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Weekly Oracle – Barefaced And Brazen

This week’s combination brings us a double whammy, when the truth of who you are is expressed barefaced and brazen with no holds barred and no inhibitions about the judgments you may be subjected to in return.

The sheer personal power present in this combination propels you towards a “Fuck it! This is me!” move towards liberation.

Principle 4: I AM Truth, asks where in your life you are restricted or controlled by the opinions of others that do not actually resonate with your own beliefs. It asks you to stop and consider what ideas, patterns and behaviours you have unconsciously adopted about your world, your place in it and how you should think, speak and behave in order to conform to the socially accepted standard of what’s deemed normal.

When we dress that energy up in the royal blue of the throat chakra, you cannot help but speak out against this type of personal oppression that you have inadvertently fallen prey to.

You may find that for a long time now you have asking yourself what is true for you and what is, at the core of your being, the genuine article… when the energy of this duo comes up its a sign that you are beginning to assimilate the answers and no longer willing to contribute to the illusion by pretending.

This week then, be prepared to speak your truth no matter how raw, how unpopular, no matter who it offends and whose reality is shaken by your bravery. Remember though, this is not about your opinions about others. This is not an opportunity to demean or belittle those in your orbit, it is a declaration of personal truth, about you, your expectations your ideas, desires, and non-negotiable principles, your boundaries and your intentions… it is a self-expressed rebranding of who you appear to be, bringing appearances into alignment with both your light and your shadow.

Yes, some people will freak out. Yes, some people will fall away. Yes, some people will attempt to put you back in your box… No, it doesn’t have to dictate your next move. Barefaced and brazen simply means without a mask and uninhibited.

Be prepared to be you, no matter what.

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More next week… x

Weekly Oracle – You Can’t Ignore It Now

You can keep ignoring that still small voice inside until it becomes a scream or an undeniable truth… and you can’t ignore it now.

Divine guidance comes to us in many ways, often as just an idea or fleeting inspiration, but when it does it can ignite a spark within that soon becomes a raging fire and with that fire the momentum of manifestation begins to gain pace…

Principle 4: I AM Truth joins forces with the vibrant yellow solar plexus chakra this week where the seat of our personal power is housed. The ego, or “fearful voice” may have had you second guessing what your heart knew to be true for a million different reasons up until this point: fear of being different, fear of being judged, fear of being wrong etc etc, but you have reached a point where you are being asked to risk being seen minus the mask.

Individualisation is a pretty scary concept when it means potentially stepping away from what is expected, and most of us (those reading this anyway) like to think that we stand out from the crowd and do our own thing, but in reality we just joined a different crowd with a different set of rules and criteria for membership… but essentially still a framework for civilized relating. What if this crowd doesn’t like you to upset the apple cart either? What if this crowd doesn’t like your face, your message or your mess? 

What if you were brave enough to say “This is who I am” without feeling the urge to conform?

As this week progresses don’t be surprised if the truth of who you are, how you feel or what you think comes splurging out from its hiding place in one big beautiful chaotic avalanche that cannot be suppressed any longer, or indeed if you are faced with the truth of another that they kept cleverly hidden for such a long time.

When all said and done, you probably weren’t fooling anybody anyway.

Mercury has gone direct, it’s time to get the truth out in the open… you can’t ignore it now.

More later… x

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Weekly Oracle – Nothing You Can Say

The truth is an amazing thing, they say it’s sets you free (whoever they might be), but what about when you are so afraid of being judged for it? What about when your level of self-criticism is so ingrained that you whole-heartedly believe that your truth, your secret, is so abhorrent to you that others must also deem it so… and not only that but ostracize you as a result?

Now what if I told you that there is nothing you can say that cannot be forgiven?

This weeks combination of Principle 3: I AM Human, and the royal blue of the throat chakra suggests the revelation of hidden truths that you some level of shame about.

Don’t panic! It is far more likely that you are the one opening up about your hidden truth by making some form of confession as opposed to the skeleton leaping out of the closet uninvited.

As afraid as you might feel of revealing this vulnerable part of yourself or your story, it’s quite possible that the unconditional outpouring of love and understanding you receive in response will have you recalibrating your internal dialog and beliefs about how good or bad you thought you were.

Of course none of this episode should be forgotten… shame, guilt and blame are debilitating thought patterns that have only served to crush your spirit and rob you of your light… The truth is the light shining in the darkness and key to healing. Make amends if you feel you are able, apologise if there is an opportunity or someone else was hurt, but more importantly than that: don’t repeat the mistake.

Freedom from all those lower feelings and vibrations is the primary purpose of the exercise but in order to benefit from that you must forgive yourself first.

So this week, if you are presented with the opportunity to fess-up and set the record straight then take it as a sign from the universe that the greatest gift has been bestowed upon you and know that regardless of who you are and what you think you’ve done, you deserve love and you are loved.

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More next week folks… x



Weekly Oracle – The Truth Will Set You Free

It seems that Principle 5: I AM Liberated is incredibly active in our vibrations at present, offering up an image of many of us attempting to break the chain’s of the past in order to live free of restraint and fully embrace life’s sweetness. This week the truth will set you free.

Principle 5 is teaming up with the royal blue throat chakra indicating important communication that jolts loose those shackles of history and allows for forward movement in whatever endeavour you may be currently stuck.

But what is truth?

Unlike Principle 4: I AM Truth, which indicates your personal truth based on your level of understanding and experience and varies from individual to individual, the truth indicated here by the throat chakra is promising that what has been hidden will be revealed. Misconceptions are about to be overturned, wrongs righted, epiphanies and revelations brought into the light and most of all justice dealt… that sounds a little bit Dredd but not so… justice is simply the balancing of karma and though there is always the possibility that the truth may hurt, this week has the underlying feeling of sweet release and peace being restored.

Though temporary upheaval may be on the cards whilst you process the incoming information, the outcome feels like relief.

It’s just as possible that you may hold the keys to your own shackles and that by speaking up about something you have kept hidden, your skeleton in the closet can final have proper burial. Alternatively someone else may be about to confide in you their secret that has for so long kept a rift between you when the knowing of it might well have united you all along, or at least brought healing to all involved.

The release of unfounded guilt, shame, and inadequacy are potential gifts of this week as someone gets to stop beating themselves up at last, realising that the burden they were carrying was made heavy by the fact they felt they had to keep it hidden and was actually no big thing.

I sincerely wish you a week where the truth will set you free… x

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Saturday Oracle – To Stake A Claim

Ownership is at the forefront of The Intuitive Chalice Oracle’s combination for this week as Principle 5: I AM Liberated grabs a hold of the royal blue throat chakra…

But what exactly is ownership?

Traditionally when this Principle shows up its a warning against material attachments and the price you end up paying to maintain them, but ownership extends beyond “things.” What If ownership is more to do with vocalising who you are, what you want, and what your expectations are? What if ownership was about saying out loud: “This is me, this is who I am, this is all that there is… if you want it take it, if you don’t then stay the f**k out of my face because you need my permission to take a piece of me!”

Sounds aggressive I know but it’s actually a phrase that I first said aloud over 20 years ago when I realised who I AM is enough.

So what if this combination is the ultimate in owning who you are?

The energy of course has a flip side, in this case that would be someone else’s powerful words being used to stake a claim over you or anything that is yours. Not so comfortable a feeling, eh?

As this week moves ahead and we embrace the full moon energy in Libra, the sign of balance and fairness, sharing and relationships, it’s worth taking the time to assess what it is exactly that you are staking a claim to… if it’s your own power, divinity and creativity then you’re activating the positive energy available here, if however your words seek to enslave, entrap, belittle or in any way diminish another, then the negative traits of ownership are already beginning to take a hold… seek a win/win scenario in all your interactions.

You have the power now to be all you can be… own it.

You also have the power now to free others… if it isn’t yours, release it.

More next week… x