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Down and Dirty

As a species we have become programmed over time to consider the concept of “Monday” as a time to go back to work. I, being a contrary little bleeder, decided that wasn’t for me a long time ago and even when working for an employer, chose a job where 9 to 5 was laughed at.

Today I work for myself, or more to the point I work for Big G… He didn’t actually command that Sunday was a day of rest, what He actually said was to keep it holy (and just because He took the day off after 6 days creating Earth, He soon saw his mistake in creating us because ever after Sunday became His busiest day)!

Anyhoo, after a weekend of some pretty intense learning, and deep spiritual self-work, today for me isn’t exactly a day off but it is a day without schedule, a day without agenda and to some extent a day without people… Deep soul work can occasionally over tax the system and the mind and the best antidote for that is to get down and dirty with nature… and that’s my plan.

I have a date with the faeries and wildlife hiding in the unruly overgrowth that is my garden today because I deserve to be surrounded by beauty and fresh air… as do you.

I understand that I’m lucky to have that choice and that you may be more restricted in your ability to leave the office or whatever occupies you on this Monday morning, so in honour of your need to be Self-Full (as in Principle 6), make sure you take lunch outdoors if at all possible, go for a walk near some greenery, introduce some plants into the office space, eat fresh, drink plenty of water and don’t forget to be a little more playful in your approach to all you do today.

Lighten up and invite the faeries to play.

Happy Monday… x

Everything Else Can Wait

Grateful to be back in the land of the living this week after a full 7 days of confinement with some modern day plague or other, I’m finding myself more than a little out of sorts… Ill? No, I’m better, thanks for asking, actually it’s more a sense of feeling like I’m out of synch with the world and being annoyed at the world for it.

Have you ever felt like your schedule was completely at odds with everyone else’s? Monday is a day where traditionally the world goes back to work after the weekend but what about those of us who work non-traditional hours? My Monday this week is set to be a day tackling some of the big jobs in my garden, I’ve done next to nothing so far and its a real mess… but what’s all that got to do with the Grail? Mother Nature has a schedule all of her own and she is the one who dictates when to grow and when to rest, when to plant seeds and when to blossom… she takes her cue from the moon and the sun and has no need of permission from the rest of society to step outside the bounds of what’s considered acceptable. Mother Nature knows what’s best for her and those precious things in her care, she accepts responsibility for the storms and the rain, for the unseasonable shifts in temperature and the early or late growth of the daisies… Mother Nature has no need of our consent, for she is our teacher and we simply forgot.

We ride against our natural urges and energy levels, constructing false presets for time and for propriety, we even see fit to adjust the clock because we disagree with her teachings… or at least somebody did at some point and we, the sheep that follow, have yet to question…

It’s Monday because someone somewhere told us it was, but it wasn’t Mother Nature. She would have you understand that the sheep don’t understand Monday, they understand the moon and the sun, awake and asleep, hungry and fed, warm and cold… To find the Grail you must honour your own rhythm, honour the tender bud within until it flowers. Get in synch with yourself first, believe it or not, Mother Nature is in control of you too.

Principle 2: I AM Detached

Principle 4: I AM Truth

Principle 6: I AM Self-Full

Everything else can wait.

More later… x

Evolution in Disguise

Taking my own advice over the last couple of days,  you may have noticed my Monday post to be conspicuous by its absence. Instead of pushing against my own natural energy rhythms and cycles I invested yesterday in filling my own metaphorical Grail cup by spending the day getting back to nature.

Mother Nature has everything we need in her storehouse and its freely available to aid whatever ails you, in my case it was just the need to pull back from everyday stresses, breathe in some good clean country air and to witness the magnificence of the creatures that we are blessed to share the planet with.

We get so jammed up inside our own heads, attempting to unravel this dilemma and that one, that we actually fool ourselves into believing that those mundane daily decisions are life threatening… (of course one or two of those decisions are and please excuse yourself from being tarred with the same brush if that is indeed the case), but on the whole, though it may seem like the next choice you make could actually end your world as you know it, look outside for a few moments… I mean really look. The world is still turning, it’s oblivious and if the beautiful Fallow Deer I saw yesterday are anything to go by, it’s too busy being happy and free to care.

Now, once you get out of your own head, maybe out of your usual environment and back to nature… just breathe. The answers will come and the truth is, you can always choose again if you get it wrong.

Let go of your attachment to the outcomes and just decide what you’d like to try. Consequences are merely evolution in disguise.

Principle 2: I AM Detached

More later… x

P.S. Happy St David’s Day (White rabbits and daffodils to you)!