Rediscovering Your Light – The Music In Me

This moment feels like an awakening, where many are opening up to the message within. The music in me has been activated at a level I have not experienced before and it feels like the dawn of a new age of light, following on from what I feel I want to refer to as my […]

Weekly Oracle – Deep In The Darkness

I have to admit I’m hesitant with this week’s oracle, firstly because the combination is exactly the same as last week’s and secondly because I’ve struggled to get a handle on why that is the case. Principle 6: I AM Self-Full came flying back out of the pack as I was shuffling them and I […]

First Monday Challenge – Be The Light

It’s the first Monday of the month, September no less and we should really be laying down the gauntlet to be the light. Not least because it’s already started fading here in the northern hemisphere, more relevant than that is the unmistakable rise of darkness being felt in the hearts of those seeking, or seeking […]

End of The Blame Table

Having just awoken from a particularly violent dream and still feeling a little shaken by the apparent underlying emotion of anger that must exist within me in order to allow my subconscious to enact such visions of potential rage, I’m intent on unravelling a part of The Grail that on some level I have yet […]