Entering a New Chapter of Soul-Led Living

You know that feeling when it’s just time to glide into a new beginning? Well, that’s me today on 11/11 no less, entering a new chapter of Soul-Led Living. My angels and guides have had me considering it for quite some time, but the final shift came during a momentus weekend at the beginning of […]

Weekly Oracle – Predetermined Prose

There’s an element of expectation about this week that may have you racing ahead of yourself and perhaps even tying yourself up in knots to boot. Don’t get me wrong the message coming in indicated by the royal blue of the throat chakra feels like a really positive one but when you connect it to […]

Hanbook For Defeating The Inner Saboteur

Okay so it’s not really a handbook but I like the title, instead it’s an insight into why to the outside world it might appear that we are dealing with inner conflict and self-sabotage, what the real issues are and why contradictory behaviour is occurring at all. First let me get the cosmology out of […]

First Monday Challenge – Do-over Day

It really takes courage to admit to yourself that you got it wrong, especially when you have emotionally invested in something. Each day you wake up and put your best foot forward further and further down a path that you don’t recognise or even particularly like, just simply because you made a choice somewhere back […]

This Particular Tournament

September, over the last few years has become a bit of a crucible for me. I have for some reason set myself up with the most ludicrous of “trials by combat” perhaps with the underlying, definitely more subtle understanding that these replications of Jacob doing battle with an angel in the desert might shift the […]