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August’s oracle – The Confidence to Grow

August’s Oracle – The Confidence to Grow, describes this combination from the Intuitive Chalice Oracle, which coincides with the launch of my new book, “Self-Full Living Workbook.” Strange then that it speaks to the confidence needed to be real in the face of potential praise or indeed criticism, the opposite ends of the spectrum when allowing yourself to be seen.

Principle 2: I AM Detached, keeps us fully present with what is. This is especially true for the tendency to project your expectations into the future or haul your experiences from the past, but there is also a lateral tendency the interlocks with Principle 4: I AM truth. This brings our focus back from attaching to other peoples potential reactions.

Detachment is the art of letting go of what you cannot control, with grace and with humility. Combine that with the vivid yellow of the Solar Plexus, aka the seat of personal power, you are led to the confidence to grow into whatever life’s next adventure might be.

Time moves in a linear fashion for us humans, and that straight line means that whatever you just did is already in the past. Now is a good time to honour your acheivement, of having completed it, learned from it, had fun with it, grown as a result of it… and then let it go to establish a life of it’s own, one where your happiness, confidence and wellbeing are neither dependent on it nor defined by it.

Let your next step be the one that inspires you and fills you with joy and excitement. Let your last step be the learning you needed to keep growing beyond what has been possible so far. There is no limit to your potential other than the limit you place on yourself… make sure you do not let your lateral and temporal vision distract you from the purpose of your endeavors, or your potential to be a guiding light for others who may well be following along your path.

You’re allowed to SHINE!

Jo x

Tap Into The Wisdom Within

Life speeds up and slows down according to Divine Will. Just because you think you are ready for something to happen doesn’t mean the universe is ready to proceed yet. All pieces must come into alignment for the next phase of the adventure to be unlocked, rather like a video game that requires you to complete all tasks at any stage before the door opens to a new game level. You must tap into the wisdom within to discern what is left undone before you may pass through the gates and receive this particular game badge.

I’ve been contemplating how to complete this current level (of the game of life) for a while now, knowing full well that certain things hold us back whilst others are propelling us forward. That feels very much like two tractors pulling you in opposite directions and you getting really muddied up in the middle to boot. The essence of the mud is the unfinished business still lurking around and more importantly the lessons and the blessings that must be extracted from it. Again, this is where you must tap into the wisdom within to see what, on the surface, you are apparently missing.

This moment holds information and within that information is the key to transformative magic. How do you extract that key though, if you are distracted by the “what was” tractor and the “what might be” tractor? The two ropes attaching you to them are illusory and you can just as easily let go of both and explore the depth and beauty of the mud you are stuck in.

Ask your inner wisdom:

  • What can I affect here?
  • What requires my attention?
  • Where can I be more allowing or accepting?
  • What can I offer to this moment?

Instead of looking at it from the A to B perspective and how you might progress, try approaching this very moment from a mindset of how to put in the maximum possible effort to extract the maximum exquisite magic…

That’s the essence of Grail wisdom… what you put in, you get out.

Principle 2: I AM Detached will help you explore this moment without focus on the next and Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted will instruct you in the art of giving and receiving in equal measure…

If you want to understand the intricacies of Divine Will and the timing involved in your personal evolution, then Principle 1: I AM God, will remind you that you are Divine Will and when you tap into the wisdom within there is no question that you are in the right place at the right time for the right things to happen.

You may as well enjoy the mud bath!

More later… x

Weekly Oracle – Predetermined Prose

There’s an element of expectation about this week that may have you racing ahead of yourself and perhaps even tying yourself up in knots to boot.

Don’t get me wrong the message coming in indicated by the royal blue of the throat chakra feels like a really positive one but when you connect it to Principle 2: I AM Detached, then you are somehow writing the story of how the communication will go before it actually happens, like predetermined prose.

Racing ahead like this, in your mind anyway, is a recipe for disappointment at the least and disaster at the worst simply because you close your mind to listening and to understanding when you have already made up your mind what another wants to say.

There is another energy that follows on from that that feels very congruent with the energy of the new moon we have just experienced… when an incoming message does arrive in whatever form, there may well be a tendency then to begin creating drama within about how it changes things. Planning for the future is one thing but screwing yourself up in what ifs is quite another.

Understand that the information coming in now, from the universe via inspired thought or from others via more tangible methods of interaction, is timed perfectly for the next level of your evolution. You are already preparing for the shifts that are happening, not in a contrived way, just simply by placing one foot in front of the other and doing the task directly ahead of you. Source doesn’t always announce His plans for your next adventure, sometimes He just sets you lightly on the path… that’s what the slipstream towards your miracles really is.

My advice this week is to get grounded and remain open to news, but don’t assume you know what it will be… and once it arrives, being grounded means you can receive it properly and act on the evidence presented rather than the stuff you have made up in your story about how all this is going to turn out…

It could be so much better than what you currently have the capacity to imagine anyway.

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out this week’s Dragon Reading (available from Saturday evening) here.

More later… x

Weekly Oracle – The Invisible Is Invincible

It’s feeling like an incoming “9 of Swords” kind of week, where you are tying yourself up in knots battling invisible demons, and you should know by now that the invisible is invincible.

The 9 of Swords is a tarot card that describes worry, anxiety and even nightmares brought on by our own fears and ‘catastrophic’ thought patterns being blown out of all proportion… you can learn more about the incoming storm over on my Priestess In Practice page (until the new moon eclipse) …but what does that have to do with this Grail combination?

The Solar Plexus is the chakra that handles digestion in all forms, that includes not only the food we take in but also the information and energy. Imagine if you will that this energy centre works a bit like a parking sensor on a vehicle, extending its range out through 360 degrees to see what’s happening in your environment and giving you an early warning of anything you could potentially crash into or what might crash into you so to speak. Because of the range of this sensor you may be aware on a very subtle level of trouble brewing out in your existential or environmental surroundings but there is no evidence in your day to day reality so your mind starts taking over and makes shit up! Chances are its happening but it’s happening to someone else you are connected to and isn’t likely to touch you other than to bear witness. Empathy is a blessing but can be a curse if you have no clue how to be dispassionate about what is occurring.

Principle 6: I AM Self-Full... it does what it says on the tin: deals with fulfilling the needs of the Self. Anxiety and worry can be so energy draining and all-consuming that your proverbial cup empties and you scatter your vital resources all over the place. What’s interesting is that when Principle 6 shows up in a diagnostic reading it refers directly to your health and the solar plexus to diet and nutrition, so this combination is also a warning that whilst you are focused on battling the invisible demons on the outside of your energetic perimeter, you are also succumbing to your inner demons of addiction, overindulgence and dietary self-abuse.

Stress is very often met with addiction and any number of methods of drowning out the feelings or attempting to control the uncontrollable… like I said, the invisible is invincible.

Top tips for this week then:

  • Focus only on what’s happening in front of you
  • Concern yourself with only what’s yours to carry
  • Get out of your head and out of denial
  • Plan your nutritional intake, shop for it and stick to it
  • Ditch the toxins you’re consuming (physically & energetically)
  • Practice mindfulness by embracing Principle 2
  • Don’t be afraid of your feelings (they are messages from spirit)
  • Meditate, oxygenate (breathe) and exercise to reduce anxiety
  • Step away from all drama and those who bring it
  • Give what you cannot control to Source and the angels.

Remember that you become the invincible one when you place your energy squarely in the light and decide your outcome. When you journey into the realm of the invisible you have no substance or power there… but you lose power here too when you aren’t present and centred in your body, you become a spectator and eventually a victim of the ultimate 10 of Swords experience, also known as rock bottom (The Sacred Chalice in its negative form). Let’s take control, bypass this outcome and go straight back to the ace… clarity, understanding, everything into the light where shadows dissolve and positive action can be taken. In other words: when a butterfly sets off your parking sensor, don’t jump out of your vehicle, leaving the doors wide open to chase after it… you will never catch it and when you return to the vehicle you will find it ransacked, filled with unwelcome guests or burnt out completely!

The storm will pass, don’t let it take your health with it.

More next week… x



Saturday Oracle – All Feelings Aside

Tina Turner said it best when she declared “What’s love got to do with it?” That seems to be where we are this week as the combination of Principle 2: I AM Detached with the emerald green heart chakra requires of us to put all feelings aside.

The answer to Tina’s question is in fact “everything,” but this is the kind of love that has no attachments and no expectations.

Putting one’s feelings aside in order to transcend the obstacles and historical baggage that has thus far prevented you from reaching the highest potential for a situation is paramount this week to open up doorways and provide new energy to important ideas.

The heart chakra when fully open allows love as an energy to flow through unimpeded and without strings attached, but the human heart is also capable of holding onto so much pain, heartbreak and memory that it shields itself quite understandably from further emotional damage. This memory of what was takes a person back to the very moment of the wounding and causes one to relive it over and over again, keeping it fresh and alive… it has many names: resentment, holding a grudge etc, all of which are examples of closing your heart but further than that they are examples of ignoring Principle 2, living in the present moment with what is, not what was or the potential of what might be. Applying the following Principle 3: I AM Human, the part of The Wholly Grail that deals with forgiveness, is often a process that requires more time,  reassurance and even proof when we stay with past occurrences and transgressions, keeping them alive in our current energetic experience.

This week then holds a portal open for an incoming opportunity that requires you to cast aside your feelings and apply a dispassionate approach that works to everyone’s benefit, but it also has a healing aspect of applying an innocent mind (and heart) to all interactions and relationships. Drop any suspicious tendencies and allow circumstances to play out as they will and others to show you there true intentions in the now. That’s not to say you should put yourself in obvious danger or take any unnecessary risks… but the truth is that love from a transpersonal standpoint, doesn’t have to have any. Wonderful alliances can be formed this week when you put all feelings aside.

More next week… x

Conscious Connection Part 1 – In My Wholeness

Let’s face it, relationships are the whole point of the ride and unless you are a seasoned hermit ensconced high upon a mountain and well provided for by self-sufficient means, your entire life is made up of various forms of connection, conscious or otherwise.

The next few posts are focused on how you might apply the Principles of The Wholly Grail to your current and future interactions to transform the quality of relating to a conscious level where all parties involved thrive from the balance attained. It takes commitment, self-knowledge and incredible will to move beyond where you are to a new way of relating if you are not already consciously connecting, but hang on in there, the rewards can be truly fulfilling.

Principle 1. Meet me in my wholeness. Honour me as the divine being that I am.

How you currently see the ‘other’ in your relationship is key to creating balance, respect and even reverence. If each partner was able to see God in the other and a genuine desire serve God existed within the framework of their spiritual make up, then the greatest care would be taken at every interaction. Imagine for a moment entering a sacred temple where a divine being was enshrined. The smell of incense wafting through the air, an ocean of floral tributes strewn upon the altar… in what state do you enter? Calmly? Serenely? In awe? Definitely with respect and reverence, right? Chances are that divine being is a statue dedicated to a saint or enlightened one… The significant other in your relationship isn’t an effigy but a living, breathing embodiment of Source energy, does that not deserve a higher degree of reverence?

Before you can begin to grasp the significance of how you honour another, you must first recognise that you too are that same divine essence and worthy of reverence and respect. The phrase “meet me in my wholeness” requires that you embrace your own God-self, understanding that you hold the key to how others treat you. You set the standard of what is and is not acceptable to you. Setting and enforcing boundaries and expectations should be done gently and with the care afforded to a child in the process of learning a new skill or lesson and reaffirmed with your every action. Letting something slide is teaching the other that you do not respect your own divinity but overreacting and lashing out is also denying your own power by feeling you need to ‘fight’ for it rather than simply standing in it.

Nobody’s divinity is more or less than anyone else’s. Combine reverence with humility.

Principle 2. Meet me as I am in this moment. Who you once perceived me to be and who you project I may become do not exist in reality.

This is powerful stuff so take a second to read that last statement again… Meet me as I am in this moment, Wow!

How many times have you made assumptions about someone based on an old outdated set of criteria? Based on the opinions of another’s past experience or of one interaction that didn’t go according to expectations?  How much does history dictate the way you show up in a relationship? Every encounter with a partner, no matter how long the relationship has been in play has the potential to be a completely new experience. Let the baggage go and enter the next chapter with fresh eyes, as an observer of what is.

History is only one element of expectation. In order to meet anyone as they are in this moment you have to let go of any agenda of what you believe they may become. If you you meet that guy and think “I can change him, he just needs my guidance on social etiquette and slight wardrobe adjustment,” then you’re not seeing who he is. If you are seeing that girl and imagining what she’d look like if she shed a few pounds and dyed her hair blonde, then you are projecting an unreal potential onto her that has nothing to do with who she is. Acknowledge and accept what is before you without judgment and without wanting to change it and you are already beginning to create a conscious connection.

I hope that’s given you food for thought until the next post but if you want Personal Grail Guidance on Conscious Connection then check out my Valentine Offer available to the end of February here.

More later… x

Flowing Towards What’s Growing

Each morning and evening, when I wake and before I go to sleep, I journal. Nothing extensive, just a few lines of thoughts, feelings, experiences and a prayer. This sacred act helps bring clarity and focus, relieves repetitive thought and ensures any suppressed issues are brought into the light… in short its a healing process that forms part of my Self-Full routine and one I’d highly recommend to anyone.

As I picked up my journal today I caught sight of a short entry from last week that made me smile… it simply read: “Dear God, please protect my happy bubble!”

What a wonderful image to portray in words.

The reference sought to acknowledge the fragility of joy within a mind that is habituated to stress through years of looking too far forward and too far back. I tell myself that comes with the territory of an intuitive, prophecy is rarely based in the now and that of course is where my happy bubble exists.

God’s answer came in very quickly the day I wrote it with the overwhelming internal message “How can I protect you from yourself… when you won’t let Me?” That’s what made me smile. When the insight becomes tangible for you that you are all powerful when it comes to the choice of presence. When you understand that the sharp edges that threaten your happy bubble are the metaphorical knives and arrows of your own thoughts and that you have the free will to transform “if, but and maybe” into moment to moment “flowing towards what’s growing,” then happy becomes less of a gamble and transforms into a natural friend that stands with you regardless of the external twists and turns that penetrate the outer veil when the universe wants to ramp up the story a notch.

Principle 2: I AM Detached is my happy bubble. If I want God to protect it, then I have to put down the knives!

More later… x

P.S. if you want to find your happy bubble through deep spiritual practice then you could do worse than to check out my brand new ascension training: The Path of Petals commencing early March.

The Real Treasures

Winter Solstice Blessings to you all.

In my last post I asked that you join me today in sending more love out into the world, you can read that via the archive but today let’s also concentrate on loving what’s present in our lives.

Principle 2: I AM Detached asks that you focus not in the past or in the future, but in the present and on what is. The winter solstice is the longest night of the year wrapped up in the stress of the Christmas season, when blessings are sometimes hardest to see and easiest to overlook… but not if you focus on the real treasures present in your experience.

Family, friends, health, home… love, that’s the key to everything. There may be a million things that you want and are actively striving for but just for now, settle down to accept and appreciate where you are, what you have and who you are sharing it with.

Keep the light in your heart until it returns to the world. In the deep midwinter let us all become beacons of hope, gratitude and grace that set the example for the rest to follow.

Blessings Abound x

Saturday Oracle – Calling The Control Tower

Grail Oracle 2Grail Oracle Orange

Anxiety levels are on the rise and its not just because of the impending holidays…

Since Last Tuesday’s new moon I have been in contact with numerous people who have been overcome with an intense stress energy that is apparently set to lead us into this coming week.

When Principle 2: I AM Detached meets the overly fizzy orange of the sacral chakra, the central nervous system becomes frazzled by the onslaught of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenalin pushing us into high alert and depleting vital resources and coping skills.

About two years ago I was suffering from an eye injury compounded by my body misinterpreting the threat and undertaking the task of attacking itself instead of the problem. In danger of losing my sight, that meant I had to take massive doses of steroids to suppress my immune response for an extended amount of time. Steroids are basically pharmacological versions of those stress hormones I mentioned earlier… The result was terrifying.

For several months I felt as though I had fractured my own mind, watching an internal battle play out between the different aspects of self over the most basic decisions like whether or not it was a good idea to make a cup of tea and partake of the beverage after 9.30 pm… not exactly a life threatening choice but enough that I began to panic as one version of me argued for and one argued against all the while the sane higher self was desperately trying to get them to listen to reason in that it made no difference whatsoever… my lovely mum eventually settled the argument via the phone, like landing a unmanned airplane remotely from the control tower.

It sounds funny now but the blind panic, shaking, surging anxiety and feeling of being out of control of even the most basic things is a very frightening experience.

In the last few days, these feelings, to a much lesser degree have begun to surface… luckily, being many months now free of prescription pharmaceutical aid (both eyeballs intact), the road to recovery is much less frightening and at least now recognisable without calling the control tower!

Imagine my surprise though when others started reporting in similar symptoms…

Here’s the thing, 2016 has been a year of clearing, literally letting go of the old, of endings. The New Moon, reported to be bringing love and abundance was a magical doorway highlighting the residue of the years work and reminding you that constant letting go causes perforations in the subtle bodies making you extra sensitive to both internal shifts and external manipulation.

Staying present is the most effective method of survival through this short-term flux. Your mind is your enemy during times of stress… your body is your friend… mindfulness is key. Focus on your breath, relaxing each muscle group in order, let go of anywhere you are holding tension and avoid asking why, acknowledging what’s happening during a panic attack is often enough to release its grip. Be very gentle with yourself this week avoid high stress environments and people, and use the age old mantra: this too shall pass.

Back next week… x

Freak-Out Dance Routine

There comes a moment in time where the urgency passes and the fear subsidies making way for a new wave of positive and progressive energy. Rationally, you understand that the possibility of recurrence exists but when grace descends and forms a bubble of joy around you, that possibility becomes a hazy half forgotten dream that you can choose to either focus on and allow to come sharply into focus or you can allow to slip away into the midst of the other dark shapeless forms that dwell beyond the bubble.

This week will go down in history… but then so will every other week. What’s done is done and this is where we are. I don’t know about you but where I am right now is pretty significant as far as the journey goes, significant because this is the only place that matters… right here, right now.

I remember back about 18 years ago I shared a flat with a friend who was a morning person (I had no idea until then that such people even existed), but she had this habit of waking me up in the morning by making me do a full on freak-out dance routine to “Right Here, Right Now” (was that Fatboy Slim? I can’t remember), anyway needless to say, that’s all there is… and when the sun came up this morning on another blessed day, I remembered to be present with what is now… and then I did a freak-out dance routine around the kitchen to something equally as rousing!

The point being that the sun did come up. No matter how shit it appears to be at any one time, sooner or later that despair will transform, if you allow it to, into acceptance and from acceptance into appreciation, from appreciation in to full-on gratitude and when surrounded by that now exponentially growing bubble of grace it won’t be long until gratitude becomes jubilation!

Apply Principle 2: I AM Detached to your philosophy today, get out of your head and into your body (via Fatboy Slim or other worthy rhythmic noise maker… I’m finding Robin Thicke works for me currently) get present with what is and learn to freak-out for a whole different and altogether more positive reason!

More later (when I’ve stopped wearing the kitchen floor out and singing loudly at the neighbours)… x