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The Priestess And The Thundermaker

The last few days as I’ve been contemplating last weekend’s oracle, I’ve been reminded of an old story, of which a re-imagined version: The Priestess And The Thundermaker I would like to share with you now.

Once upon a fairy tale, in a forest alive with whispers from the various magical beings, was a woman, openly accepting of all manner of life and its divine right to be. To some she was the Oracle, to whom they would gravitate in times of both great need and of great abundance… the first they would ask and the first they would tell. In humility she gave of her best, opening their hearts and minds to the possibilities that already existed within them, that they may go and create the forest anew for the highest good of all with their newly remembered innate power.

The place where this Priestess resided within the forest was a simple dwelling, door always open but protected by a force field of pure love and light. It was long since prophesied that one day would come a storm, a storm so intense that the force field would be charged by lightening and grow to encompass the whole forest and even the world beyond. Some believed, some became weary at the centuries that had passed by, but all knew of the prophesy.

Just beyond the boarders of the forest lived a Shaman, a powerful co-creator with the magical forces of manifestation. Some called him a healer of enormous skill, a wanderer, a shapeshifter, but all respected his wisdom regardless that they sometimes feared his apparent power.

The Shaman had for many moons witnessed through the whispers of the forest, the power of the Priestess, and was aware also from his connection to all that there is, that the oncoming storm was prophesied. Unlike the rest of the forest he along with the Priestess understood that in order for the perfect storm to arise the timing must coincide with the coming together of the creative and the receptive, the masculine and the feminine, the yang must meet the yin for the force field to be struck and explode to encompass all life, all love.

Now nobody really knows the reason for the next part of the story but here goes… Having returned from his wanderings the Shaman had gathered that the Priestess had found peace, no longer waiting for the perfect storm, expecting that it would arrive in its own time in a format that even she, a powerful seer, could not anticipate. This disturbed him, we don’t know why, perhaps the whispering had always inspired him and helped to propel his own work in the world beyond the magical forest. His motives unclear, his actions were evident…

At the edge of the forest was the cave of echoes. He rested here sometimes and knew of its acoustic healing properties. He set to work inside the cave creating crashes and bangs and as much noise as he could, knowing the echoes would rumble through and around the forest for all to hear but especially for the Priestess… an omen? The coming storm? Would this be the time of great illumination, the time where lightening would finally strike and love flow over the whole world?

Each time the Shaman had returned in the past, the thunder would commence. Though the inhabitants of the forest believed in the prophesy as a literal storm, the Priestess knew that its symbolic nature was more likely… the day The Thundermaker stopped crashing and banging around the cave and stepped foot inside the forest, illumination would come, lightening would metaphorically strike and the combined alchemy of The Priestess and The Shaman, the cooperative creative power of Yin and Yang, shadow and light, would encompass the known world in an outpouring of love.

But she had heard the thunder before, so many times had the rumble resonated through her magical land… and she couldn’t see clearly past the dark clouds of experience to know if this clatter was the annunciation of the arrival of the storm or simply an unspecified attempt by the Shaman to remind the forest of his existence.

The universe asked that she suspend disbelief and stay open to the possibility of a miracle…

They say lightening never strikes twice. In the forest, until now, lightening simply never strikes… but the universe knows she has always remained open to the possibilities.

Yes I know I just played with The Boy Who Cried Wolf but it’s such a beautiful depiction of my point.

I hope you enjoyed it. Stay open. There may be weather just up ahead.

Principles 2, 3, 4 & 7

More later… x

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Saturday Oracle – Vindication Of A Priestess

Intuition is a tricky business, especially when it comes to prophesy and destiny but this week what you have always known to be the truth will finally show signs of coming to pass.

Principle 4: I AM Truth, finds itself matched with the violet higher wisdom centre of the crown chakra in this week’s combination, heralding the uncovering of a loosely-cloaked secret which you have for some time, possibly even years, suspected.

Like the High Priestess in the tarot, this combination is promoting the intuitive side and even the defiance of logic and reason, meaning that your inner truth or a higher truth-as-yet-unrealised, that was long since given to you by spirit, perhaps by way of a dream or powerful inner guidance, the truth which you vehemently remained committed to even when all outward signs showed the contrary and all others lost faith in your vision and fell by the wayside, is about to be rewarded with evidence of blossoming.

This week is not about new intuition or psychic revelation, it is about the realisation of past Divine promises… the vindication of a priestess (or priest of course).

Divination, prophesy, destiny as I said, are somewhat ephemeral and so don’t expect the reality to play out like a carbon copy of what you originally predicted. This is in fact a good thing. Time has rolled on and energy has been gathering around this manifestation since it was first born as a ghost of an inclination whispered to you by the Great Cosmic Presence. You’ve been adding to and moulding its inception without understanding the physics behind the phenomenon of the observer causing the outcome simply by observing, piling your expectations into the creative mix which all have a co-creative effect.

Behind a precariously draped metaphorical curtain is the still-unfolding result of this long held vision… and this week the curtain will fall… at least partially.

What should you do?

More prophecies have been intuited in the age since this one, this is only the beginning. The true High Priestess is the passive feminine energy of the cosmos and so you mustn’t cajole or force the curtain, gravity will do that… but when the time comes to act, you must be ready to jump in and flow, fully understanding that all prophesy is self-fulfilling and that Destiny requires your participation in order to come about.

On that note, ask yourself this: Do we have free will? And moreover, are we manipulating Destiny or is Destiny manipulating us? Baring in mind the universe whispered the dream to you in the first place… (or did your soul-self whisper the dream to the universe which responded by telling the conscious you what it had heard)?

Don’t waste too much time on this chicken and egg conundrum, instead feel blessed that you were right all along.

Understand The Wholly Grail’s Principles here to begin your empowerment journey.

More next week… x

Saturday Oracle – The Storyteller’s Spell

I’ve agonized over whether or not to post the group oracle this week as events have compromised my work in the last few days but as the first card in this combination recommends, I AM Detached.

This week’s pairing brings together Principle 2 with the currently trending indigo brow chakra forming a powerful pull towards an old storyline.

Self fulfilling prophesy is a significant danger in the next few days as we revisit the patterns of the past that we had worked so hard to break free of. The Storyteller’s spell is an enchantment that we weave every time we repeat the pattern or speak of it, rehashing the old emotion and the associated wounds into new forms and faces with a familiar end game: a wheel of repetition.

When the 3rd eye or brow chakra is subjected to the same old movie running the same old script, it finds ways in the external world to have them play out… The Law of Attraction showing up for you exactly the way your mind prescribes it.

Principle 2: I AM Detached is the saving grace here, as is the purpose of each of the Principles of The Wholly Grail, by following the guidance of the defining Principle you have the power to break free from what seems like overwhelming odds to choose something different. Detachment is the art of separating yourself from a past you cannot change and a future that is not yet written, reinstating the power here in the present moment to create a different mental movie of a positive prophesy.

Look for areas of your life that throw up familiar challenges, people who push the same buttons and relationships with a “let’s go round again” feel to them. It would also be advantageous to monitor your thoughts for a while and see where you are placing your attention and worrying over details and outcomes, and then replace them with positive prayer and affirmations.

Call on Archangel Zadkiel this week to help you get the message once and for all where you have been learning through repetition in order to break the cycle, and also to ask for him to bring violet flame energy to transmute negative situations. Archangel Raphael to cleanse the 3rd eye chakra and heal unhealthy habits and addictions, and Archangel Raguel to mediate an therefore heal any conflicts that keep coming up for you.

Keep your chin up until next time… x

Proof of Purpose

Grail Oracle 2Grail Oracle Indigo

Just a few short weeks ago we saw this combination in The Momentary Mirage when our attention was being drawn to a longed for dream and the glimpse of the joy it might bring. This week Principle 2: I AM Detached, teams up with the intense indigo of the brow or 3rd eye chakra once again to reassert your priority of action needed to set that dream in motion.

You may feel a resurfacing of optimism with regards to a project or plan over the next few days and along with it a sense of urgency. It’s essential that you stay grounded and focus on the practical steps you can take, actioning each one at the optimum time even if at present you don’t see how to bring your plan into the light . There may be a tendency to panic and flap about aimlessly due to the overwhelming feeling of a looming deadline and that there are still missing pieces that you don’t yet understand, but be assured that though the cherished dream still appears out of reach, the steps you take today will place you in a position of readiness for when that miracle takes place. Now is good time to utilise the full moon energy combined with the summer solstice (both due on Monday), one of the pivot points of the year, to catapult you towards success.

Ask yourself: if your dream happened today what would you need to do, be and have in place?  Are you prepared, physically, emotionally, environmentally? Is your health at optimum levels to take full advantage of the joyous celebration that is to come and so that you are capable of doing your part? Have you made space in your home, life, schedule and even in your heart?

Because this energy curve is pushing you to stop procrastinating, you must have a clear picture of the goal in mind and you must not under any circumstances get caught up in trying to decipher the parts of the puzzle you cannot control, that’s what it means to stay detached from the outcome. It isn’t that you don’t care about how or when the dream comes to fruition, it is simply that you are surrendering control to a higher power so that you can focus your entire will upon the part that you must play now.

This wake-up call is Proof of Purpose… understand that this is not just a dream, it’s a Divine mission. Your soul’s yearning is pulling you towards a pre-written destiny that only God truly understands and the urge to fulfil that desire is what drives you… drives you forward, drives you on and even drives you mad.

You’ve got work to do… something’s coming and it’s what you’ve been waiting for… the goal beyond the goal, the grand prize… if you aren’t ready it will walk on by.

No pressure.

More next week… x


The Momentary Mirage

Grail Oracle 2Grail Oracle Indigo

Just for a brief moment in time you may have caught a glimspe of life the way you want it…

Last week’s oracle delivered you a taste of the sense of peace and fulfilment that only The Wholly Grail can offer. It placed you firmly in the flow of the universal current of abundance and all manner of synchronicities aligned to give you reason to hope… actually beyond hope: you had complete faith…

That feeling was the glimpse I’m talking about.

The Momentary Mirage is a combination of Principle 2: I AM Detached and the indigo energy of the 3rd Eye Chakra, the chakra of prophecy. There is a slight paradox here, in as much as prophecy projects forward to foretell a future event and yet detachment requires being present in the now. If you cannot view the potential event without being overly attached to the outcome then you will almost certainly be lost in your own disappointment believing that the mirage was nothing more than a fantasy with no real substance and your proverbial Grail Cup will succumb to being tipped up and emptied out. If on the other hand you take that glimpse of your perfect life, combine it with the feeling you had when you absolutely knew it was on its way, the feeling of utter contentment, no, actual elation, and then open your heart to it arriving in its own time, then you will be a generator for the law of attraction and absolutely nothing can stop your dream from becoming a reality in absolutely no time at all.

When The Momentary Mirage shows up for you know that it is a powerful portent for an amazing opportunity to embrace your God-given power to co-create the best outcome for all involved… after all, if you cant see it how will you know what to aim for?

Take a moment to re-set your Grail right way up and re-envision the outcome you wish to see… and now relax: it’s already on its way.

More next week… x