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August Oracle – Surrender To Higher Will

Your ego is always going to want to control your destiny, but your destiny is always in the process of unfolding. Sooner or later your ego has to recognise that it must surrender to Higher Will.

This combination from The Grail’s Intuitive Chalice Oracle, matching the 3rd Grail Principle: I AM Human, with the transmutational violet power of the potent crown chakra, brings the lowe-self into alignment with the higher-self in a way that reminds us who we are when we strip away the illusion of who we believe ourselves to be.

August is bringing a shift in your perspective. One where your plans will collapse in spectacular style when the universe shows you a doorway to a higher path that you hadn’t yet considered (or considered but quickly discounted).

You have probaly heard the saying: “Man plans and God laughs!” This is the essence of this oracle combination. I have to add though, that this isn’t a bad omen, indeed, it brings forward the potential for miracles to appear in your life, but they are the kind of miracles that even the most seasoned of optimist wouldn’t believe could show up for them.

It might feel a little like having a conversation with an expert (in this case the ego and I use the term ‘expert’ loosely). The expert is carefully explaining to you why you can’t have a pet unicorn and adamantly insisting that that isn’t possible for you. Not because unicorns don’t exist you understand, but more because you aren’t qualified to handle witnessing one… enter the unicorn stage left, complete with a tag on it saying: “Enjoy Your Unicorn, love from the Universe!” At this point your ego, who has been spouting shit in your subconscious for the last 20 years about how you aren’t good enough, suddenly clears it’s throat, turns bright red and loosens it’s tie, conceding its inacuracy with extreme embarrassment.

You see, Your Higher Self has a timetable that aligns with the universal plan and your ego is neither privvy to the plan nor the potential… it only understands the limitations of what it has already experienced.

Now here is where your work comes in and it needs to do so quickly. You and your ego are not separate and the ego will not give up without a fight. When your miracle arrives, if you do not surrender to your higher will and the higher will of the universe you will sabotage yourself by scaring the crap of the unicorn and causing it to bolt before you even have a chance to offer it a sugar lump.

Let me be a little less metaphorical with my examples:

  • The job of your dreams is offered to you even though you told yourself you would never get it but before you get in the door you insult your new boss.
  • The perfect partner shows up and asks you for a date but you tell him you are busy because you have to wash your hair or go and squeeze your bum pimple! (Sorry, that was just unnecessary).
  • … You get the picture, right?

This combination asks that you forgive your ego so that it doesn’t feel the need to sabotage you further. Being proved wrong, even by your own soul or your destiny can be triggering. This is not a time to stick your tongue out at your own ego and make fun of how wrong it was (which would actually be your ego berating itself), it’s a time to step into grace and self-understanding. Your ego is there to protect you from harm, so reassure it/yourself that you understand why it/you tried to hold you back from what might hurt you. Allow it to understand that expansion is desired here and together you can navigate the learning process because that is what life is.

So your ego isn’t an expert? So what!

Your soul has got you covered… and it’s not programmed to gloat. As you surrender to higher will (yours and the universe’s), your world will open up to new possibilities and new pathways and your ego will eventually expand through new information too.

Right, that’s it from me. Let me know how your unicorn shows up this month and forgive your ego for getting it so wrong.

Love, Jo xxx

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December’s Oracle – Ta-Da!

December’s Oracle – Ta-Da! Yes, The Sacred Chalice showed up to signal the arrival of something huge. No, I’m not talking about Christmas, I’m talking about a major turning point in life where it seems as if all roads were leading to this singular point.

Admittedly, The Sacred Chalice can be equally as challenging as it is miraculous and fortune could swing either way at this point, but what it does gurantee is change.

Change may arrive in the form of positive news, an opportunity, or invitation, but could just as easily denote illness or loss. Sometimes the biggest most exciting opportunity requires that you give something else up and so it holds both blessings and burdens in it’s grasp.

For me personally, when I pull this card I know that whatever the short term disruption may bring, the long term pay off is enormous and immeasurable, so I give thanks whenever I see it.

What I would like you to be vigilant about at this time is how you are processing the changes that are occuring around you. Even the happiest of occasions can create a disturbance in your health and energy field that need time to settle and ground. Two angels I like to call upon during times of chaos and upheaval are Archangel Haniel and Archange Uriel.

Haniel is the Angel of Grace and helps you to remain composed under pressure. Uriel, whose name means the Light of God helps me to stabilise my inner “pilot light” and keeps my physiological resources firing at a steady rate so I don’t hit burn out in the process.

Whatever exciting changes crop up for you this week, try to maintain some routine and pay close attention to how Self-Full you are being: rest well, hydrate, eat a nutritious diet and make time to both exercise and meditate. My best friend through all the changes I’ve negotiated over the years has been my journal. It helps me to process how I’m feeling, what I’m thinking and also to monitor the tone and texture of my mindset, allowing me to adjust the sails in a more positive direction if I begin to lose myself in all the mess.

As The Sacred Chalice is the only card in the Intuitive Chalice that is not accompanied by a chakra/challenge card, the exact nature of your Ta-Da! moment is impossible for me to predict and will no doubt touch multiple layers of your life. It is an indication that The Grail is present, only you can know whether the Grail is overflowing in your life or has been spilled over and emptied…

One thing is for sure, the nature of the universe is that all states serve and we must experience both in balance in order to fully know what it is to live and love.

I’m praying your December’s Oracle – Ta-Da! moment is the biggest blessing of the decade.

Love Jo x

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Let God Deliver Your Good

When one gate closes, another one tentatively opens a crack before swinging wide open to let more abundance through. Trouble is, you still seem to be looking directly at the closed gate hoping it will reopen with a fresh slipstream of miracles. You cannot let God deliver your good if you don’t recognise it is for you and reject it because it doesn’t arrive in the form, or from the place that you want it to.

Can you be happy with all the wonderful you can handle when it doesn’t arrive how you dictate?

Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted is all about the slipstream of miracles and how they choose to flow as God directs, not necessarily how you always imagined they would. Opening up to receive those miracles is your only job and if you aren’t receiving your share then the chances are you are facing the wrong way or rejecting the gifts because you don’t believe they are for you.

Are you still focused on one particular line of income that appears to have dried up? Are you still focused on one particular method of communication that constantly yields misunderstanding and eventually silence? Theses are just small indications that you are waiting at the wrong gate while God is sending the slipstream via another route.

Imagine that you are at the airport waiting at gate number 4 for the love of your life to come through. You have a cardboard sign with their name on it and a photograph in your mind of what they look like. When all the passengers have come through and dispersed and you are stood there alone wondering what happened, one of the guards suggests: “let’s check cctv and see if you missed them.” (The equivalent of running the scene back through the wide angled, slow motion filter of your memory). In one scenario a strange person in a red jacket and giant floppy hat walked right up to you and smiled but because he/she didn’t look like the picture you turned to look over their shoulder to see if the one you were waiting for was behind them…. Feeling rejected they went off to find a cab and assumed you’d changed your mind. Was it the big floppy hat that fooled you? Did God dress it up in a disguise to see if you were paying attention?

In the second version you are fixated on gate number 4 but what you didn’t know was that the plane was redirected to another runway meaning the passenger you were waiting for was entering through gate number 1 and you missed the tannoy message because you weren’t listening to God’s constant updates (because obviously you already know exactly how it’s going to be). In the cctv footage the person of your dreams walks right past you but your back was turned and the sign was pointing the other way.

It’s the same with standing in the wrong line at the bank because you didn’t bother to look up to see the “Teller Closed” sign.

When you don’t pay attention how can you let God deliver your good?

Open heart, open mind, open eyes, open ears, open arms, open gate, open teller…

They say that what’s for you won’t go past you, but if you reject it, do you really give it a choice? Open up to a whole new slipstream, what you want might be hidden inside.

More later… x

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Weekly Oracle – Fill Up Then Spill Over

Woohoo! It’s back! Normally when I see the Sacred Chalice come out of the pack I have an “Oh No!” moment, but not this week. This week I was fist pumping and thinking “yeah, bring it on,” knowing that when you fill up then spill over the contents of the cup, even the trickiest of weeks can be truly magical.

It’s all about perspective this week as things are set to shift dramatically. For some of us that will mean miracles, for others it might seem like the rug is being pulled out from underneath you and knocking you squarely on your arse! You get to choose how you respond to the surprises in store.

I’m expecting things to go either way… hedging my bets if you like, I figure that landing on my feet is something to celebrate but landing on my arse is something I can giggle about if I get over myself… nobody’s watching anyway and even if they are, laughing at yourself is an excellent way to lighten the intensity of transformation.

That’s what is really going on this week, transformation.

The proverbial cup is symbolic of your vitality levels and your capacity for self-love, when the cup is empty you have nothing to give and nothing to smile about. When it’s full, anything that spills over you get to share with the world.

You can’t expect anyone else to fill that cup for you so if you are feeling a little on the empty side then now is the moment to reclaim all the bits of you that you have given away, draw back your power from all lifetimes, all timelines, all dimensions and all beings that would seek to drain you. They have Sacred Chalice’s of their own and are responsible for their own healing journey… that’s the true meaning of Principle 6: I AM Self-Full.

The 7 Principles of The Wholly Grail are designed to centre you in peace, reclaim your essential nature and your power inspire of external pressures and circumstances, so whatever is shifting for you this week, YOUR Grail is your is your wellspring of energy to ride the wave.

For more clues on this Solstice week ahead you can

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Here’s wishing you an amazing Solstice Week ahead (even if you do spend it arse over tit)!… x


Weekly Oracle – A Doorway Opens

It’s been a few weeks since The Sacred Chalice presented itself and it is my belief that this is an opportunity we should take full advantage of as a doorway opens.

I’ve been quiet on the site for the last couple of weeks whilst processing some deep internal stuff. Not bad stuff, just my stuff. Examining my truest hopes, wants, needs, dreams and desires, listening to my soul’s calling and understanding the path I chose with new appreciation and wonder. During this time I’ve also been assessing what I don’t want, as if sorting the chaff from the wheat.

My connection the the angels has meant some very intense etheric conversations about my motives and my expectations and the exploration of those sometimes deeply buried answers, has led me to the most beautiful realizations…

But what has my stuff got to do with this weeks oracle?

The Oracle at Delphi states above the entrance “Know Thyself.” It is my belief that when you truly know your own heart all else follows.

This is a week where surprise communications bring the news you have been waiting for. Offers, invitations and opportunities follow and lay the groundwork shaping the next part of the journey. This is a one-step-at-a-time process and a once in a lifetime gift, but it also has paradoxical influences…

The paradox is that something that you have worked hard to heal within yourself must now reflect that healing in the outside world, which may mean that the surprise might just arrive from someone with whom there has been past tension exploring reconnection.

The Sacred Chalice can represent either the full overflowing cup of abundance or it can represent the upturned and spilled vessel of fear and lack. It can be love or the absence of it, health and vitality or illness and frailty… whatever the apparent state of the presented Chalice, it always represents sudden shifts and the potential for miracles. You get to choose how to receive The Sacred Chalice: hope, open-heartedness, gratitude and positive expectation mean that you will always receive the blessing regardless of the form the gift takes… make sure that love is your guide this week.

A doorway opens when you are ready to travel the next stretch of the journey, and the next stretch is set to be the most beautiful you’ve experienced so far, it’s a road you will want to travel for many years to come… don’t fear a tentative start. It’s ok to be unsure of your new circumstances as long as you are sure of what lives inside your heart.

I don’t know about you but I’m holding out my hands and opening my heart to receive… This time I know the gift is for me and I won’t waste it.

More next week … x

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Saturday Oracle – A Moment For Miracles

Have you ever just admitted to yourself that you have no clue what to do next and surrendered in prayer? That very admission may be a moment for miracles.

This week Principle 2: I AM Detached joins the deeply spiritual violet crown chakra in that moment of surrender to open your life up to the kingdom of heaven as you let go and let God.

I know it sounds very “church on Sunday” but this isn’t about being born again, it’s about asking the universe to guide you when you have been faffing about in the dark for such a long time trying to convince yourself you know what you’re doing when clearly you haven’t a clue.

I happen to have had first hand experience of this phenomenon just this morning. As I went to bed last night I admitted to myself, God and the angels, that I had no idea how to fix a part of my life in a way that benefits all involved. I identified the exact aspects of what was causing my happiness and health to be affected but that try as I might I couldn’t see a clear path to a suitable solution. I asked for help and for inspiration to find a direction that filled me with excitement and drive so that I could pour myself into a new direction with as much enthusiasm as I could muster, I then completely let go having faith that the answers would arrive in divine right timing… and this morning just prior to waking, I dreamed a dream so vivid about issues I had failed to perceive and new creative ways of tackling them that I can hardly believe how excited I am.

I literally woke up with the beginning of an answer to my prayers…

Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of work to do. God and the angels didn’t fix everything, what they did was hear my concerns, honour my admission that I needed help and provided clarity and direction to set me back on the path. God gave me the nudge so I can become the miracle.

Principle 2 is about being fully present and letting go into what is, understanding what can and cannot be controlled. The crown chakra is your connection to Source and higher wisdom, your arena for creative dreaming and inspiration and, if you let it, the blank space in which an answered prayer may become a viable idea.

As you venture into the week ahead, stop going round in circles  trying to figure everything out and just get present in a moment for miracles, ask, then let go and let God.

Have a blessed week… x

Saturday Oracle – Heads: You Win, Tails: You Still Win

Our trusty favourite: The Sacred Chalice makes an appearance this week and of course we don’t need to pull a chakra challenge card with this indicator as it stands alone and speaks for itself. And it affects every part of your life when it shows up. We don’t always consider it a favourite though, considering it could literally go either way unless of course you begin to take the attitude and perspective of “Heads: you win, Tails: you still win.”

If life, health, wealth, love and happiness were the contents of a cup (or sacred chalice), then the fuller the cup the more of those things you would enjoy, or any combination of them. What if the cup spilled? Now you would consider yourself to be really unlucky in those areas and to potentially have lost everything, right?

What if the now empty cup was instead considered and pure, clear vessel in which create abundance with fresh energy and new versions of those things that you think you lost? What if the spilled contents were merely making way for more beautiful opportunities to flow into your life?

When you see this week as a win-win situation whichever way the Chalice shows up, then the surge of wonderful that is headed your way will be just that, provided you employ every one of the Grail Principles.

Change is inevitable. The Sacred Chalice is akin to a blended Tower, Star and Wheel of Fortune in the tarot. It can bring blessings but it can also bring stress as your circumstances shift. Whatever is going on around you, keep a keen eye on your health and well-being while the chaos subsides and remember that whatever is making a mess in the moment, be it an upturned or an overflowing Grail cup, when the dust settles and you look back at it from the other side of this week, you will see the miracles and the potential for even more.

More next week… x


Monday Mind Manoeuvre – Making Miracles

Having entered a massive shift in my life where all external things have become temporarily unstable and unfamiliar (not to mention incredibly stressful), I thought I would take a moment before throwing myself back into the fray to remind each of us that every day has the potential for making miracles happen.

It takes a very special kind of connection: a partnership with the Divine, to pull off the kind of magic that can sweep you up in a whirlwind and deliver you safely into a new situation where the air is clearer, the opportunities are riper and the music of your life syncs in harmony with the symphony of the universal flow… it’s called faith.

Though this is a shorter than usual post, I took writing  it as my own moment to check in with that relationship, with my guidance and my magical mentors and I’m off now to start making miracles of my own.

Today I pray you a crystal clear connection and may you be guided to where your magic is strongest.

Principles 1 & 7.

More later… x

First Monday Of The Month Challenge – Peering Through To Eternity

October, Wow! Seriously? As it’s the first Monday of the month that must mean we are ready for a Grail Challenge, right? Okay, what if I told you everything you ever wanted is sitting just beyond a thinly veiled curtain and all you had to do to manifest it was to breathe it in gently, relaxing fully whilst peering through to eternity?

You would ask me what I was talking about right?

Peering through to eternity is your ability to look through the veil with crystal clear vision at the image of your chosen future.

The veil is not made of anything except your desire combined with your belief, combined with your sense of worth… pure potential. Eternity then, isn’t so much about how long it takes to bring that desire into the here and now (through the curtain), it’s more about how easily you melt into your own miracle-slipstream or come into full alignment with your vision, hence breathe it in gently and fully relax.

If you are anything like me, then peering through to eternity is really easy… I have 20/20 vision through the veil (I must have been born with special goggles), the bit I struggle with is the relaxing about it and that’s down to three important Grail Principles, the first of which is that worthiness thing I was talking about… Principle 1: I AM God. In my less empowered moments I freak out just like the average Jo/Joe asking: “what the heck makes me so special that God would let me have that miracle?” …and then I remember that I AM an aspect of the Divine and to deny me would be to deny Him/Her/Itself… ludicrous! God (or whatever your chosen name for that Higher Power is) is just waiting for me to remember that I created the vision using the same matrix that creates form (mind moulding matter).

The second important aspect is Principle 2: I AM Detached… again with that breathing and relaxing thing! You have to remember to let go of the outcome. I can hold it for so long before I start to question but as soon as I question I stress, as soon as I stress I tense up and tensing up leads the breakdown of that third important aspect of the Grail: Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted.

To close the heart means to forget how to receive, how to allow the energy to flow to you, through you and from you. As everything in the universe is made of energy (both sides of the veil… in fact scrap the veil, it’s not real, it’s an illusion built to fool you into thinking that where you are now is separate from where you want to be just so your head won’t explode at the enormity of it), how are you going to draw your miracle made manifest into your life if you’ve closed your heart and stopped the flow of that energy? Basically you’re rejecting the very thing you’re asking for!

So then your challenge for this first Monday (of which there are only 2 more this year) is to picture your chosen reality as if it’s already here, lean into the non-existent veil, peering through to eternity and breathe life into it, relaxing all the while as you believe it’s already yours, it’s already a done deal and you’re not only worthy of it but joyously sharing in your good fortune with those you love.

Challenge made… Challenge accepted?

Let me know what you see when peering through to eternity and what so far has stopped eternity from arriving?

More later… x

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Saturday Oracle – Suspending Disbelief

I just had the weirdest dream that perfectly sums up this combination and I’ll share it in just a moment but before that let’s get the basics in place…

This week Principle 2: I AM Detached, takes a hold of the mesmerising violet of the crown chakra and plays with it just a little. In this combination you may be forced to open your mind to believe in something that you cannot yet see, touch, hear, or feel; something so removed from your current zone of understanding that actually suspending disbelief to allow it to play out is the only way to proceed… prepare to be amazed.

The dream: I was in a hospital being seen at random because a doctor had caught a glimpse of something strange about me that concerned him whilst I was waiting with someone else who was actually there with an appointment. I was dragged through a series of tests and scans and several specialists later, a surgeon came out to see me saying he would only hand write the condition down for me because I hadn’t gone through referral and so there were no official notes. Everyone looked so worried and I was there saying, “I feel fine… I feel better than I have in years.” He disappeared into a room and came back with a scrap of paper with a diagnosis I couldn’t pronounce. As I read the big words and the concern in his face I began to cry, asking him what the hell it was and what it meant. He replied: “Intermittently a large part of your brain shuts down and scans showed a storm in a part of the brain that should be dormant. During the times your brain goes into shutdown you will lose control over your body and may not be fully aware conscious without even knowing it, like you’re having blackouts.”

I laughed until it hurt and he could do nothing but look confused saying “do you understand the seriousness of this condition?” “Yes,” I replied, “Its called meditation, I never blackout, and the storm you see in a dormant part of the brain is me receiving wisdom from spirit.”

The dream went on to the surgeon asking me to prove what being a channel looked like while he monitored and I ended up ‘re-educating a top brain surgeon who witnessed his first miracle… a miracle which to me was just a normal morning practice!

His mind was fixed within his sphere of understanding and his expertise frightened me… even though I knew in my heart I was happier, healthier and more alive than I’d ever been.

So, this week you may witness a miracle or your mind may download new information or inspiration that seems fantastical and unbelievable even, but you must recognise that it only seems so because up until now it has been beyond your scope of understanding. Don’t allow the disbelief of others to frighten you either, your higher wisdom understands what you are ready to receive. Let it play out… it will soon become the new normal.

Have a great week!

More later… x

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