleasing nature is endimic especially in western culture and leads to burn-out and misery. It leads to codependency and power play in relationship dynamics and to a skewed way of measuring our own self-worth and value to society.

In tuth, if you learn to do it when you’re ready, whatever it may be, the resulting product of your time and attention will be far more potent, appreciated and filled with more of your vital creative force than if you serve from an empty cup.

All that being said, there is no newsletter this week and although the alignment readings and dragon readings are ready, they will not be posted to until this weekend.

You are on my priority list… you just aren’t quite as high up as my mum and my health & well-being!

Love, Jo x

P.S. Why not invest in spending a little time prioritising yourself this month and see how much more you have to give (when you’re ready)?

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Weekly Oracle – Just Making Space

When The Sacred Chalice presents from the deck things really could go either way. It is neither a Principle nor an action and requires no chakra card to complete its combination… it is the message, the meaning and the answer.

Be prepared for your own sacred chalice to be spilled this week as some turn of events creates drama in your world. It doesn’t necessarily stand to reason that whatever comes along to turn your world upside down is a bad thing but whatever it is, it is a big energy and what spills from the chalice is just making space to be filled anew with something fresh.

As Pluto is now direct and Venus has just gone retrograde for a forty day review of where she’s already been, the new moon in Libra due on Tuesday also affecting the dynamic, it feels very much as though we are entering a time of reckoning where we dig deeper into issues of balance and fairness, so look to your relationships, finance and health to understand where this drama calls to you to take responsibility for bringing balance into that part of your life.

As a diagnostic tool, The Sacred Chalice denotes illness and burn out, so pay particular attention to your health at this time even though the drama could be a major windfall or exciting surprise (probably one you have been waiting for but gave up hope of getting). If you aren’t balanced, grounded and fully present, regardless of it being positive or negative, it could knock you on your arse emotionally, energetically and even physically.

When the chalice spills, (merely a metaphor for your inner reserves and resources being depleted), self-care is paramount. That being the case, take time to process whatever is taking place before reacting, before responding. Urgency maybe an illusion brought on by your temporarily weakened situation so remember you cannot serve from an empty vessel and the only urgent action this week is that you focus on you.

Apply Principle 6: I AM Self-Full… and when you feel able to, and your cup has been set straight and refilled, then you can engage in dealing with the, now much reduced, drama.

You are the chalice… set yourself shiny-side-up and do life on your terms, when you’re ready.

More later… x

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Weekly Oracle – Invincibility Or Idiocy?

The cards didn’t want to play when I went to select them last night, but reluctantly they surrendered up a storyline for the current energies… and I’m not entirely sure whether that smacks of invincibility or idiocy?

When Principle 1: I AM God, crosses paths with the blood red of the base chakra, we somehow confuse our Divine eternal nature with immortality. This can lead to reckless behaviour and endangering ourselves on very physical level either through deliberate action or lack thereof leading to neglect.

This is a week to recognize that your divine nature is the very thing that makes your physical vessel worthy of self-respect and self-care, rather than the thing that means it is exempt from needing it, and impervious to deteriorating as a result of not bothering.

If there are health issues, however minor and seemingly non-urgent, then put them on your priority list this week. Give the Divine you, the care he or she needs in order to operate at maximum capacity out in the world.

This is not the week to drive 1000 miles with a collapsed lung, carry on to a business meeting whilst suspected of a DVT in your leg, or proceed to test your new product whilst a festering bite is turning into blood poisoning… extreme examples, I know, but all true stories from the path. Not only is that masochistic its also incredibly selfish… you may think you are invincible but deep down you know it’s not true. That project you think is the be-all-and-end-all will be small comfort to those you leave behind when your divine nature pops off back into the great unknown just because you were reckless with the beautiful gift you were given to house it.

Principle 1 means taking care of the opportunity you, as God, have created to dance in human form… your physical, unique, never-to-exist-in-this-shape-again form. Don’t squander it because you are far too busy to notice the most precious thing you were given is in need of your attention. I don’t know… Invincibility or idiocy? You decide.

More later… x

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Weekly Oracle – Deep In The Darkness

I have to admit I’m hesitant with this week’s oracle, firstly because the combination is exactly the same as last week’s and secondly because I’ve struggled to get a handle on why that is the case.

Principle 6: I AM Self-Full came flying back out of the pack as I was shuffling them and I assumed I’d just been butter-fingers so I put it back in, shuffled again and laid them out to hover over with my hand to feel the energy… The cards felt very ‘quiet’ except for one that sent a shooting pain straight through my palm… you guessed it: Principle 6 was insistent on being present for us again…

Then I went to pick a challenge/chakra card. There was nothing coming from them at all. I tried both hands, I tried reshuffling, I eventually went to get a crystal dowsing pendulum to see if I could get a reaction. I sat down, breathed and tried again… The slightest movement occurred above one card: the deep indigo of the 3rd eye or brow chakra… last week’s exact combination. Was it that I didn’t cover it completely enough in last week’s post or was this a brand new burgeoning energy that needed deeper exploration? Then it struck me…

This is a week of being blind.

Deep in the darkness where we have no concept of what’s close by, what’s incoming or if we will ever see the light again, must be how people felt in less enlightened times about an eclipse… and who can blame them?

Falling at the latter end of this coming week, the Blood Moon or Thunder Moon might feel like a foreboding omen as the rest of what’s going on in the skies intensifies the ego’s fear factor to a point where insanity or at the very least depression can really take a hold of you. Don’t Panic! It will pass. The full moon eclipse conjunct retrograde Mars in Aquarius is going to very likely have you fighting invisible demons and even creating a few that didn’t exist before. Venus is opposing Neptune making you feel like everything you want is an illusion or an impossible dream and so this intense combination will blind you to the possibilities.

Now Principle 6 is about self-care first and foremost so my absolute best advice around this time is

  • Don’t struggle
  • Don’t jump to conclusions
  • Don’t lash out or react
  • Don’t listen to the fearful thoughts about impossible dreams
  • Do take care of your mind, body and spirit

The last one of these is super important and the first step is breathe, meditate and practice mindfulness (Principle 2: I AM Detached) by staying present with what is.

Blindness in its metaphorical sense isn’t a bad thing, you cannot possibly know everything that’s in store for you and just around the corner… God has been giving you hints for months about where you are heading and what is heading for you but now that it is just around the corner, the corner is in the way of your field of vision and so now is the point of greatest doubt and with doubt comes a crisis of faith and with a crisis of faith comes a greater loss of perspective and with this loss of perspective comes the feeling that you are going mad.

You are not.

Change is imminent. Prepare for a miracle.

On a side note: because Principle 6 deals with physical health too and the brow chakra affects the eyes, you might want to get them checked out if you are having any symptoms. I’m saying this because my mum is off for an eye operation this very week to remove a cataract and because I’m sat here writing this without my glasses, which up until a few weeks ago wouldn’t have made much difference but a have no idea what I’ve just written because it’s all very blurry!

Deep in the darkness is where new life gestates, its nothing to be afraid of.

Check out my video to help navigate the energy here.

More next week… x

Weekly Oracle – The Invisible Is Invincible

It’s feeling like an incoming “9 of Swords” kind of week, where you are tying yourself up in knots battling invisible demons, and you should know by now that the invisible is invincible.

The 9 of Swords is a tarot card that describes worry, anxiety and even nightmares brought on by our own fears and ‘catastrophic’ thought patterns being blown out of all proportion… you can learn more about the incoming storm over on my Priestess In Practice page (until the new moon eclipse) …but what does that have to do with this Grail combination?

The Solar Plexus is the chakra that handles digestion in all forms, that includes not only the food we take in but also the information and energy. Imagine if you will that this energy centre works a bit like a parking sensor on a vehicle, extending its range out through 360 degrees to see what’s happening in your environment and giving you an early warning of anything you could potentially crash into or what might crash into you so to speak. Because of the range of this sensor you may be aware on a very subtle level of trouble brewing out in your existential or environmental surroundings but there is no evidence in your day to day reality so your mind starts taking over and makes shit up! Chances are its happening but it’s happening to someone else you are connected to and isn’t likely to touch you other than to bear witness. Empathy is a blessing but can be a curse if you have no clue how to be dispassionate about what is occurring.

Principle 6: I AM Self-Full... it does what it says on the tin: deals with fulfilling the needs of the Self. Anxiety and worry can be so energy draining and all-consuming that your proverbial cup empties and you scatter your vital resources all over the place. What’s interesting is that when Principle 6 shows up in a diagnostic reading it refers directly to your health and the solar plexus to diet and nutrition, so this combination is also a warning that whilst you are focused on battling the invisible demons on the outside of your energetic perimeter, you are also succumbing to your inner demons of addiction, overindulgence and dietary self-abuse.

Stress is very often met with addiction and any number of methods of drowning out the feelings or attempting to control the uncontrollable… like I said, the invisible is invincible.

Top tips for this week then:

  • Focus only on what’s happening in front of you
  • Concern yourself with only what’s yours to carry
  • Get out of your head and out of denial
  • Plan your nutritional intake, shop for it and stick to it
  • Ditch the toxins you’re consuming (physically & energetically)
  • Practice mindfulness by embracing Principle 2
  • Don’t be afraid of your feelings (they are messages from spirit)
  • Meditate, oxygenate (breathe) and exercise to reduce anxiety
  • Step away from all drama and those who bring it
  • Give what you cannot control to Source and the angels.

Remember that you become the invincible one when you place your energy squarely in the light and decide your outcome. When you journey into the realm of the invisible you have no substance or power there… but you lose power here too when you aren’t present and centred in your body, you become a spectator and eventually a victim of the ultimate 10 of Swords experience, also known as rock bottom (The Sacred Chalice in its negative form). Let’s take control, bypass this outcome and go straight back to the ace… clarity, understanding, everything into the light where shadows dissolve and positive action can be taken. In other words: when a butterfly sets off your parking sensor, don’t jump out of your vehicle, leaving the doors wide open to chase after it… you will never catch it and when you return to the vehicle you will find it ransacked, filled with unwelcome guests or burnt out completely!

The storm will pass, don’t let it take your health with it.

More next week… x



Saturday Oracle – Getting The Hang Of Things

Imagine my surprise when the exact same combination as last week was determined to team up again this week to guide us through Valentines Day and beyond! I guess that means with all the practice we must be getting the hang of it…

I love it when Principle 6: I AM Self-Full shows up at a time when we all seem to be conditioned toward expecting others to fulfil our emotional expectations. Valentine’s Day, traditionally a day to celebrate romantic love can cause no end of disappointment if you leave the proceedings up to someone else or if there is nobody else to leave it up to, so being Self-Full, i.e. taking responsibility for creating your own fun, being your own best friend or lover, romancing yourself with flowers, a beautifully prepared meal, and just generally lavishing yourself with loving gestures is a great representation of this combination.

Remember that the yellow solar plexus is focused on joy, so remember to remain playful and don’t take the whole shebang so bloody seriously… it’s your centre of personal power so get to grips with concept of you controlling your own choices, boundaries and direction.

A little note on handling the unexpected this week too… whilst you are focused on pleasing yourself in new and playful ways, don’t get so self obsessed and blinkered that you miss the cue when someone else asks to play with you… stay open. Remember the point of being Self-Full is so that you are fuelled up and overflowing and always ready to share in the abundance.

Have an amazing week… x

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Pre-Christmas Quarantine And How To Stay Merry

Building my Power Sphere in meditation with the angels this morning, I put in a specific request with the celestial helpline to widen the perimeter of energy bubble they placed me in (I refer to this sacred space as The Temple of Illumination)… now encompassing my whole house in pre-Christmas quarantine as I contend with my second bout of a winter cold in a just a few short weeks.

It’s hardly surprising really as I’ve been dealing with some stressful changes and having my life turned upside down of late, all of which can have a sneakily detrimental effect on one’s immune system without you actually realising it until it’s too late and you’re already doing a mighty fine impression of Rudolph (minus the flying capabilities).

Despite feeling a bit physically pants though, I’m actually quite chipper and resolute in my efforts to nurture me whilst planning a merry little Christmas with the family. We often forget to do that in the midst of the festive build up… the self nurturing part I mean. We get lost in the drama and intense pace of what needs to be done, where needs to be attended, what should be bought, who should be included… It’s exhausting just thinking about it.

This year I’m concentrating on the important things: my health at the top of the list, the people I love most in the world right up there with me, after all, how can I be of any use to them if I’m feeling less than a hundred percent? I’ve decided to forego the tree and the decorations, the shopping and the cards, and instead put all my efforts into being well so I can be present!

Principle 6: I AM Self-Full is the concept within The Wholly Grail that promotes self-care so that you may be overflowing with love, grace, wellbeing, energy and vitality in order to serve and be present for others… I’m planning on creating the most incredible Christmas Dinner for my loved ones whilst not infecting them with any cold and flu bugs and very definitely no Bah humbugs! That’s enough. Staying merry at Christmas is all about getting your needs met and the only way to do that is to honour yourself and do it for yourself.

The angels agreed and the quarantine stands… at least for today.

If you would like to know how the Power Sphere meditation works you full access to it as a Seeker member and you can join for FREE here.

More later… x


Consciously Emptying The Sacred Chalice – A Lesson In Wellness

My posts have been a little haphazard and Ad hoc the last couple of weeks having been thrown into an uncomfortable situation where home has become an uncertain future, flowers don’t enjoy being uprooted. Whilst that stress continues though, I have been consciously emptying the sacred chalice, my metaphorical Grail cup, and so this then has become for me a lesson in wellness.

Let me paint a little picture for you… I’m writing this whilst wrapped up in bed having come down with some lurg or other and feeling a little bit grotty, knowing full well that my levels of stress over the last couple of weeks have depleted my immunity and my natural resilience to microscopic airborne assailants rendering me susceptible to this current virus… but the worst thing is knowing I got there consciously, knowingly, giving it full permission.

Why would anybody consciously empty the sacred chalice?

Principle 6: I AM Self-Full is multifaceted but it’s primary duty is taking care of one’s physical needs and well-being… when stressful situations arise and we launch into a natural tendency towards crisis management, we often forget that our primary home is the body we live in and its needs become secondary to whatever else it is we are prioritising.

When I say consciously, what I mean is that at a regular points during the on going drama, I have spoken out loud to friends and loved ones, “I need to stop eating crap,” “my muscles are in knots,” and a flurry of other acknowledgements to my growing discomfort and self neglect, but no sooner had the issue been recognised and acknowledged than I had substituted a fast fix that I knew would get me past the immediate need but ultimately put me in this bed!

So early this week I wrote about “Just One Thing.” I’m adding this as an appendix: “…but not at the expense of your health.”

Principle 6, Things to remember:

  • Self-Full means eating nutritious, life enhancing foods (lay off the starch, fat and sugar).
  • Self-Full means regulating sleep patterns (not surfing property listings at 3am).
  • Self-Full means exercising (especially if you need to burn off stress hormones) gentle yoga or tai chi will help you relax too.
  • Self-Full means meditation to clear your mind (not over thinking and second guessing).
  • Self-Full means asking for help when you need it (and being open to offers).
  • Self-Full means joyfully acknowledging life as an adventure (even the scary bits) so love it!

I can honestly say that being unwell has given me an excuse to let go of all the stress and striving and just take care of me, but the tragic thing is that I didn’t need an excuse and I didn’t need to make myself sick to get there.

Dump the stress now, all is exactly as it should be.

I’m off now to set my Grail cup back upon its base and begin to refill it. Isn’t it nice to know that those who teach are human and f**k it up too? (Principle 3).

More later… x