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Overcoming Fear However Long It Takes

It’s taken me years to get to this point. I’ve been putting off doing the things that scare me for so long that the actually transition from what was to what now is, seemed more like a tiny cosmic fart than a big deal, when it actually came down to it. Overcoming fear however long it takes, is your primary mission in following your own soul’s guidance.

Yes I’ve been putting off launching my Grail Temple Membership for about 5 years now. The technology has been in place on my website (I’ve even been paying for it to just sit there in the background), but I’ve only just this Solstice weekend finally hit the launch button and made it fully live to members.

We make such a big deal about the unknown in our own minds that we not only deprive ourselves of a learning experience but what we haven’t considered is that we deprive others as well. Especially when it comes to sharing our gifts with the world.

In Grail terms, we go through many stages of fear before we leap into the unknown. We ask the ineveitable questions:

  • Who am I to do that? (Principle 1)
  • What if it doesn’t work out and all turns to shit? (Principle 2)
  • Can I get over it if I fail? (Principle 3)
  • Will I be judged and will they get it? (Principle 4)
  • Will I become a slave to my own creation? (Principle 5)
  • How will it affect my health, happiness and wellbeing? (Principle 6)
  • What if I get nothing out of it when I put in so much? (Principle 7)

For me it was Principle 5 that tripped me up for years… I became a commitment-phobe and couldn’t reconcile the sheer amount of work it would take to manage and maintain the project, let alone create content for it. But then something dawned on me: I was doing all those things anyway but not actually in a way that would allow me to embrace Principle 7… there was no way for me to get anything out of it in return. My reserves were depleted and it was entirely my own doing. My fear didn’t stop me from giving, it just stopped me from receiving in balance.

The Grail is about overcoming fear however long it takes, so that you can live life in balance and remake your world the way you want it. It’s hard to see sometimes, just exactly what you are denying yourself in the name of self-preservation, or just exactly how much better life can be if you just let go of the handbrake and take the leap.

The transition was simple for me because over the years I was already delivering what I had always intended to… I just needed to package it in a more comprehensive way. But just because it was simple doesn’t mean it was easy… I still broke out in a cold sweat when I jumped!

If you want to learn how to overcome those questions and fears too, now you can, right here.

Love, Jo x

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That Moment Just Before You Leap

I can’t escape the obvious underlying feeling at the moment that I’m about to proverbially jump off a cliff and test my wings for what feels like the first time. But what happens in that moment just before you leap?

Spiritaully speaking, the angels begin to gather and the Divine starts making plans for your landing… because you will land. How and when, are a matter of physics and the laws of the universe, like the law of consequence and the law of attraction… but the law of gravity does not negotiate no matter how hard you bargain.

For me, this moment signifies readiness to commit to The Grail Unfiltered. It means that as I go forward, the mask is coming off. The veil is being lifted and the soft underbelly of my own journey through the ups and downs of embracing its teachings and yet still falling asleep on the job as-it-were, are about to be front and centre so that I can better guide you to understand how it can only work for you, it can only change everything, if you stay conscious every step of the way.

That moment just before you leap is filled with trepidation and what ifs. It is filled with calculations and negotiations and in truth, none of that really matters because the universe has a plan of it’s own and you have no clue if that plan is for you to crash and burn as sport or for you to fly so high that you leave a mark on the sun.

I have to believe that the universe is a benign force with no intention other than to channel through me and you, the secrets it holds, in hope that humanity can find balance and re-enter the garden we were placed into before we thought we knew better.

That moment just before you leap can be much better served with prayer:

I live to serve. Let me do so with an open heart and a clear mind, free of the fears that I might fail in my mission and free of the confines of being too afraid to try. Let me enter the arena and take my place among those who stood here before in the fire of their own truth. Let my truth be Thy truth and let me be a clear channel for healing and transformation in Thy name.

So be it.

I am unsure when my next post will arrive. I am unsure what it will contain. What I am sure of, in this moment before I leap, is that a new life is beckoning me.

If you are on the verge of testing your wings, feel free to switch your fear to faith and by all means use my prayer.

Jo x

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Saturday Oracle – Destination Undetermined

Something amazing is happening this week. Not only do we officially move into a new season at the equinox, we also have the opportunity to commence a new journey towards a destination undetermined.

Don’t look at this so much as actual travel although it could be,  but more an expansion of your horizons in your life in general.

The combination of Principle 2: I AM Detached, with the transformative nature of the violet crown chakra is a gateway to the path but it’s also an invitation to grace and surrender… hence undetermined. I know, we use oracles to attempt to predetermine everything but where’s the fun in knowing it all?

We all have questions about where our actions are leading: “How will this turn out?” “What are the consequences of my choices?” for example, but this combination is asking you to trust in the ride and have faith that you are on the right path.

Expect synchronous events to reassure you that you are moving in the right direction and allow room for Source to provide the map as you go. Though you get to set the intention for your inward or outward adventure, God is providing some interesting alternative routes and detours this week that you could never have imagined on your own and that turn out to provide you with far more scope for joy, abundance, advancement and achievement than you ever imagined possible… all you have to do is let go and let God lead.

When a door opens – boldly step through, when you have a hunch or an inclination – follow it….

What if this was the week that presented you with the first real evidence that a long held dream was about to evolve beyond the dream stage? What if the only thing between you and that path was potentially battling a dragon? What if the dragon was grossly misunderstood and just wanted a friend to play with…? Let go of the what ifs and instead fully embrace the what is.

Grace is about leaving room for miracles… and you are about to be delivered to yours… it’s time to take a leap of faith towards a destination undetermined but exactly where you always needed to be.

More next week… x

Monday Mind Manoeuvre – Discerning The Jumping Off Point

Divine timing is a tricky phenomenon to negotiate. For any plan or idea to work to your full advantage you have to know the optimum moment to launch yourself towards the outcome you desire. The leap of faith needed to transform the potential into the tangible is often less about faith and more about calculated risk: discerning the jumping off point is key to landing safely into your chosen scenario of success.

I remember as a kid, learning to get on and off a spinning roundabout safely without missing the spot or going hurtling head first towards the tarmac (we didn’t have all your soft surface playgrounds back then you understand, none of your “health and safety gone mad” measures you see today). The trick was to jump early…

When you see the moment approaching, by the time you have thought to yourself “I’ll go now” the moment has past you by and you have to wait for it to come around again.

Life is very much like the roundabout, it is moving in constant cycles and often when we think we are ready to jump it is because life is riding high for us so we are reassured of a soft landing or a favourable reception, but like The Wheel in a tarot deck, fate and fortune are always at play and the point at which you are most secure, the external circumstances are already transforming into less favourable. If I was a master of ancient Chinese philosophy I’d be probably be describing yin and yang and saying “the seed of night already exists within the height of the day,” and vice versa.

You may be looking at a situation in your life right now and feeling bemused because it appears that the optimum moment to make your leap of faith is cruelly moving further away from you. Things don’t look so favourable now and your insecurity is rising making your ability, or more accurately your willingness to jump less likely. This is the point when you shrink back and wait for it to come around again… but here’s the thing: when it spins back in your favour, by the time you’re confident… yep, you missed it again.

The moral of this story is that there is never a good time to jump, that’s why it’s called a leap of faith. That point on the roundabout that you’re aiming for is not the only point on the roundabout, the height of the day is not the only point in the day, the important thing is to get on board and start the ride even if it’s a less than elegant landing, even if you have to adjust position once you’re on-board, even if you have to cling on for dear life feeling a bit disoriented and dizzy by the change in perspective, perhaps even a bit battered and bruised by the handlebars as you awkwardly grab hold of this spinning adventure.

The Wheel of Fortune doesn’t stop to invite you to climb aboard, if there’s something you want, don’t wait for it to tell you it’s ready before you commit to it and jump… ready lasts for only seconds… if you’re waiting for encouragement, this is it, but the actual leap is all up to you and whenever you’re ready (but better still just before).

Meanwhile life keeps spinning.

Principle 2: I AM Detached

Happy Monday… x

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Saturday Oracle – Release The Inner Sunlight

External factors may be attempting to smother you in a dark cloud this week but you have the power to release your inner sunlight and find your joy no matter what.

Principle 5: I AM Liberated takes the hand of the yellow solar plexus in this combination and reminds you where your joy is once you remove all excessive extraneous attachments.

Theses attachments are not so much to do with human relationships as they are to do with the things you thought you needed to provide you with some sort of comfort.

Hold onto your hat because this is a combination where people suddenly quit their stressful jobs, they downsize homes, they up and leave everything that once brought security but stole their joy. Travel might be on the cards, adventure, new hobbies and blank schedules.

As you enter this week you will have a renewed sense of power, purpose, and the motivation to act. I’d like to say that the action is born completely of clarity about what you need to do, but it’s more about knowing what you don’t need to do anymore or ever again.

Freedom comes with a cost… bliss!

I don’t know about you but I’m willing to pay that price.

Remember that your new found sense of liberation is going to unnerve some people in your circle. Everyone (and I mean everyone) thinks from a point of self-interest so they will feel insecure about your emotional shift which may cause them to act out and throw negative energy your way. Stand your ground and stay your course because they will be genuinely happy that you are finding joy but frightened about what it means for them and how their own security becomes affected. People don’t give up security without a fight whether it’s internal or external, but you’ve fought long and hard enough, now it’s time to  feel release. You can be a beacon for them, showing the way.

As the week progresses, whether you have made small changes or a clean sweep, be playful with your every step, let your inner sunlight become the first thing people notice when they encounter you along their path… Your leap of faith will be an inspiration even if they don’t understand it yet.

Have a great week… x

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Monday Mind Manoeuvre – Taking The Next Natural Step

When you see life as a journey along a path, The Grail Path for example, each stage becomes a step that leads to the next and the next and so on. Taking the next natural step is a sign that you are ready for whatever life is revealing and you’re in alignment with what destiny has in store.

When something stops being big and scary and becomes just the next logical action in a series of cumulative lessons, it is evidence that divine timing has lined up all the relevant pieces to create an energetic bridge across what may once have seemed like a vast chasm.

A concept I use when introducing people to their guardian angels when they have never done anything like it before, is the visualisation of the rainbow bridge…

Standing on the edge of a great precipice, the other side clearly out of reach and the depths below obscured by a mysterious mist. You here a faint and gentle whisper, haunting and yet subtle in rhythm and pitch, calling you forward: “I’m here. Trust.” As the voice gets gradually louder and more reassuring you notice the mist begin to rise with its soft melody from the depths of the chasm below. Once the mist has risen high enough for the light to shine upon it, the light is refracted through the water vapour and forms a beautiful rainbow bridge to the other side…. and the voice calls you softly to cross the light bridge, step by step, fully supported by divine assistance and faith, whereupon reaching the other side of the great divide your guardian angel is waiting for your arrival with open arms.

It’s a beautiful visualisation and holds within it the seeds of wisdom for any apparently unreachable goal. Just because you couldn’t always see the bridge, or indeed the next step, doesn’t mean it wasn’t there or won’t show up when you need it to.

Whatever huge leap of faith you may be asked to take this week, believe that it is the next natural step and the chasm between where you are and where you want to be is actually just a matter of focusing on the light and believing the rainbow will appear when the timing is right.

May your Monday bring you a bridge to your dearest wishes.

Principles 2 & 7

More later… x

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