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Healing Your Life Through Exclusion

My insights are a reflection of how I use the Wholly Grail in everyday life (or forget to) for healing, peace and gaining a deep understanding of firstly myself and then of others. The quality of the writing inevitably varies depending on which phase I’m in and what I’m feeling about it. Wisdom comes through accepting that all has value and even the darkest experiences show the way towards the light if you so choose to search for it. If the Holy Grail we all instinctively search for: inner peace and enlightenment, is a place within, where connection to our own spirit and ultimately God or whatever your particular name for All-That-Is may be, then the seven Principles that make up The Wholly Grail are the quest to remember our wholeness and that we never were separated from it in the first place.

What essentially masks that fundamental truth is the multitude of external moving parts distracting you from the foundation of your faith, which is simply that everything is as it should be regardless of the temporary discomfort. Acceptance is key to transforming the balance of power the external world appears to have over you, exclusion is the initial step to retrieving the power that is been drained.

Healing your life through exclusion is basically the process of disconnecting or detaching from all influences that cause you harm… detoxing from external drama.

Imagine if you had an allergy to chocolate. Eating chocolate might make you really ill at best, kill you at worst… it stands to reason that you would eliminate all chocolate products from your diet, right? You’d quickly become super vigilant at reading labels in the supermarket and return any items that contained your particular toxin to the shelf… it’s the same with external drama, get super conscientious about reading the labels, the warning signs and the red flags, put it down and back away slowly.

No man/woman is an island of course, you cannot completely remove all negative stimulation, to do so would create just as much drama within when isolation became a trigger for your discomfort, this is why discernment is a necessary skill to learn quickly on the Grail path.

Having received the shocking news of the death of a close family member this week it has been necessary for me to begin healing through exclusion. Normally my ‘take control’ attitude would have me charging in, taking care of business, but my guidance at present is to stand back and as gracefully as possible continue to tend to the details of my own life, to continue to do the simple things, fully aware that drama is occurring within my field of vision, compassionate and loving towards those suffering, but mindful all the while that their drama can intensify my own and that I have a choice to heal faster by honouring my truth.

Overcoming grief requires practicing all 7 Principles but healing your life through exclusion requires mainly one: I AM Self-Full (Principle 6)

More later… x

One of The Most Boring Posts

This post could seriously mess up my blog strategy… but seeing as though I write what I feel and there is no strategy, that shouldn’t actually be a problem. This is possibly one of the most boring posts I’m ever going to write…

Being a passionate soul, my most inspired articles come from a place of anguish and of suffering. I’m not afraid of that truth: personal experience combined with professional application means I know what I’m talking about, so to feel through each Principle of The Wholly Grail can be what we term research and vigorous testing, realtime, on the ground human guinea pig style… seeing as though The Wholly Grail was rolled out in 2012 as my philosophy for creating inner peace and happiness a fair few human guinea pigs have been subjected to its methods since then.

I’ve found that The Wholly Grail offers solutions to every problem if you’re willing to do the work and because life is constantly offering up tests there has been much to work on and with… it’s not anecdotal evidence it’s real lives, mine included, that have undergone transformative processes through embracing the seven main Principles. But what I wanted to share with you today is my confession of what constitutes a boring post…

Inner peace means acceptance, acceptance means no drama, no drama means no anguish or suffering and this girl is so very happy to be boring if all that is the case.

My own personal and most sticky Principle has always been 2: I AM Detached. Dealing with being present and being grateful for where I am here in the moment, for the current situation, for the people in my life, for the things I have and for the love I’ve been blessed with. Do I have it all? That depends on your perspective… I have everything I need, though there are things I still want. In giving up the wanting and knowing that if it’s meant to be here it will arrive when it’s good and ready and all I have to do is stay open and believe… not that it will arrive, but that I will be just fine if it doesn’t. My drama has always been in believing that something was missing but nothing ever was save for one thing… me.

I’m not lost anymore. I AM God (Principle 1 – everything and everyone is), and nothing is ever lost to me except when I insist on covering my eyes, shielding my heart and I refuse to see…

My Wholly Grail is overflowing with an abundance of grace… so excuse me if I’m boring you but… I’m happy!

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More later… x

Obscured By The Mist

I love the holy grail as a concept, it offers up many romantic legends and theories to use as backdrops to describe the 7 Principles for inner peace and happiness. It also is equally adept at providing fodder for the opposite: how to lose yourself in worrisome internal landscapes.

I spent most of yesterday fighting with myself. Actually it started the night before at the height of the full moon, when a realisation crept into my psyche and took hold… “I’ve done this before.”

Split by the realisation, obedient me cried at rebel me “stop rocking the boat” whilst rebel me was quick to point out ” this boat has no feckin’ oars and unless you’re planning on spending eternity in the middle of this lake without hope of ever reaching the mystical isle then rocking it is the only way I will get you out into the bloody water to swim!” Now obedient me was resolute in the opinion that help was on the way whilst rebel me was only to happy to go on to make obedient me feel bloody stupid…

“So what are you expecting, Nessie?” Logically¬†of course that’s impossible, not only are we unsure of Nessie’s existence but we are in fact several hundred miles further south and on the wrong metaphorical lake… the best we can hope for is a few swans in the mist and an amphibious woman holding aloft a legendary sword, not that she is to be sniffed at you understand… that sword united a country (allegedly).

Now whilst obedient me and rebel me have locked heads in this turmoil, angelic me (the real me or higher self) is quietly whispering that this boat once had an outboard motor and that a lake is land locked so even if I never find the mystical isle, dry land is only obscured by the mist… but the other two aren’t listening, the boat’s rocking and we’re making waves.

I’ve been on this lake before (without a paddle) and I caught a glimpse of something in the mist once, something I thought might be Avalon, but it was an illusion, a trick of the swirling fog and the enchantment caused by the etheric music of words and promises… I haven’t decided whether I should keep looking for Avalon but I have decided that fighting with myself only stops me from hearing the real guidance, and in this case it’s saying the lake is the adventure and the island is not The Wholly Grail… that’s on the boat, always within me.

Principle 3: I AM Human, means I’ve already forgiven all the aspects of my inner drama for causing me to feel confused and worried… each has a place and a divine purpose… each is perfectly devoted to my ultimate protection (especially from myself).

More later… x