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Weekly Oracle – At Peace With Progress

Being at peace with progress is the central theme of this week’s Intuitive Chalice Oracle combination, as Principle 2: I AM Detached, joins forces with the blood red base chakra which has appeared for us again this week. Whereas last week the arrival of this chakra had us focusing on health issues (I didn’t come out of it unscathed having had minor surgery on a dodgy elbow midweek), this week is more focused on our material wellbeing and security…

For some time now you may have been aware on a subconscious level of an incoming change. Transformation, even when positive, brings a certain amount of upheaval to your life and you have worked hard to release emotional attachments to anything that might hold back any necessary movement from one way of life to another. 

All of us, regardless of how conscientious, create ties and strings as we go through life. They may take the form of family, friendships, partnerships, contracts, jobs, salaries, possessions, property, etc, all of which have us forming roots of a sort that keep us bound but also keep us feeling safe, secure and give us a sense of belonging, which is in many cases necessary for our well-being and for us to thrive. Before you can grow or transform your circumstances you must loosen your grip on some or all of these things to allow a new set of ties and strings to take hold. It doesn’t mean you don’t love and appreciate what you have, it is simply that you acknowledge change as being inevitable and to some extent you understand that the soul’s journey is far more valuable than any anchor that may hold it back… if you fight change you begin to wither in the bud.

Let’s say for instance that you are a home-body, (I always have been), the kind of person who does like to explore but always feels relief when returning to the place you grew up, the place you still call home. This is where your roots are. Now imagine you meet your soulmate and after many years of living and working apart there’s a feeling that the time might be right to join your lives together and potentially commit to a united future. Now imagine that your soulmate is a proverbial nomad, currently living abroad, their work has them constantly on the move, and living in your neck of the woods for any more than a fleeting visit would be near impossible… one of you will have to give up the lifestyle you have… even if you don’t particularly aspire to the other’s way of life, because love and connection and union is far more important than an address.

The week’s energies suggest that you had got yourself, at least emotionally, into a place where you were willing to let go of all that you have and all that you know, (your security and safety), to take a mammoth leap into uncertainty to follow your soul’s calling, but that now something, someone perhaps, has highlighted just how unstable that choice is and your worry has elevated to a point where all bets are off.

Principle 2 demands that you stay present in the moment where all your power is. The power you gathered has now been spread to the four winds and your grip on what is known has tightened because the one thing that felt secure about letting go has been sullied somehow. (In the above scenario maybe the connection between you and your soulmate is being tested by insecurity, (theirs and yours), or a miscommunication of some kind.

This maybe a week where you feel like you are back to square one and any and all progress you made up to this point has been lost… that isn’t so, you are experiencing a temporary set back, a restriction of movement that will in fact enable a smoother transition later on. The key is to keep your eye on the intended outcome whilst remaining focused on what is, and keep lines of communication open in order to learn more about the true nature of the complication from all angles.

It will soon be safe to let go and you can one again be at peace with progress.

More later… x

Weekly Oracle – An Unburdened Beginning

I have to admit, it’s taken me a while to nail down the message in this pairing. I usually select the cards by hovering my hands over the shuffled and spread deck, feeling where the energy is strongest. I do this every Friday evening and then contemplate the message overnight to be written on Saturday morning and its usually fairly obvious immediately, but for some reason this week I really did need to sleep on it… probably because the initial card refers to having “too much.” (In my case probably on my mind).

Let’s get going… Principle 5: I AM Liberated meets the vibrant, effervescent orange sacral chakra to recommend to you an unburdened beginning… but what beginning and from what must we unburden ourselves?

The sacral chakra is the energy centre which helps you form intimate attachments and relationships, it draws you to compatible partners, social connections, a particular family unit and even tribe. Universal and astrological changes set to occur in the coming weeks are highlighting major shifts in the structures of our lives, for some more than others. The social environment that we currently occupy is just such a structure and likely to expand or shift completely beyond these energetic transits (check out any report on the Uranus/Taurus transit for more info about the astrology as its not my area of expertise).

Before you go out into the world to meet new people and form new connections you must first recognise the difference between forming a superficial impression or a long lasting intimate bond –  one which will form the basis of your new reality and begin creating the structures for the next part of your life.

Principle 5 centres around material burden and what we might call the trappings of status. On the surface appearing to give prestige to the bearer but ultimately crushing you under its weight. Whilst you are focused on keeping up appearances you are missing the opportunity to build a solid foundation to what could potentially be a life giving exchange.

There is also the possibility that you may be holding so tightly onto the false sense of security provided by the things you have: the house, the car, the job, the friends, the salary…. whatever, even if they are bringing you enormous stress just to hold onto them, that you are in danger of missing the potential for expansion into true connection because there just isn’t room for anything or anybody else and you don’t feel like you can possibly take any more.

I have to tell you there is also an underlying “inadequate” nature to this combination which suggests that you may be feeling like your trappings of status don’t match the new connections soon to be available to you….if Principle 1: I AM God pops up in the next couple of weeks, highlighting personal worthiness, that energy will be confirmed. Remember that true connection is about the abundance of grace within you not the abundance of gold without.

So then, this week it’s time to off load all that prevents you from expansion and connection even if it is just the emotional attachment to a perceived comfort zone and the shiny baubles that make up your current mask.

Wishing you an unburdened week making way for an expansive future… x



Modus Operandi Part 5: Everything Else Is Just Gravy

As you’ve probably worked out by now if you’ve been reading this series: there are 7 parts to this Modus Operandi theory I’ve been exploring. Today it’s worth exploring under the hood of ownership, there’s what we actually need and then everything else is just gravy.

Coming from a perspective of lack we cling to everything in a desperate bid to create a sense of safety. From the perspective of competition we accumulate stuff as a representation of how well we’re doing. Each of these reasonings is fundamentally flawed and in opposition to other Grail Principles. For example: if you embrace Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted, you will place yourself in the flow of abundance, giving and receiving in equal measure and all of your needs are effortlessly met. If you embrace Principle 4: I AM Truth, your status in comparison to the next individual becomes obsolete as we understand that uniqueness is beyond comparison.

We accumulate more and more, building the prison of fear… not through having and appreciating beautiful, useful, life enhancing things but through the fear of losing them and the lengths we go to to maintain and keep them, to protect them which we lie to ourselves about how we are protecting ourselves, protecting our assets… but are they assets or are they liabilities?

I’m by no means anti material wealth, in fact I’d love a bigger house, nice car (and chauffeur), the latest gadgets, enormous bank balance and all the trimmings but what don’t want is the fear that comes with holding onto them…

So what do you keep telling yourself about what you have own and why you need to keep it? What is you Modus Operandi when it comes to justifying why you have to work so hard to make ends meet?

When you look at your bills do you instantly worry that you need to earn more to cover it… or do you recognise that you simply need to ‘own’ less and reduce stress, live free.

When you shift out of denial and get clear about what you actually need versus “everything else is just gravy” you let go of the attachment to all things, then lack, grasping, fearful behaviours and worry energy give way to peace, contentment, flow and abundance.

Start this weekend with a fearless inventory of your ‘must haves’ and your ‘nice to owns’, you’ll be amazed at how much pressure it takes off. Principle 5: I AM Liberated.

Want to get over your fearful blocks? Grail Seekers have access to the Grail Mechanics. It’s FREE to join the quest here.

Wishing you a liberated life… x

Saturday Oracle – Free Your Mind From Worry

Worry is the single most useless type of thought process you can apply your mind to, and yet it is also a fairly universal preference. I say preference because we have a choice, and if we have a choice and still choose worry then surely it’s because we prefer it? Isn’t it time to free your mind?

This week’s combination includes Principle 5: I AM Liberated, the affirmation of letting yourself out of a prison born of matter with the highly spiritual violet crown chakra. These two are are a prescription for remedial action where worry is concerned.

So the potential for the week ahead then is finding yourself being drawn into negative thought patterns and false beliefs about something or someone, that have been keeping you locked into your current set of circumstances and unable to move forward. It’s important to get to grips with the fact that neither the object nor the individual have any power over you, it is your thoughts about the subject that control your action or inaction.

Interrupting the worry habit is key to rectifying the detrimental effects on your physical and emotional life and there are a few ways you can do that… this particular combination is recommending meditation as an antidote, distraction is another that simply takes you filling idle time where your mind has too much opportunity to wander back to the familiar, with concentrated effort or new learning.

Worry is usually about loss of some kind, whether that be loss of material attachments, loss of status, loss of comfort, loss of tribal bonds and relationships, loss of reputation, loss of health and finally loss of life. Worry won’t fix any of those things and that’s why finding perspective through witnessing your life from a higher platform during meditation can help you firstly release your mental and emotional grip on whatever recurring thought has you held prisoner, and secondly will allow your higher self to switch you to solution based deliberation.

You may not actually be in danger of losing the object of your apparent distress at all and in that case the energy you expend fretting about it may be causing issues of its own.

All 7 Wholly Grail Principles are free to view on my website for a better understanding of how this philosophy works to find peace and freedom in your own life.

More next week… x