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Help Needed – Designed to Detonate

Did you forget the real message?

It’s ok. To be fair you’re not alone. It happens when we get wrapped up in our own little worlds and our own little dramas, we begin to believe that’s all that there is as we inevitably succumb to the illusion of reality that we are locked into like a missile heading towards an unsuspecting target… but what if that missile were to explode in mid air? What would be the radius of beneficiaries if, instead of honing in on a single target you decided to make your mission a universal love bomb, designed to detonate in the stratosphere and rain down blessings on the entire world?

What an amazing notion… what an amazing visual key to the concept of peace and love to all mankind… I take your weapons and I raise you a love bomb! I take your war and destruction and I raise you the fallout of a newclear (yes that spelling mistake was deliberate) winter, making way for a miraculous spring where flowers grow wherever you place your feet because you too have been infected by the love radiation distributed by the world’s most devastating explosion… devastating? Yep, it put paid to war and conflict, to hatred and to separation, it’s devastating alright.

It’s just a couple of days now to the solstice, Mercury is entering retrograde, it’s time to fix things even if it’s just a little bit. My love bomb may not be a physical reality but if you would all like to join me on Wednesday, from wherever you are, in just 5 mins of meditation in which you visualise launching your own personal love bomb straight from your heart chakra set to explode in the Earth’s atmosphere and watch as it rains beautiful peace all over the place… it doesn’t matter what time, just do it on this Wednesday 21st December.

I’m looking forward to the fireworks.

Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted

More later… x

The Uncomfortable Things

As Grail Knight’s we are occasionally asked to do things we really don’t want to do. Following the path is about being guided by those things that make you feel good and so when these uncomfortable instances arise they can feel really counter intuitive like doing the opposite of what you want or of what feels easy… and let’s face it, ease is what we are all looking to find in life.

These uncomfortable necessities are, when viewed from higher perspective, all about self-correcting where an earlier error is now potentially making the next part of the journey difficult. Like having to turn back because you forgot the keys to a very important door to your destiny.

Sometimes it’s about making peace with the past. In order for that peace to be accepted and integrated you must first open your eyes fully and look at the scars created by past decisions and actions, look at them with compassion and empathy for your former self and the former self of anyone else involved, recognising that the incidents left not just scars but also blessings changing each forever and that you are not the same people you were when those choices were made. Taking full responsibility for your actions along the way and recognising that in the quest for The Wholly Grail blame is a redundant and useless hindrance to an otherwise heroic ascent towards fulfilling the dream of your life… your life.

You must do the uncomfortable things so that they do not follow you like ghosts tearing at your soul for all eternity… doing the uncomfortable things means that you are seeking freedom from the lower vibrations of guilt and fear… seeking release from the chain’s that you forged one by one intentionally or otherwise.

Grail Knight, you got yourself here… clean up your act and where you step next will be a golden path of love, light and magical unfolding… and may angels support you in your task.

More later… x

The Emissary

Grail Oracle 1Grail Oracle Blue

Once again the royal blue of the throat chakra is prominant in this combination as it joins forces with the first Principle of The Wholly Grail: I AM God. The Emissary is the remover of obstacles as the walls that previously stood in the way of open inter-relating have been smashed down by mutual respect and candor.

When you know your worth, not monetary but something much more fundamental than that: your divine essence, you suddenly recognise that within every living thing too, leaving room for each individual to become all that they can be and actively participating in the healing of previous blocks.

Have you ever been in that situation where you’ve thought to yourself “I might as well stop talking because nobody’s listening”? Do you remember the days when the phrase “Talk to the hand…” was really popular? These are prime examples of a lack of respect, firstly for yourself and secondly for whomever you are communicating with (or not)… The Emissary has wiped away the emnity and opened channels of communication symbolising not only a healing of past hurt but also the opportunity to express real truth; meaningful, compassionate, heartfelt truth, and in doing so heralding a creative partnership where once stood only fearful apprehension.

This is the beginning of the peace talks… grab the energy and ride it to its conclusion (and make sure its conclusion is built on love).

More next week… x