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Monday Mind Manoeuvre – Survive The Flip And Switch

Did you get chance to see the free oracle reading “Release The Inner Sunlight” this week? It seemed to be anticipating you making a break for freedom in some area of your life and that can only mean one thing: change.

Change is life’s constant and so there is nothing to fear from the decisions you make about your life nor the consequences they bring about, its just a case of learning to survive the flip and switch. Some change is slow, gradual and hardly noticeable, so as to not frighten you or the natives but sometimes sweeping changes arrive like flash bangs and startle everyone (even you for a while), and its you I’m concerned with here because the Grail is an inside job… everyone else is going to have to find their own.

If you have been moved to transform your life in one fell swoop, shell shock or some form of disorientation will likely follow… don’t panic!

Now is the time to look around for the familiar as a means to stabilise the inner core. This does not mean returning to the known path, especially if you sacrificed much to make the switch, what it means is taking a breath and anchoring yourself in the present moment where aspects of your surroundings (even if you have moved location as part of your transformation) will be familiar as will your inner landscape…

Look up at the sky for example: it’s a little grey and rainy today where I am but it’s the same sky I’m always under as it is for you (unless you are reading this from the international space station in which case I have no point of reference for external reframing). The trees, the birds singing, the ground beneath your feet, these things still have substance… then there’s the most important reference point: your own heart beat.

Still yourself wherever you are and listen for a moment, if it’s noisy where you are then just feel. The heartbeat, even if it’s rate quickens in times of stress, is unique to you and it is the rhythm of your life. By tuning in to your natural rhythm and consciously slowing it down and slowing down your breathing by being aware of both, focusing then on your physical structure and noticing where you are holding tension or bracing for impact and softening every muscle group in turn… by becoming present to the immediate external world and seeing there is no danger, then adjusting the internal world to relax to it, you will begin to absorb more about where you are in relation to where you were and begin acclimatising to your new situation.

So if you have made the flip and switch and you now have no idea where you are in life, stop, breathe, tune into your unique rhythm, slow down… find the familiar in the unfamiliar and remember its all God… everything is. You will find your way from there.

Principle 2: I AM Detached.

Happy Monday… x

Saturday Oracle – Suspending Disbelief

I just had the weirdest dream that perfectly sums up this combination and I’ll share it in just a moment but before that let’s get the basics in place…

This week Principle 2: I AM Detached, takes a hold of the mesmerising violet of the crown chakra and plays with it just a little. In this combination you may be forced to open your mind to believe in something that you cannot yet see, touch, hear, or feel; something so removed from your current zone of understanding that actually suspending disbelief to allow it to play out is the only way to proceed… prepare to be amazed.

The dream: I was in a hospital being seen at random because a doctor had caught a glimpse of something strange about me that concerned him whilst I was waiting with someone else who was actually there with an appointment. I was dragged through a series of tests and scans and several specialists later, a surgeon came out to see me saying he would only hand write the condition down for me because I hadn’t gone through referral and so there were no official notes. Everyone looked so worried and I was there saying, “I feel fine… I feel better than I have in years.” He disappeared into a room and came back with a scrap of paper with a diagnosis I couldn’t pronounce. As I read the big words and the concern in his face I began to cry, asking him what the hell it was and what it meant. He replied: “Intermittently a large part of your brain shuts down and scans showed a storm in a part of the brain that should be dormant. During the times your brain goes into shutdown you will lose control over your body and may not be fully aware conscious without even knowing it, like you’re having blackouts.”

I laughed until it hurt and he could do nothing but look confused saying “do you understand the seriousness of this condition?” “Yes,” I replied, “Its called meditation, I never blackout, and the storm you see in a dormant part of the brain is me receiving wisdom from spirit.”

The dream went on to the surgeon asking me to prove what being a channel looked like while he monitored and I ended up ‘re-educating a top brain surgeon who witnessed his first miracle… a miracle which to me was just a normal morning practice!

His mind was fixed within his sphere of understanding and his expertise frightened me… even though I knew in my heart I was happier, healthier and more alive than I’d ever been.

So, this week you may witness a miracle or your mind may download new information or inspiration that seems fantastical and unbelievable even, but you must recognise that it only seems so because up until now it has been beyond your scope of understanding. Don’t allow the disbelief of others to frighten you either, your higher wisdom understands what you are ready to receive. Let it play out… it will soon become the new normal.

Have a great week!

More later… x

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The Joy Of Unleashing Your Inner Genius

I’ve had so much fun this week I can hardly contain myself! I took the role of the innocent fool in order to explore a new adventure that quite honestly scared me shitless… I had no idea what I was doing, I knew I would have to make myself visible and vulnerable and that for me, the idea of appearing to not have the first foggiest clue is a territory I dread, but I embraced my fear in order to evolve and discovered what it means to feel the joy of unleashing your inner genius.

Building my website has been excruciating at times. With no technical experience I’ve worked through trial and error, learning along the way. Building a membership site however… creating online training etc… Oh my. I took myself off last week to get some tech training and this week the final link fell into place when a friend pointed me toward a 10 day video challenge. OMG! Video? If you’re doing it online they wanna see your face… I’m on day 3 and I’m having a bloody ball!

Now your inner genius may have nothing to do with anything as mundane as creating your own videos and this insight isn’t about that, your inner genius though, whatever it is, lies just on the other side of fear, discomfort, uncertainty or in my case sheer terror.

I needed to get across that dark stretch of water because what I want to achieve and how I want serve is located on the opposite riverbank. I saw the opportunity, signed up, spent days wondering how I could back out without losing face, then took a deep breath and had a go. I had no idea that my fear was all about looking stupid in public and actually I’ve realised that looking stupid is actually one of my most endearing qualities… I’m having fun, and fun attracts more fun and more connection and encourages others to jump in and have a go too… and I’m all about encouraging others.

Genius doesn’t mean remaining static, it’s about growth and growth can be uncomfortable but that discomfort is short lived… especially if you rip the plaster off!

What do you want to do, be, learn or have?

Go on, rip the plaster off!

Principles 1 and 4 (All the 7 Principles are free to explore here on the website)

More later… x