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For The Weekend – Learning To Fly Again

It’s been an uncomfortable week. Not painful, not distressing, just uncomfortable… The kind of uncomfortable that happens when you step beyond the familiar, just across the invisible border of your claimed and well trodden territory. There’s a reason we call it the comfort zone, there really is, but I couldn’t stay within it this week because sooner or later the comfort zone itself creates discomfort and so you are forced to explore further afield.

Exploring the discomfort was a fascinating insight into my own tendency towards ebb and flow, a universal pattern of energy distribution that shows up for us as individuals in our peaks successes and apparently bottomless failures, and for me this week has been about learning to fly again.

I remember almost to the moment when I felt my symbolic wings break, it was in 2012, a time of massive change for me. I received evidence of career recognition but my business structure collapsed, my marriage ended, but I met someone new, found where I was needed but also suffered massive rejection. I defined the Principles of The Wholly Grail but learned how far I was from living out those Principles… not only did my wings break in the midst of all these contradictions, I forgot over the time that followed that I’d ever known how to soar at all.

In the years that followed I was carried by angels wings, supported by celestial good will as I recovered my health, rebuilt my life and learned, but continued to focus only upon as much as humanly possible, all the while having forgotten that I’m only part human (part divine), and never really noticing that as I walked, head down, eyes on my feet which remained ever connected to the ground, that my wings had been mended, feathers now re-grown, and that the time I spent grounded had brought me such fuel for sharing and healing others, such wisdom packaged in empathy and compassion… ideas, dreams, strategies and beyond that – understanding.

So today I took my first flying lesson. Stretching my folded feathers for the first time in 5 years, I took a leap of faith and asked Source to catch me… He didn’t need to, He’d taught me what I already knew, what any child knows before the world of matter defines gravity and tells them it’s impossible… God taught me to fly again.

It was only uncomfortable until I realised I wasn’t falling, then I relaxed and let the wind carry me.

Flying might only be a metaphor in this case, but it’s a powerful one that you too can feel when you take life by the balls and step off the procrastination ledge. Know that you are so much more powerful than you think and that your comfort zone doesn’t have to be your prison.

Wishing you an amazing weekend… x

Come To This Crossroads

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The next step I take, though not the first step, for I have journeyed all my life to come to this crossroads, will be a step born of love and a step into surrender…

Until now I always seem to have been moving towards something, someone, somewhere, a destination that holds no guarantees, but in the last few days along the last few steps, steps that have slowed with each foot I put forward as if the quality of the ground beneath me was whispering gently to me “not this way” and I had only just, for the first time in a long time managed to understand that those whispers were not about how I should walk, which shoes I should wear, how long or how fast my stride was… but just a simple instruction that the road ahead was not the road for me. That perhaps the destination itself was right where I am, right who I am and right now?

The road I’ve been walking has been painful to tread. Some days I didn’t know if I could walk another step, some days the very ground beneath my feet fell away and some days it reared up to challenge me: to slap me down and break me. I never gave up the path because I believed it led somewhere, to something important but the path is endless, it comes without reward and without respite until you understand that the journey itself is the reward, and the respite is the series of moments along the path where you stop to smell the flowers, where you share the path with companions and the laughter sparks a series of unprecedented miracles of consciousness. But the road has ultimately been a road I’ve walked alone and it led me here…

The next step I take will be my first one without chains. I am striving no longer to become but am instead letting go in order to be.

I may let go of old ideas. It’s ok.

I may let go of old practices. It’s ok.

I may let go of old goals. It’s ok.

I may let go of old behaviours. It’s ok.

I may let go of you. It’s ok.

In order to walk a path that doesn’t yet exist, to blaze a new trail of discovery, I can carry only what is mine… and the ground beneath my feet has not yet learned how to whisper “this way” or “that way” and that’s ok because the whisper from my soul grows louder by the moment and that message is clear: “My darling you already are.”

The path I choose is not the path of pain, it is not the path of despair, it is not the path of fools… I choose the path of petals.

The Path of Petals is my new ascension training course for self discovery and self-mastery that I will be delivering starting this March for anyone who is interested in joining and who lives locally to Sheffield UK. More details will be available soon and an online version will follow.

More later… x

Radical Departure

The door is open, but the window is closing… the window in which to make the change by stepping through the open door.

I know you feel it, that “better the devil you know” mantra undermining your sure footed progress in pursuit of a goal, dream or transformative leap of faith, and the pull of the ever cycling karmic wheel is holding your wrist and tugging you back from the threshold with fearful questions like “What if you fail?” “What if you fall?”

Being intuitive doesn’t mean you’re immune from the effects of the inner goblin always asking you if you’re about to make a mistake but just for the sake of an experiment today ask your inner goblin this little question: “how many times have we done it your way up until now?” See the thing about repeating patterns is that you lose count really quickly and the thing about your inner goblin is he or she always starts a sentence with “Ah, but…”

The opportunity ahead of you may be a completely radical departure from your usual way of moving through life but if the goblin is honest, which to be fair he/she is merely fearful not a liar, then you’ll both have to acknowledge that in terms of where you are, the old way wasn’t working…

Walking through that door, accepting that opportunity may mean leaving something familiar behind, but to truly live up to your potential you have to be prepared to reach further, higher with every step… to become more in each breath than you were when you last inhaled… and in order to inhale ‘now and next’ you must first exhale ‘then and done.’

From where you’re standing now it may look like a giant step, but from where you’ll be tomorrow it was merely the first baby step in an entirely new direction.

Principle 2: I AM Detached

More later… x