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Your Way Is Different

The path ahead is obscured by a hump in the road, a hill that is too high to see over and appears to fall away beyond its pinnacle. What lies ahead?

You chose this path because you believed in it, because although it never promised you easy, it did promise you adventure. It’s not for everyone… and there are those who will never understand why you continued along the way, skipped, ran, danced, sometimes crawled toward an unknown destination with no proof of where it might lead. They will question, they will doubt your sanity at times, they will even attempt to persuade you to change course or turn back completely… and there are times when your own inner-saboteur will hear them and side with their argument that this path isn’t for everyone. They all mean well, including that fearful voice inside your own mind… they love you enough to want protect you from an unidentified foe that threatens, in their eyes, to swallow you whole… but fear and love cannot coexist in the same space and so you must choose.

The path ahead is obscured, the hill is steep. Many stand behind you calling you back to a safer road, few encourage you on. Fewer still say nothing, choosing to believe not in the path but in you, sending only love to support you on the journey that you chose in spite of fear, knowing only love is real and that if the path ahead leads to nowhere then at the very least you walked all the way and you never gave up.

The thing about faith is: if it came with a guarantee, it would cease to exist as a concept.

Just because the crowd is going one way and you appear to be walking alone in the other, doesn’t automatically mean you’re going the wrong way… it may simply mean that your way is different.

Besides, where else do you need to be right now? Don’t doubt your own intuition, it brought you this far.

Principle 2: I AM Detached, and Principle 4: I AM Truth.

More later… x


Carefully Constructed Criticism

I found myself pondering the idea of teaching. More precisely, the teaching of spiritual truths. Of course that’s what I attempt to do in all my work whether it is serious, light hearted, straightforward or wrapped up in a fantastical tale, spiritual truth is ever at its heart. Indeed the seven Principles of The Wholly Grail are always hidden within the text and have become the framework for my philosophy about attaining a state of equilibrium and inner peace in an ever increasingly stressful world.

The Wholly Grail is not an ancient philosophy, it’s a new package for an old one (as old as the search for the Holy Grail may be, stretching back far beyond our misconceptions of its origins). It was never a mystical cup. It predates legends of High Kings of England and his loyal chivalrous knights. The Holy Grail and now The Wholly Grail has ever been man’s (and woman’s) search to find him/herself through knowing God, or if you like: the search for God through knowing him/herself. It’s the same outcome.

This teaching thing though, it meets with opposition. There are those who don’t like the method, there are those who don’t like the message, and if you decide this life is for you, you have to understand that there will be times when those that came before you will attempt to discredit your work. Sometimes it feels personal, wrapped up in carefully concealed criticism so ingeniously crafted that you may actually be unsure of whether or not you’ve just been insulted by an ancient quote from a long dead predecessor of a similar profession and sometimes it’s not about you or your work at all.

People’s opinions are never actually about you. Opinions are simply that. Though they may constitute what feels true for the person expressing them, they certainly don’t need to be absorbed as your truth too. Don’t feel you need to take it on board at all, don’t rise to it, to justify it and don’t crumble under it. Let them have their say… then keep on being you. Keep on contributing. I know I intend to.

No matter how flowery the narrative, the centre of the message is always one of love… love for oneself, love for one’s fellow knights on the path (a group to which even the critics belong), love of life and this beautiful playground we were given to enact the process upon… and of course the love of God or whatever you choose to call the overarching presence to which we all belong.

There are one or two Principles hidden in here, see if you can spot them.

More later… x