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The Priestess And The Thundermaker

The last few days as I’ve been contemplating last weekend’s oracle, I’ve been reminded of an old story, of which a re-imagined version: The Priestess And The Thundermaker I would like to share with you now.

Once upon a fairy tale, in a forest alive with whispers from the various magical beings, was a woman, openly accepting of all manner of life and its divine right to be. To some she was the Oracle, to whom they would gravitate in times of both great need and of great abundance… the first they would ask and the first they would tell. In humility she gave of her best, opening their hearts and minds to the possibilities that already existed within them, that they may go and create the forest anew for the highest good of all with their newly remembered innate power.

The place where this Priestess resided within the forest was a simple dwelling, door always open but protected by a force field of pure love and light. It was long since prophesied that one day would come a storm, a storm so intense that the force field would be charged by lightening and grow to encompass the whole forest and even the world beyond. Some believed, some became weary at the centuries that had passed by, but all knew of the prophesy.

Just beyond the boarders of the forest lived a Shaman, a powerful co-creator with the magical forces of manifestation. Some called him a healer of enormous skill, a wanderer, a shapeshifter, but all respected his wisdom regardless that they sometimes feared his apparent power.

The Shaman had for many moons witnessed through the whispers of the forest, the power of the Priestess, and was aware also from his connection to all that there is, that the oncoming storm was prophesied. Unlike the rest of the forest he along with the Priestess understood that in order for the perfect storm to arise the timing must coincide with the coming together of the creative and the receptive, the masculine and the feminine, the yang must meet the yin for the force field to be struck and explode to encompass all life, all love.

Now nobody really knows the reason for the next part of the story but here goes… Having returned from his wanderings the Shaman had gathered that the Priestess had found peace, no longer waiting for the perfect storm, expecting that it would arrive in its own time in a format that even she, a powerful seer, could not anticipate. This disturbed him, we don’t know why, perhaps the whispering had always inspired him and helped to propel his own work in the world beyond the magical forest. His motives unclear, his actions were evident…

At the edge of the forest was the cave of echoes. He rested here sometimes and knew of its acoustic healing properties. He set to work inside the cave creating crashes and bangs and as much noise as he could, knowing the echoes would rumble through and around the forest for all to hear but especially for the Priestess… an omen? The coming storm? Would this be the time of great illumination, the time where lightening would finally strike and love flow over the whole world?

Each time the Shaman had returned in the past, the thunder would commence. Though the inhabitants of the forest believed in the prophesy as a literal storm, the Priestess knew that its symbolic nature was more likely… the day The Thundermaker stopped crashing and banging around the cave and stepped foot inside the forest, illumination would come, lightening would metaphorically strike and the combined alchemy of The Priestess and The Shaman, the cooperative creative power of Yin and Yang, shadow and light, would encompass the known world in an outpouring of love.

But she had heard the thunder before, so many times had the rumble resonated through her magical land… and she couldn’t see clearly past the dark clouds of experience to know if this clatter was the annunciation of the arrival of the storm or simply an unspecified attempt by the Shaman to remind the forest of his existence.

The universe asked that she suspend disbelief and stay open to the possibility of a miracle…

They say lightening never strikes twice. In the forest, until now, lightening simply never strikes… but the universe knows she has always remained open to the possibilities.

Yes I know I just played with The Boy Who Cried Wolf but it’s such a beautiful depiction of my point.

I hope you enjoyed it. Stay open. There may be weather just up ahead.

Principles 2, 3, 4 & 7

More later… x

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Monday Miracle – A Dream In The Making

I want you to know that you are not alone.

The last week or so has for many been a turbulent one. The universe has thrown everything it can your way to awaken you to the possibilities of a new way of being, but you cannot bring the old you along on the next part of the adventure. Let her (or him) die a metaphorical death so that you may be born anew.

It’s an anxious time, birth, but that’s what you are going through… maybe you’re bringing something forth in the external world like a new project, career, relationship or even an actual baby, but essentially the hidden miracle is that you are the very thing that you are giving birth to. Whatever is being created is creating a new version of you. Make no mistake that you will be changed forever.

There are cords, threads, hooks and chains all keeping you shackled to that old familiar version of yourself… some look like friends, family, old loves, habits both good and bad, fully invested in the previous incarnation that is attempting to return to stardust, reforming into a lighter, brighter more natural replacement. They won’t let go of what they know easily, she (he) could be depended upon to act a certain way, follow a certain pattern, be cajoled or controlled into what they needed regardless of how you felt or what you needed from her (him). I know you’re afraid. You too have come to have certain expectations of how life should be, what you are worth and whether this is your lot. You know this place. It’s safe. But it’s also stifling, restricted and painful…. let her die.

You are not alone.

The end of a karmic cycle is upon you and as unmapped as the onward path may be, you will be walking it with other intrepid souls who won’t let you fall.

This Monday Miracle is a dream in the making… feel out those old attachments, threads and chains and decide which ones bring joy, which bring sorrow, sadness and fear, choose to feed the joyful connections as you are reborn into the light and as you turn from the darkness all else will simply fade away.

This is the true you, your authentic self… and she (he) is magnificent.

Principle 1: I AM God, Principle 4: I AM Truth

More later… x

The Power To Survive Anything

Upon waking this morning I was overcome with a sense of internal invulnerability that I haven’t felt in a long time. It comes ahead of a weekend filled with a full moon, a weird cosmic alignment, a comet etc… but more importantly it comes ahead of change. Maybe unprecedented change.

We always know when change is approaching because we are wired to understand at least on a subtle level the nuances and invisible fluctuations of the energy moving towards us, as the chakra system acts as a sequence of receivers and transmitters constantly interpreting the environment we live in… that’s what a sixth sense is.

Maybe you have noticed a subtle change in the behaviour of another or that the message has changed in even the tiniest of ways; a minute drop in temperature that warns you of incoming weather or birdsong that registers unconsciously as the approach of spring?

Change is neither good nor bad, change just is. And its essential to the cycle of life too, without it we stagnate. Not knowing what change is on its way though can be a scary prospect. Then you get this feeling I’m experiencing…

The power to survive anything happens when you recognise that you already have survived… just arriving here on the planet, being born is an ordeal in itself and yet here you are. Chances are you have been through some pretty memorable stuff up to this point in your life too. I’ve survived bereavement multiple times, divorce, severe illness, near blindness, relationships both good and bad, financial expansion, financial collapse, connection and rejection… up as well as down and yet I’ve survived. I believe I will even survive death, (at least on a soul level) because according to Principle 1: I AM God…

That feeling of invulnerability comes not from a place of defiance or arrogance but instead from a humble place of acceptance that all is as it should be and all is part of the adventure. Any experience that is meant for me I open my arms and my heart and welcome with gratitude as a lesson and a blessing from an ever loving Divine Parent.

And once again  I ask to step simply and swiftly into the slipstream towards my miracles.

More later… x

Saturday Oracle – Hit The Jackpot!

Grail Oracle Chalice

For those of you, like me, that don’t like surprises, you must be seriously struggling this time of year. Not only are you stressing about whether you made it onto Santa’s ┬ánaughty or nice list, you’re proper panicking about whether or not he even got your order… I mean, how bad would it be if you actually had to fake it when you opened your pressies on Christmas morning because Santa bought you a Valentino Rossi Moto GP beach towel when you wanted a diamond ring? (Random I know, but my ex-husband actually did that once and thought it was an appropriate present just because he liked motorbikes)!

The reason we don’t like surprises is simply that we have no control over what’s about to happen, good, bad or ugly, but what if I told to you that you’re about to hit the Jackpot!?

This week The Sacred Chalice card almost exploded out of the deck as I was selecting a combination, the only one that does not require a complimentary chakra card. Now this card can have both positive and negative interpretations but following the last few weeks of stress, this card signals not just relief but complete transformation through nothing short of a miracle.

Whatever you have been waiting for, it’s arriving this week. Whatever you’ve been struggling with, it’s lifting this week. That being said, welcoming a miracle means you have to get out of your own way, don’t question it, don’t attempt to control it, just revel in it.

I don’t know if you’ve already posted your Christmas list to Santa but I do know that God and the angels heard your thoughts when you wrote it… I can’t promise you a diamond ring or anything else in the material sense but this weeks oracle is promising you an answered prayer.

Be open, be grateful and be blessed.

More next week… x

Saturday Oracle – Sleeping Dragon

Grail Oracle 2Grail Oracle Red

There is an almost undetectable underlying rumble about the next few days and this week’s combination hints once again at The Tower falling… though this time it’s a long overdue and welcomed breakthrough rather than the fearful gripping sensation that we would associate with the symbolism.

When Principle 2: I AM Detached sets its attention on the stability of the intense red base chakra, with it comes the undeniable apprehension of preserving what is current… but anyone can tell you that all structures eventually disintegrate and return to dust ready to rise up again in a new form.

The sense of excitement around this impending change is going to feel markedly different from the sensationalist socio-political arena we have been subjected to of late and more so because this oncoming change is personal and close to home.

Imagine if you will, a sleeping dragon beginning to stir below ground after millennia of myths and legends being passed down from generation to generation, downgraded to all but a fairytale told to children as bedtime stories… those children’s children’s children now grown and feeling the awakening consciousness of a brand new beginning and the palpable anticipation of the dragon’s emergence from below ground into the light as it were… millennia having passed, the ground has now been over developed and the tower (or towers) have been erected as mighty symbols of power and status, but the ancient promise knows nothing of this new way of being… soon to become an old way of being as magic returns to the land.

Yes, it’s very mythical in context but let’s put it in everyday perspective: something you’ve only ever dreamed about and believed until now to be impossible, well improbable at least, is now showing signs of manifesting in your life, but in order for it to fully awaken there must be some form of destruction of the familiar.

Stay present, don’t panic, and be open to reconstructing in a new way allowing what’s not necessary to fall away, thus creating space for a magical life. It’s all about flexibility and priorities.

It’s worth noting too, that when the base chakra is highlighted, your attention may still be being drawn to your physical health. Being detached in this case is still very much about remaining present with what is and not racing to conclusions about what might happen in the future… you create health here in the present with every choice you make… worry isn’t a life affirming selection.

Don’t fear the dragon and definitely don’t stand in the way when the ground starts shaking.

Ooh, and look out for that Super-Moon in Taurus this week too.

More later… x

Greet The Sun

Did you choose how to greet the day today?

Our experience moment to moment, day to day can appear to be one of only two things: living or life happening to you.

If you are currently in a state of disempowerment then the chances are that life is happening to you and fooling yourself into believing that you have no say in the matter will only magnify the feeling. Whilst it is true to say that there are a multitude of events and circumstances that are happening around us without our apparent input such as the sun came up this morning, your outlook at that miraculous occurrence will be the judge of your experience…

Did you greet the sun upon waking with a groan that indeed you were being forced to participate in another round of “a day in the life of…” or did you decide that with that sunrise came an opportunity to make a real difference in your life, in the lives of others?

You may think that making a shift between these two states is the equivalent of personality surgery or that something would need to drastically change in order for you to feel positive about a Monday morning and you would be right, something would need to change: You! You would need to be that change, make that change and recognise that waiting for life to change around you is as disempowering as it gets. If you are waiting for the universe to serve you a miracle then you need to know that the universe is encouraging you to become the miracle.

Start by one small internal shift, just one: instead of yearning for all the things you don’t have, feeling disappointed, celebrate all the things that you do have by showing them some genuine love.

Everything that exists in your life right now is your creation, whether you actively participated in its creation or sat back and complained without intervention… it’s all yours so start loving it… and watch how much life starts to love you back.

Gratitude is the key to a beautiful life.

Principles 1, 2 & 7

More later… x

The Tunnel

Grail Oracle 7Grail Oracle Red

I have to admit I’ve struggled with today’s oracle combination because both it’s positive and negative attributes are at play in my own life at present, this being the case, I’m going to present to you with a neutral choice which could lead to either or…

Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted meets the blood red root or base chakra in “The Tunnel” and with it comes all manner of manifestations… The question here is what do you want manifest?

Having an open heart requires a massive amount of faith and courage because it entails allowing control to shift as you let go of all strings knowing that whatever the outcome, your needs will be met. Check out the picture above, it shows magnified red blood cells that carry oxygen and resources around the body… now imagine if you will that your physical heart was blocked or closed off to these cells, what would happen? It doesn’t bear thinking about really does it? Energetically speaking when the grounding red energy of material flow is unable to be received and then released by a closed heart chakra life stops. I’m not necessarily talking about the physical death that the first instance would involve here though, I’m talking about an economic, material, social and emotional death.

It sounds appalling doesn’t it? And there I was promising you a neutral choice… Okay well let’s look at the alternative: an open heart and a positive flow of red energy elicits, physical vitality, abundant material provision, the removal of obstacles to achieving your dreams… do you like that idea better?

So given that The Tunnel is ahead of you this week, are you going to enter with absolute faith, giving up the need to know how you’re going to make it through, trusting God to provide everything you need and pull you out the other side, or are you going to grip the sides attempting to control the flow, jamming up the tunnel with everything that went before, all the baggage and fear that you’ve dragged with you?

You have the opportunity to witness a miracle manifesting this week… or you have an opportunity to stop one in its tracks… The choice is neutral, the outcome however…

More next week… x

The Sacred Chalice

Grail Oracle Chalice

The Intuitive Chalice Oracle is made up of combinations. 0ne of each of 7 Principles and 7 chakras, totalling 49 possible combinations (98 if read as both positive and negative)… and then there’s the wild card… When The Sacred Chalice card is pulled from the deck nothing else is needed, no further card is required as this card is the ultimate omen.

But omen of what?

When used as a diagnostic tool, the pessimistic approach is always taken, as for the purposes of healing, this vessel is empty and the bearer depleted of all emotional, spiritual, and physical resources and is literally at rock bottom but this is not a diagnosis, this is an oracle reading and as such this can go one of two ways: the one mentioned above or the complete opposite.

Now, reading the energy I’ve been following this week and the incessant onslaught of signs that have been heading my way, I’m willing to stick my neck out and declare that a miracle is just around the corner and your proverbial cup is about to overflow with whatever your heart desires!

As we flow into Beltane tomorrow; a celebration of love, abundance, fertility, joy and wellbeing are hot on its heels bringing you whatever you have been waiting for: The Wholly Grail itself. Possessing The Wholly Grail, inner peace, enlightenment, contentment etc, however temporarily, will renew your faith in the universe; revitalise your energy, resolve, creativity and your natural ebullience and zest for life, fuelling you for the next part of your journey whatever that may be… and it may be quite different from how you imagined it.

You have been waiting such a long time to collect your reward… it’s here for you now (even if you cannot see it yet).

Blessings All… More next week… x