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Modus Operandi Part 5: Everything Else Is Just Gravy

As you’ve probably worked out by now if you’ve been reading this series: there are 7 parts to this Modus Operandi theory I’ve been exploring. Today it’s worth exploring under the hood of ownership, there’s what we actually need and then everything else is just gravy.

Coming from a perspective of lack we cling to everything in a desperate bid to create a sense of safety. From the perspective of competition we accumulate stuff as a representation of how well we’re doing. Each of these reasonings is fundamentally flawed and in opposition to other Grail Principles. For example: if you embrace Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted, you will place yourself in the flow of abundance, giving and receiving in equal measure and all of your needs are effortlessly met. If you embrace Principle 4: I AM Truth, your status in comparison to the next individual becomes obsolete as we understand that uniqueness is beyond comparison.

We accumulate more and more, building the prison of fear… not through having and appreciating beautiful, useful, life enhancing things but through the fear of losing them and the lengths we go to to maintain and keep them, to protect them which we lie to ourselves about how we are protecting ourselves, protecting our assets… but are they assets or are they liabilities?

I’m by no means anti material wealth, in fact I’d love a bigger house, nice car (and chauffeur), the latest gadgets, enormous bank balance and all the trimmings but what don’t want is the fear that comes with holding onto them…

So what do you keep telling yourself about what you have own and why you need to keep it? What is you Modus Operandi when it comes to justifying why you have to work so hard to make ends meet?

When you look at your bills do you instantly worry that you need to earn more to cover it… or do you recognise that you simply need to ‘own’ less and reduce stress, live free.

When you shift out of denial and get clear about what you actually need versus “everything else is just gravy” you let go of the attachment to all things, then lack, grasping, fearful behaviours and worry energy give way to peace, contentment, flow and abundance.

Start this weekend with a fearless inventory of your ‘must haves’ and your ‘nice to owns’, you’ll be amazed at how much pressure it takes off. Principle 5: I AM Liberated.

Want to get over your fearful blocks? Grail Seekers have access to the Grail Mechanics. It’s FREE to join the quest here.

Wishing you a liberated life… x

Getting To Grips With Ownership (And The Giving Of Surprise Gifts)

Continuing along the theme of abundance on this beautiful Summer Solstice, I was playing with the title and couldn’t help but notice the irony of it. Getting to grips with ownership actually has two deliberately loaded and unwise concepts at its core:

  1. The concept of ownership
  2. The act of gripping.

Taking you back to Monday’s insight “The Truth About Abundance,” at its core were two more productive ideas:

  1. The concept of allowing or acceptance
  2. The act of sharing.

The two things have a very different feel and the universe knows it.

If you want to increase your quota of anything, be it money and material wealth, love, friends, joy,  even ideas, then recognising that true ownership is universal and ultimately sits within the mind of God is the first step to putting yourself directly in the flow of more good stuff.

Take me for instance. I’ve long been grappling with whether or not to launch the membership aspect of this site. I’ve placed obstacle after obstacle in my path. Now some of that was due to gaps in my knowledge base about the technical aspects of building a site but mostly it was the constant indecision about how much I wanted to share about The Wholly Grail and my work… completely counter to my natural propensity towards sharing… but then I had never had anything taken from me before. Because I give so freely of my work and pretty much everything else I have, nobody has ever felt the need to take what’s mine when it’s always been so apparent that asking for it would yield such gifts and flow of generosity that underhanded tactics would prove unnecessary.

It yielded an ego response from me. That’s what ownership is: ego. It comes from a place of lack and a fear of not having enough. We live in a proprietary world where what’s yours is yours and what’s mine is my own. But more importantly and more accurately it almost stopped the flow. I almost abandoned the whole idea of not just the membership platform but of sharing Grail insights at all. Then something amazing happened…

Did I already mention where true inspiration comes from?

The Grail is an ancient concept that has been fed to many minds over many millennia straight from the mind of God. The uniqueness of The Wholly Grail is determined by the manner in which I interpret the universal flow of intelligence through the filter of my own experiences.

When I release my grip on ownership I begin to understand that though the copyright may remain with me, the information has been given to help mankind, and it was given to me, to flow through me, exactly because of my joy of sharing.

That being said… as a gift to the whole world on this the longest day of the year, Midsummer’s Day no less, I am opening up the first phase of the membership site later this afternoon. You can join as a ‘Seeker’ which is a FREE membership status and get delicious access to the basics of the secret Grail Mechanics that hide in plain site to throw you off the path, as well as 3 upcoming members only workshops with me… and first hand news of when the site will be open for full ‘Grail Knight’ membership and what that will provide to guide you along your path to inner peace, enlightenment and living an empowered life.

So to recap… God owns everything, if you grip onto it you kill it dead… if you let it go you let it flow… sharing is the key to receiving more… exchange of energy makes it grow faster… you don’t have to take someone else’s, yours is on its way if you allow it to come… and the membership site goes live this afternoon… got it? Good.

I’ve immensely enjoyed sharing… it’s Principle 7 in action… Please share this too if it resonates (you never know who might find The Wholly Grail an invaluable tool).

More later… (a lot more if you sign up for FREE today) x



Saturday Oracle – To Stake A Claim

Ownership is at the forefront of The Intuitive Chalice Oracle’s combination for this week as Principle 5: I AM Liberated grabs a hold of the royal blue throat chakra…

But what exactly is ownership?

Traditionally when this Principle shows up its a warning against material attachments and the price you end up paying to maintain them, but ownership extends beyond “things.” What If ownership is more to do with vocalising who you are, what you want, and what your expectations are? What if ownership was about saying out loud: “This is me, this is who I am, this is all that there is… if you want it take it, if you don’t then stay the f**k out of my face because you need my permission to take a piece of me!”

Sounds aggressive I know but it’s actually a phrase that I first said aloud over 20 years ago when I realised who I AM is enough.

So what if this combination is the ultimate in owning who you are?

The energy of course has a flip side, in this case that would be someone else’s powerful words being used to stake a claim over you or anything that is yours. Not so comfortable a feeling, eh?

As this week moves ahead and we embrace the full moon energy in Libra, the sign of balance and fairness, sharing and relationships, it’s worth taking the time to assess what it is exactly that you are staking a claim to… if it’s your own power, divinity and creativity then you’re activating the positive energy available here, if however your words seek to enslave, entrap, belittle or in any way diminish another, then the negative traits of ownership are already beginning to take a hold… seek a win/win scenario in all your interactions.

You have the power now to be all you can be… own it.

You also have the power now to free others… if it isn’t yours, release it.

More next week… x


The Unholy Grail: A Guide To What The Wholly Grail Is Not

Please share this… I’m sure it happens all over the industry.

Everything is open to interpretation. When people are determined enough and focused solely on their own personal agendas facts are manipulated and twisted to become whatever they need in the moment to quantify their own actions.

The Wholly Grail, the last 5 years of my work, apparently is no exception.  Let me take look today then, not at what the 7 Principles are but at what they are not, thus making them the unholy grail:

Principle 1: I AM God

This is not a statement offering its readership a superiority complex, a megalomaniac’s free pass or a warrant to perpetrate separation and segregation tactics from the rest of the populous…. it applies to everyone’s divine origins.

Principle 2: I AM Detached

This is not an excuse to be disconnected from the consequences of your actions and therefore relinquish responsibility for all the decisions you make and how they affect others… it asks merely that you let go of what you cannot control.

Principle 3: I AM Human

This is not an excuse for deliberately hurting other human beings, shrugging your shoulders and continuing to bulldoze your way through life and the feelings of those around you… it is a mechanism for recognising that mistakes happen.

Principle 4: I AM Truth

This is not permission to disregard the ideas and opinions of others or to oppress the voice another because it doesn’t fit with your vision or to assume it is yours alone… it is a basis for embracing diversity.

Principle 5: I AM Liberated

This is not grounds for walking away from all responsibilities or dumping them on others whilst you swan off into the sunset not caring who is left holding the bag… this is a reflection of the power to choose what material things dictate your level of emotional freedom.

Principle 6: I AM Self-Full

Ahh, now this, my current bone of contention after this little gem has this week been absorbed into the repertoire of someone (famous) in the Mind, Body, Spirit industry and presented as their own concept, someone who should know better, is NOT about helping yourself to whatever you feel like without permission, taking what’s not yours like a school bully stealing lunch money, copying homework and riding roughshod over those genuinely trying to serve in their own little way… it is about taking care of your own needs so that you may better serve.

Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted

Is not in anyway a description of someone who is a pushover, a doormat, will put up with anything from anybody, take what you want and expect no consequences, or a powerless victim… it is a state of acceptance that life and love flow and the willingness to allow that flow to occur unimpeded.

Power sought from Wholly Grail is pure, power taken from The Grail of another will eventually poison your own sacred chalice.

The Wholly Grail Principles have been distributed freely to help, heal and inspire, but they are copyright and the intellectual property of Jo Jerodene (me). Feel free to share but please be courteous and acknowledge authorship of all materials (or at least that its not your own).

I hope this clarifies a few things. I know you’re reading so do the right thing.

I would say there will be more later but at this point I don’t know if I want to be a ghost writer or muse for a bigger fish so I will wait for clarification from spirit (or a full retraction, apology and acknowledgment).

Jo… x



The Walls That Define Us

Where are your boundaries?

Do you have a good handle on what is and is not acceptable to you? Do you understand your own limitations beyond which you are not prepared to go?

We tend to imagine boundaries as invisible energetic barriers that determine self preservation and protection from others but what if your boundaries also represented your limitations?

What If boundaries were simply an excuse to never take a risk? The walls that define us may be presenting a version of ourselves that is constrained by fear based imaginings keeping our worlds very small and preventing connection on a deep and beautiful level.

Separation is an illusion created by humans to identify less with the Divine and more with the misconception of ownership. We live in little boxes literally and symbolically to further demonstrate that what’s yours is yours and what’s mine is mine… The boundaries aren’t a bad thing, they aren’t a good thing either, they are a mechanism by which we keep the world outside… but they also keep us locked in.

The sad thing is that from within those imaginary walls we peer outside and see heartbreak and tragedy and we sigh, then go on with our own little lives relieved that “out there” is somebody else’s problem… that’s not happening in my little piece of the world.

So we stay on our own side. We don’t connect. We don’t take the time to talk. We don’t feel the need to get involved. We reinforce those boundaries and challenge any that come too close.

When did we forget who we truly are?

As an antidote to the disconnected world today, reach out to a stranger, offer a smile, offer your help, share something (and I don’t mean on Facebook).

The power lives within each of us to bring down the walls that define us.

Principle 1: I AM God.

More later… x

The Fourth Hurdle – Unravelling Ownership

I really hope you’ve managed to catch the last few posts as they have been bridging the gap between you and a fully opened heart. We began by dispelling the time trap, looked at motives behind forgiveness and tested our need for approval, now let’s explore how material possessions entrap our daily focus.

‘Things’ are fun, aren’t they? Well aren’t they? They certainly should be, that’s why we have them, but what happens when they stop being fun?

It’d be fun to have a nice car, a big house, the latest mobile phone, an Italian designer suit… you list all the things it’d be fun to have if you like as a bit of an exercise, after all, we spend so much time these days talking about manifesting… the perfect job, the perfect partner, the perfect… nothing is perfect and in a universe built on balance everything has a positive and a negative attribute.

We are governed by the law of attraction sure, but we are also governed by the law of consequence or cause and effect… be sure you are willing to pay the toll for what it is that you want. Once it’s yours it’s also your responsibility.

Let’s take that perfect job for example… now you have it, can you do it? Can you put in the hours? Can you sacrifice the freedom? Can you sacrifice the family time?… now there’s a newcomer who shows promise and your position is threatened, what do you do, up the ante? Put in more hours? Compete? Are you trying to maintain your perfect job?… is it even your perfect job anymore?

We hold on for dear life to the things we worked hard for, put so much effort into and sacrificed to get but when is that sacrifice no longer in balance with the benefit?

Is it still a fun thing?

Investment is not the same as ownership. In this world, this life, you own nothing and you can take nothing with you into the next one so rather than own stuff that eventually owns you, your time, your energy, your focus, your resources, your health and your freedom, now is the perfect moment to start investing…

Invest in your health, your loved ones, your freedom and your fun and in the serving of humanity… everything else is a waste of your precious gifts. The fourth hurdle – unravelling ownership, once overcome, changes your perspective from greedy to gratitude and makes every ‘thing’ in the world shine brighter… you can taste it all as long as you’re willing to pay the ultimate price: everything you have, has a piece of you.

Principle 5: I AM Liberated.

More later… x