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Saturday Oracle – Vindication Of A Priestess

Intuition is a tricky business, especially when it comes to prophesy and destiny but this week what you have always known to be the truth will finally show signs of coming to pass.

Principle 4: I AM Truth, finds itself matched with the violet higher wisdom centre of the crown chakra in this week’s combination, heralding the uncovering of a loosely-cloaked secret which you have for some time, possibly even years, suspected.

Like the High Priestess in the tarot, this combination is promoting the intuitive side and even the defiance of logic and reason, meaning that your inner truth or a higher truth-as-yet-unrealised, that was long since given to you by spirit, perhaps by way of a dream or powerful inner guidance, the truth which you vehemently remained committed to even when all outward signs showed the contrary and all others lost faith in your vision and fell by the wayside, is about to be rewarded with evidence of blossoming.

This week is not about new intuition or psychic revelation, it is about the realisation of past Divine promises… the vindication of a priestess (or priest of course).

Divination, prophesy, destiny as I said, are somewhat ephemeral and so don’t expect the reality to play out like a carbon copy of what you originally predicted. This is in fact a good thing. Time has rolled on and energy has been gathering around this manifestation since it was first born as a ghost of an inclination whispered to you by the Great Cosmic Presence. You’ve been adding to and moulding its inception without understanding the physics behind the phenomenon of the observer causing the outcome simply by observing, piling your expectations into the creative mix which all have a co-creative effect.

Behind a precariously draped metaphorical curtain is the still-unfolding result of this long held vision… and this week the curtain will fall… at least partially.

What should you do?

More prophecies have been intuited in the age since this one, this is only the beginning. The true High Priestess is the passive feminine energy of the cosmos and so you mustn’t cajole or force the curtain, gravity will do that… but when the time comes to act, you must be ready to jump in and flow, fully understanding that all prophesy is self-fulfilling and that Destiny requires your participation in order to come about.

On that note, ask yourself this: Do we have free will? And moreover, are we manipulating Destiny or is Destiny manipulating us? Baring in mind the universe whispered the dream to you in the first place… (or did your soul-self whisper the dream to the universe which responded by telling the conscious you what it had heard)?

Don’t waste too much time on this chicken and egg conundrum, instead feel blessed that you were right all along.

Understand The Wholly Grail’s Principles here to begin your empowerment journey.

More next week… x

Saturday Oracle – His Greater Plan

Grail Oracle 4Grail Oracle Violet

There’s a war going on… an internal conflict of massive proportions between intuition and reason, between faith and logic.

Principle 4: I AM Truth doesn’t just apply to your version of events versus that of somebody else, in this combination where it comes face to face with the mesmerizing violet hues of the crown chakra it propels us into battle between higher will and ego.

This week you may find that your intuitive hunches are vivid but so counter to rational thought, historical evidence and pragmatic reason that you trigger a crisis of faith.

You may be trying to create something, manifest some circumstance into being, and although your soul is crying out that all things are possible, your fearful small-self is playing devil’s advocate and beating you down.

You may hear yourself saying stuff like “Yeah right, like that’s ever going to happen…” and closing the door on your hopes and dreams just because you cannot see a way to achieve them, settling instead for same old, same old… but your higher self is the one with the connection to the divine and it refuses to be bound by logic…

God is in charge. You constantly playing saboteur to His greater plan will only make the journey there tougher, so no matter how implausible your visions and psychic hunches are this week use this prayer to help lubricate the universal delivery system:

In this universe there is more than meets the eye. Where my mind perceives only a minute section of its miraculous capacity, my soul is in constant communion with the whole. My visions arrive via my soul from God, and in the Source of all things I place my trust. My awareness grows with my faith, my faith grows with my awareness. Today I open my eyes to see, my arms to receive, my mind to a deeper knowing and my heart to love in all its forms. Today I accept that all things are possible and the possibilities I’ve seen are mine in the eyes of God. Let this be my prayer, let this be my truth, my higher truth, my trust.


The truth is… This week can bring you a miracle if you believe it to be so.

More next week… x