The Truth About Power And Magic

If you aspire to be the director of your own story and master of your own Grail, then first you must understand some fundamentals about the nature of the universe and the truth about power and magic. The Wholly Grail is an empowerment tool, a set of 7 Principles that set your soul free from […]

Monday Magical Moment – Unicorns Do Dressage

Early this morning I wandered down to the magical forest to take some invisible carrots for my friends the unicorns. They live there with the faeries who every Monday find much mischief to amuse themselves seeing as though their playmate humans have temporarily forgotten the magic and playfulness that comes with weekends and effortlessly slipped […]

First Monday Of The Month Challenge – The Wonderful Wizard

I’m sure it was my idea to do a First Monday Challenge but somehow it seems to have tempted fate a bit. Yesterday was an extremely challenging day for me emotionally when due to the snow we have been experiencing here in the UK, I was trapped on the opposite side of the city from […]

Saturday Oracle – Back To Bliss

It’s been a fair while since this combination came up and likewise the current renaissance that it is heralding. Principle 1: I AM God, fully embraces the effervescent yellow solar plexus chakra this week steering you back to bliss. For a few months there has been a low energy to the Oracle which finally began […]

A Stranger In A Strange Land

I’ve been absent from posting updates and insights for a couple of weeks due to a distinct lack of internet facilities during my house moving escapades. Though I’ve moved less than a couple of miles up the road I have to admit I’m currently feeling like a stranger in a strange land. Every noise is […]

Monday Mind Manoeuvre – Making Miracles

Having entered a massive shift in my life where all external things have become temporarily unstable and unfamiliar (not to mention incredibly stressful), I thought I would take a moment before throwing myself back into the fray to remind each of us that every day has the potential for making miracles happen. It takes a […]

Monday Mind Manoeuvre – Walking Between Worlds

Recently I’ve been questioning my direction. It happens when I spend too much time in the mundane, what people naively call reality, and I forget that I have the skill of walking between worlds. All it takes is a little magical thinking to transverse the dimensional gateways leading to other realms where wisdom is waiting […]

Fuelling Intention – Don’t Waste The Magic

I’m not usually one to be lost for words but there’s a reason I didn’t post a blog yesterday. Have you ever heard the idea that the more you talk about what’s happening the more you give away the power for it to happen? The power fuelling intention – don’t waste the magic… The Faerie […]

First Monday Of The Month Challenge – Believing In Fairy Tales

Is it really April? Theses first Monday of the month challenge days seem to come along thick and fast and I’m wondering where the year is disappearing to? Following on from the weekend’s oracle, I wanted to broach the subject of make believe and come at it from a slightly less pragmatic angle. No sooner […]