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Decide The Outcome Now

When I first began teaching The Wholly Grail back in 2012 I had no idea where I wanted to take it or how it would even be received. In fact, for a long time I simply did as Spirit asked and hoped for the best. The clear message now though, is decide the outcome now.

We are living in strange times. The world outside seems to have been turned on its head and many of us are feeling like our way of life is under serious threat. It could give rise to feelings of despondency and fear or it could give rise to a new found determination to find a fresh way of being that supports our greatest hopes and our health & wellbeing whilst also supporting our planet. This choice to focus on the vision we want for ourselves is the undercurrent for all mankind but also for me and my work.

In the last week, whilst the madness ramped up outside, I finally took the decision to go all in on a long held dream and took a leap of faith into the void to see if the universe would catch me. I had to consider all the aspects of the Grail in order to step up to the edge then let go. This is what I decided:

  • I am worthy of it… in fact I am the only one that can achieve this, because it’s my dream.
  • Me learning to fly or fall are the universe’s job… I only had to decide to be brave enough to jump and spread my wings.
  • All of my past failures were fuel for my future success… but not if I couldn’t forgive myself and others for the pain.
  • It had to be all me if I was going to do it… what everyone else thinks is just their opinion.
  • I am prepared to give up what I have to have what I need… clinging to what feels safe is the death of creativity.
  • I’m taking full responsibility for my own happiness and growth… they are the key to my well-being.
  • When I go all in, I expect those I go all in with to go all in with me… no more accepting less than I’m worth

…which brings me back to the first Principle. That is what these statements are, The 7 Principles of The Grail and they are how I decide the outcome now of my future path.

My leap was a personal triumph, a spiritual calling and a sound business decision. For you it could be anything from your health and well-being to your relationships. When you are at the beginning of a new chapter in your life, you have to decide the outcome now because if you don’t, how will you steer your ship towards the beautiful horizon you are dreaming of?

What are your intentions for the week/month/year ahead? Love yourself enough to decide the outcome now… and then take the leap of faith into the ocean of potential.

Get in touch if you need the courage to go all in!

Jo x

Here’s the link if you didn’t see the Dragon Reading this week? And don’t forget the Alignment Reading, it’s available from Monday afternoon.

How Do You Overcome The Urge To Go Back?

Have you ever been in that new-to-you situation where you are making amazing strides forward and really surfing the energy of inspired action only to find that the moment you stop, you slide back into old habits and almost ruin your run of blissed-out beingness? How do you overcome the urge to go back to how it was before?

What a couple of weeks I’ve had!

I have to be honest November has been a cyclone of activity here at Jo Jerodene central (also known as my kitchen), with content creation and finely tuned angelic connection guiding my every step as I dive into all the things that have been scaring the shit out of me for a while. All perfectly coordinated, planned and scheduled. Heck, I even had time in my “Oh-my-God-you’re-on-fire-woman” timetable to take up learning the Pasodoble and other latin dances to make sure the inordinate amount of time I’m spending at my desk doesn’t transform me into a spreading seated statue!

But then I went and did the unthinkable…

I stopped and let someone else’s timetable take over my own. Someone else’s needs, someone else’s priorities… and my Self-Full streak came crashing down all in the name of a social life.

Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with friends and loved ones and being Self-Full means finding balance in all areas of your life. Isolation certainly isn’t on my list of things to accomplish for a healthy or happy life. It’s simply that the time I scheduled for the encounter got rearranged due to poor planning on our part and as a result was extended into two sessions rather than one… cue: my schedule out the window!

When you are an empath, social situations require recovery time to reset your energy, so the day that followed also had to be written off for me… but there is a part of me that if I’m 100% honest with myself (Grail Principle 4: I AM Truth), never mind you, I allowed that recovery day to become a day of reversion to an old pattern.

I told myself I didnt have what it takes to do the most basic stuff and convinced myself that I was being Self-Full when what I was actually doing was self-sabotaging my good work, to settle back into a comfort zone which, if I’m even more honest is now feeling anything but comfortable.

See, as the creator of the Grail, I’m still just as vulnerable to overturning the cup and spilling its vital life force everywhere through subconscious patterns and lack of discipline.

So, how do you overcome the urge to go back?

I have several systems in place that have been successful in pulling me back from the breach today, the first of which is my commitment to you. Accountability is a brilliant way of keeping on top of things, but more effective even than that, has been the massive amount of pre-work I did (before I came back to public Grail work), on my “why?”

Knowing why you do something, your real underlying motive, your goal, your intention in it’s purest form, can give you all the ammunition you need to shoot the shit out of your inner demons and quieten the loudest voice of opposition your ego can throw your way.

It was never my commandeered schedule that was the cause of my misery, it was my inflexibility, my inability to adapt and my old self waiting to for the first excuse to take control of the reigns with evidence of why being different won’t work…

She’s now been kicked to the curb and I’m on high alert for her attempting to sabotage me again.

The Grail Mechanics have the answers to the inner demons who want to see you fail. Watch out in the next couple of weeks because I will make them available more widely for you to ponder and conquer your own sabotage squad!

Jo x

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Weekly Oracle – The Fault In Our Thinking

There is a feeling of follow-up to last week’s oracle with this combination, almost like the universe wants you to course correct slightly to find a more direct path.

When Principle 3: I AM Human shows up in an oracle reading chances are a mistake has been made that requires adjustment and forgiveness. When you pair it with the deep indigo brow chakra then that mistake equals the fault in our thinking.

So last week I was talking about an old dream that was now beginning to show signs of being delivered. I also mentioned meeting God (or the manifestation you almost forgot you’d asked for) halfway across a symbolic bridge. The problem indicated this week is that you may be so focused on how far the object of your intention has come to meet you, that put all your power over there instead of right where you are.

Let me try to lay this out for you…

Yesterday in meditation, Archangel Michael asked me: “Where do you stand?” My first reaction was that I had no idea where I stood in relation to the goal but as he uttered again “What’s your position?” I realised that my position had nothing to do with where the outcome was.

Imagine that you want something in your life, say for example a soul mate relationship, (many of us can relate to that), well where you stand on the matter – your focus, your intention, your desired outcome, are all products of your own decisions and your ability to say: “This is what I want no matter what it takes or how long I have to keep believing.” The fault in our thinking is when we state: “I don’t know where I stand with you.” This implies that your position is in the hands of someone else’s whims… the actual issue is that you don’t know where they stand or whether this is a shared goal or outcome… but that is a whole different kettle of fish.

So then, this week it’s time to clarify your position, at least to yourself, about exactly where you stand and what your intentions are, whatever the subject matter.

Clear away any doubts and indecision, re-up the faith quota, forgive yourself for faltering and even temporarily giving away your power (and position) to outside influences. Get crystal clear in your intentions and practice constancy… and most of all remember the universe responds to focused instruction… just leave room for the form of the outcome to evolve.

When you know where you stand on that bridge, there is no fault in your thinking and God, in whatever form, knows exactly where to find you in His own good time.

I know where I stand on the matter, how about you? If you need help defining your position then why not book a one-to-one here?

Have a blessed week… x

Saturday Oracle – Let It Become

The future is flowing towards you at a rate equal to that which you are flowing towards it. I have a simple prayer that I offer before I sleep each night as part of my own practice, it goes like this:

“Divine Father, As I fall asleep tonight, it is my intention to come and find you. Please meet me halfway. Amen.”

It implies that you only have to set off in the right direction, with the right intention and keep your heart and mind open to receive the signs that life is responding to your moves with moves of its own.

This week as Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted, the aspect of the Grail that handles flow, receptivity and reward teams up with the deep indigo of the 3rd eye chakra which encompasses vision, prophecy and the ability to process intellectual information, the disparate pieces of an old idea or plan come into focus and something that felt blocked and impossible, now shows signs of making strides towards you.

It may have been some time since you made your move, you may have even stopped trying in the time between its inception and the evidence now about to show up for you, thinking that your efforts had gone unmatched and unnoticed. The truth though was that the distance between where you began and your ultimate goal was so vast that the steep curve in the bridge between the two prevented you from seeing how far God had travelled from the other side to meet you on this issue.

Can you curb your frustration, your impatience and your previous disappointment enough now to allow the meeting in the middle to take place? It might have been years and you might have given up. You may have chalked up your old vision to the failure pile and settled for a scaled down version of your now less than perfect outcome… are you able now, even after giving up hope of ever fulfilling your dream, to let it become?

When these two energies reach out for each other the flow of events draw your requirements into alignment with your intentions. Just yesterday I was talking about focusing on the big picture and letting go of the details… it’s the Divine’s job to move the pieces into play at the perfect moment but now they are beginning to turn up its your job to refocus on the vision and make a decision: Do you want what you said you wanted and are you willing to commit to being its steward upon its arrival?

Being Open-Hearted is a responsibility… if you want to be a teacher you must teach responsibly, if you want to be a musician then you must commit to making music, if you want a relationship you must commit to being a gracious partner, in fact everything you want comes with a commitment.

If God is to meet you on the bridge of dreams this week with whatever you had almost forgotten you asked for, then you must face Him head on and vow to be receptive to the form in which its being delivered and to show gratitude by the way you commit to taking care of the gift.

There are still a few steps left to reach the halfway point and you will need to show you still want this miracle… step forward, open your arms and welcome Destiny on its own terms.

Let it become.

More later… x

Fuelling Intention – Don’t Waste The Magic

I’m not usually one to be lost for words but there’s a reason I didn’t post a blog yesterday. Have you ever heard the idea that the more you talk about what’s happening the more you give away the power for it to happen? The power fuelling intention – don’t waste the magic… The Faerie Magic!

Today is Lammas, or Lughnasadh if you prefer… it’s summer harvest and therefore a day to reap the fruit. (If you’ve been reading for a while then you’ll understand why I’m hoping for a pear harvest).

More importantly for me it would have been my dad’s birthday today had he made it this far, so I’m very aware that his energy is around today, mainly because my thoughts are with him and because during this time of harvest, when my own faerie magic is finding a form to take, manifesting my own hopes, dreams and wishes, my ancestral line are adding their magic into the mix to provide weight to Destiny’s endeavour.

We were always going in this direction and every one of our ancestors that dared to tread the path before us did so to lead to this point, everything they did, including my pop’s early departure… it was part of my preparation for this dance…and the dance will pave the way for whatever or whoever comes next.

Take today to honour those that came before. I know there are national and international holidays to do that but today being the first harvest, it’s a day where we reap the abundance that they created, that they stepped aside to leave behind for us. It’s a day where gratitude should be our guide and sharing our only goal.

Whatever your intentions turn into, know that they are paving the way for future generations and that one day in the distant future a harvest will be born of your sacrifice too. Don’t waste the magic.

More later… x


First Monday Challenge – Being Pregnant With Possibilities

Not only is it the first Monday of the month, it’s also May and that must mean it’s Beltane. Being pregnant with possibilities seems like an appropriate subject, May Day being a celebration of fertility and all that, but it’s also following on from the theme of the weekend’s oracle… turning worrying about problems to creating solutions.

Positivity takes practice. When you place focused intent, determination and gratitude at the forefront of your mental agenda you become a manifestation machine. The quantum do-da’s of the universe deem it can be no other way… you are that powerful.

So while we’re attempting a challenge lets up the ante and make it three.

1. Focus your mind and become a dream maker

2. Bolster your resolve with determined action

3. Gratefully acknowledge every blessing.

So what is focused intent? Do you ever say to yourself “I want that,” only to hear your thoughts say “That’s impossible, it’s never going to happen”? Well, that’s the opposite of focused intent. Your conscious mind is for the intended outcome but your subconscious mind, the bit running the outdated programme is running interference on the plan… you are creating from your fearful, wounded perspective an internal error or battle of wills.

Uninstalling the faulty app is not so easy when the device in question is your own psyche so you are going to have to learn to override the programme… that means being super vigilant for a time until it becomes automatic. When the negative mantra pipes up “who are you trying to kid?” You are going to have to make a statement to the little voice that’s heckling from the side lines: “I hear you my friend, and for a time I even believed you knew what you were talking about but here’s the thing, the only thing that stands between us and the goal is you, I’m done listening… that thing I want, its not just achievable, it actually wants me to have it, achieve it, conquer it. It’s routing for me so why aren’t you? So for now, if you shout, I’m gonna shout louder. If you say tom-ay-toe I’m going to yell tom-ar-toe and one thing’s for certain… we will not be calling the whole thing off!”

Determined action is about committing to the process and actually following through. It’s no good arguing with the heckler if you just sit there and do nothing, All those possibilities, all those roads that lead to Rome, (Rome being just an analogy for the goal you’ve chosen, obviously), adventures to be had down every one of them, basically means that it doesn’t matter which route you take as long as you don’t give up and turn back at the first sign of trouble, because that would be akin to admitting to your inner heckler “Okay buddy, you were right all along.” Not going to happen, this is a challenge remember?

Then there’s the biggy: gratitude.

Can you say thank you for the shitty stuff as well as the shiny stuff? All has purpose on the path you choose. Lessons come in countless forms and further down the road to your dream you will be able to look back and see the service that even the toughest excursion brought to you… patterns dancing in a perfect formation only truly visible from God’s eye view. If you detach from the drama just long enough to see the kaleidoscope of colour, you will know the true worth of every experience and gratitude will follow. To be grateful ahead of understanding takes real faith… and everyday it will be tested, but at the end of this leg of the journey…

You will transform from being pregnant with possibilities to giving birth to a miracle. Your miracle.

Go on, I challenge you to become a dream maker!

This challenge contains aspects of Principles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 7! The 7 Principles of The Wholly Grail are free to read on the website.

More later… x


Make The Tough Choices

Powerful forces are at work in the construction of your lifestyle and indeed your existence but do you know where that power comes from?

I was contemplating this morning whether or not I should go deep or keep it light of a Wednesday morning and then it struck me: the choice was entirely mine. What then do we base our choices on?

The powerful force I’m interested in today is intent… and the choices we make based on our intentions. Just coming back to power for a moment, how scary is the fact that only you know what your true intentions are? Not scary at all if you’re coming from a heart-centred benevolent place which I hope you all are but let me put this another way, if it applies to you then it applies to everyone else… so how scary is it that only the person your dealing with knows what their true intention is?

There is power in a secret, regardless of the intention the secret is keeping, not knowing the plan puts you in a position of weakness and vulnerability and requires the trust of a child to navigate to the final destination. The power grab that is being played out on a global political scale at the moment is an example of this interaction between intention and choice… I’ll choose you because my intention is to do good… even if I don’t know what your intention is…

Of course the real power doesn’t sit in the hands of those vying for it, the real power sits in the hands of those who choose… I choose you/ I don’t choose you; I trust you/ I don’t trust you. You have a choice and that’s real power.

The power to direct your life has always been with you, heaven created it that way. It was only ever fear that allowed you to believe that you didn’t know how to take care of yourself, to make the difficult choices and moves, it was only fear that allowed you to hand over the responsibility to someone else to make the tough choices for you… it was only ever fear that made you believe they knew better than you.

If you want the power back, the power to direct your life the way you want it, here’s what you have to do to claim it back:

Decide your intention

Make the tough choices

Take responsibility

Commit to yourself

Understand that nobody else’s truth is ever any bigger or better than yours and if it feels like it is, learn from it, be inspired by it and up the ante on your commitment to embrace this new learning so that your intention and choices expand to reflect it… but definitely don’t go: “their vision for my life is better than mine, I’ll follow them and let them make the tough choices.”

You are the power.

We just took a short stroll around Principle 1: I AM God and Principle 4: I AM Truth (with a little bit of Principles 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7 sprinkled on for topping).

More later… x