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Modus Operandi Part 6: Me Versus Myself

As this Modus Operandi series has progressed I hope you have begun to understand the difference between how you think you might be following the Wholly Grail Principles for inner peace as opposed to how you actually carry out your day to day life in opposition to your intentions. The title “Me Versus Myself” is true then for all these practices of self-defeating behaviours but never more so than when it comes to your health and self care.

Principle 6: I AM Self-Full, is vast in concept because it involves putting your own needs first in order to fill your cup ready to serve and share with others… that can mean intellectually, emotionally, creatively, professionally, intimately etc. Whatever way you give of yourself, if you fail to take care of your own basic needs by constantly placing others before yourself you will eventually drain the cup and become ill, ineffective and eventually unable to be of service to anyone… including yourself!

Some believe it selfish to put their own needs first, going without meals, without sleep, pushing hard to try to rescue others, failing to enforce personal boundaries and basically martyring themselves in the process to the point of burnout. Giving of yourself until there is nothing left will leave your dependents ultimately without the very person they depend on, so tell me: how does that work out to be less selfish?

Once the selfish aspect is dispelled we get to tackle the other side of denial, the side that says “I always take good care of myself” when actually you really don’t…

How nutritious is your diet, the very fuel for your body? Are you conscientiously equipping your physical vessel for the task ahead or are you so frenetic that you ram in whatever is in front of you without thinking just to provide fast but low grade energy to continue whatever you have currently deemed so much more important?

Do you rest your mind as well as your body adequately? Sleep when your mind is busy might as well be no sleep at all. I know a fair few people who survive on little or no sleep because deadlines and demands are put ahead of their health and others who spend so much time over-thinking and worrying that their quality of sleep is poor. Meditation, and a disciplined wind down practice can be of enormous benefit to this problem but here’s the thing: if you don’t adhere to Principle 1: I AM God, understanding your true worth and your value to the rest of humanity then you will never place yourself, your health and your happiness as a priority in your life.

I haven’t even touched the surface of being Self-Full here but you’re starting to get the picture.

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More later… x


Saturday Oracle – Primal Urge For Contact

Talk about a Christmas cracker!

This week’s oracle unites Principle 3: I AM Human with the vibrant orange sacral chakra creating a scintillating combo to take us through Christmas.

We are essentially divine beings, but we are incarnated here at this time in human form with the singular task and purpose of experiencing every sensation available within the physical body… no experience is more fulfilling than connection to another human being.

The oracle is hinting at union, intimacy and closeness. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable with another and to be loved and comforted by human touch: greeting family and friends with cuddles, a kiss under the mistletoe, holding hands by a warm fire at one end of the spectrum to lovemaking with a soul mate at the other.

Don’t be tempted to deny the very human need for these encounters and don’t be afraid to express your love through touch where appropriate. Being a spiritual warrior does not discount you from earthly needs and when the path offers you connection, be open to it… there is no age at which this primal urge for contact is no longer necessary, from the tiniest baby to the old and frail.

You need it, it’s being offered this week in some form or another. Blessed be.

Now here’s a warning: only when given with love, does touch become a healing experience for both the giver and receiver. Don’t allow agendas and conditions to sully such a beautiful gift. Allow forgiveness to cleanse the way to heartfelt connection and watch love in all its forms begin to blossom. Let down your defenses and take the risk this week to reach out and touch someone who is important to you… you may just enjoy the miracle you came to create.

(Please note: the author is merely an interpreter of the oracle and is not responsible for anyone deliberately misinterpreting the above article and thus receiving a slap in the face for inappropriately groping strangers… be warned).

I’ll be back next week for a New Year Oracle… x