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Saturday Oracle – To Through And From

Before I get going on this week’s combination it’s worth mentioning that the Sacred Chalice energy of last week still holds some sway, so if you hit the peak and the universe delivered, then keep surfing that wave, but if you tumbled to the bottom hang on in there and do what you can to refill your cup.

Now let’s get started with this lovely gem of a combination…

This week Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted, greets the high vibrational violet crown chakra in a perfect display of heaven healing earth.  What this means for each of us is inspired thought, healing energy and celestial blessings flowing to through and from those who are willing to receive.

This is the Channel’s combination. The empty vessel that may have been a result of last week’s events can now become a pure, clear channel for divine grace and inspiration.

Answered Prayer is the best way to describe this duo… don’t look though for material or physical delivery of your 3rd dimensional requests, instead recognise the fresh ideas and the creativity that is effortlessly flowing in your direction.

Now there is a catch with this energy: as inspiration flows through your Open-Hearted delivery depot, it must be sorted applied and dispatched. The title says “to, through AND FROM!” Your heart centre is both giver and receiver of blessings and in order to maintain healthy flow it must do this in equal measure.

This is a week then for Divine Service, for applying your new found higher perspective to your mission and purpose whatever that might be. Mental quickness, ingenuity, problem solving, and a desire to put theses qualities to benevolent use are all indicated here. This week might see things happening really quickly in succession as you smoothly glide from one scenario to the next almost without changing gear.

You’re likely to be ‘on fire’ this week while ever you remember where the inspiration is coming from and that the answers are being provided by a Source much higher than you. Keep returning to that font of eternal grace and let gratitude be your default setting.

You may find it helpful to call upon 3 Archangels this week to boost your celestial valve efficiency even more: Archangel Metatron who will support your Heavenly Assignment, Archangel Sandalphon who is the Angel of Answered Prayer, and Archangel Chamuel: The Angel of Destiny who will help open your heart further to this free flowing fresh energy.

Have an amazing week!

Ps… Seekers (free members) have been given a little extra help this week on the site… you can join now for FREE here.

Are You Sure It Isn’t Better The Devil You Know?

During the winter months I become somewhat reclusive, seeming to believe that venturing out after dark might have me turning into a pumpkin, but being a spring baby, when the night’s start to get lighter and the colourful spring bulbs come out to say hello, I assume it’s safe to venture out into the world again, alive with fresh spirit and a new sense of curiosity. It doesn’t come without reservation though, there’s always a nagging voice whispering “Are you sure it isn’t better the devil you know?”

Having gone off to the ballet last night to soak up something beautiful and be inspired by the powerful, graceful movement, I was reminded how very often action precedes motivation and not the other way around and how in order to illicit change you must act even if you are unsure whether the new order will outshine the old way.

Motivation is in my opinion a product of momentum: once you start you’re on a roll and its easier to keep going, keep doing whatever is necessary to break free of old familiar habits that are not necessarily comfortable, after all why would we use the term “better the devil you know” if it was pleasant or fulfilling. Remaining where you are or were is detrimental to growth, be it a job that doesn’t challenge you, a relationship that has run its course or become less than satisfactory, or anything that you now do simply as habit rather than as a conscious act of self-expression. But it isn’t easy taking that first step back into alignment with the essence of regeneration once you stop.

Life undulates. We go through seasons of our own, inspired powerful motion, slows to complete rest and back again on a fairly regular basis and when we take advantage of the divine prompting and opportunities we can optimize these swings to form a balanced and beautiful life… just like ballet: leaps and turns interspersed with perfect poise.

In The Wholly Grail, Principle 2: I AM Detached is all about Divine timing and being present to what is to optimise the current energy stream creating a balanced, joyful life. It helps you to disentangle yourself from potential outcomes and as yet unwritten consequences, previous experiences and repeating history, so that your whole being is unified in the now to push through inertia to grand jete onto the next act of your own glorious ballet.

If you’re feeling stuck and unable rise to the gentle nudges of the universe telling you that there is so much more to this recital than the current continuous turn, then call upon Archangel Metatron to get you organised and productive. In the angel world he is your celestial mentor and personal trainer. Expect things to speed up when he’s around and clarity to arrive followed quickly by the obvious next right action. Metatron makes procrastination a dirty word and enthusiasm a given.

Here’s wishing you a delicious and deliberate Monday!

More later… x