Grail Oracle – Faith In Yourself Above Everything

In this, my return to The Intuitive Chalice Oracle after a few of months hiatus, we see the first Principle: I AM God, come to the fore and partner with the intense violet energy of the crown chakra. This highly spiritual combination might have you believing that everything is beyond your control and in the […]

The Very Next Step I Take

Life plays out in cycles, sometimes expanding, sometimes contracting. Within those cycles are smaller cycles that play out like small wins in a sea of perceived losses, or minor setbacks in the general direction of an upswing. All has purpose in the overall pattern of life. Since the back end of 2012 my own life […]

Saturday Oracle – An Unacceptable Dream

The crown chakra is back in play this week as is Principle 4: I AM Truth. This combination makes the emergence of hidden information accessible through your dreams as the subconscious pushes insights to the surface the only way it can. But this is an unacceptable dream and disturbance may follow. For such a long […]

Saturday Oracle – Revelation

The higher mind is highlighted as the violet crown chakra makes an appearance for the second week running and after we allowed the flow of inspiration last week, it teams up with Principle 4: I AM Truth to bring it to light and prove it to you. Expect a revelation in the coming days, of something […]

The Wisdom Keeper

I was struck this morning by  a number of articles arguing over the true meaning of Easter. Tempers rising, matter of fact attitudes about this belief and that belief, whose opinion holds most weight and which tradition has a claim on its origins… This week’s combination of Principle 4: I AM Truth and the vibrant […]