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Saturday Oracle – Your Dreams Were Not Your Own

This week’s combination was really difficult to select. My usual method is to disperse the two sets (Principle Cards and challenge or chakra cards as you would recognise them) face down across the table and then slowly run my hand over the top to feel the vibration of each, first to pick which Principle is dominant and then what energy centre it’s pertaining to… this week though, the variation of the cards was so subtle I had to check again. I’m assuming that this subtlety is part of the message.

So then, Principle 6: I AM Self-Full is whispering gently towards the emerald green heart chakra and asking for you to fall back in love… with you!

There has been something missing for quite some time now and you have probably been unsure of exactly what it is, searching for answers and fulfilment in arenas that couldn’t possibly ever give you the thing you were looking for because what you were looking for was in the mirror hidden behind the loud voices of opinion.

I say this because you’ve been surrounded by many who, out of misplaced love for you have supported your trip into denial simply because it was what you wanted to hear. It takes a strong person to offer tough love when it sounds like they are pissing on your dreams… but your dreams were not your own, they were never the dreams that your heart dreamt, they were a construct of your ego’s attempt to fulfil the details that should always have been left up to The Divine.

Now is the time to come back to your hearts desire. It’s not loud, it’s not brash, it will be a whisper and you will have to look past the obvious to see the underlying truth.

The heart chakra encompasses unconditional love, but it also signifies balance, freedom, space and healing, and you are going to have to embrace all of those concepts this week to clear out the clutter of everyone else’s needs and opinions so that you can discern that subtle message and come back to you.

Many will make assumptions, most will be wrong, only you need to know what’s true for you so that you can open up your heart to an influx of abundance and a more stable stream of joy.

Solitude may not be possible for you but peace and quiet and being alone with your higher self is advisable for the next few days. Cleanse your space, cleanse your crystals etc, removing any energies from your environment that are not your own and may sway you from your own heart is essential.

Most important of all: trust yourself.

More next week… x

First Monday Challenge – The Starting Blocks

“Welcome to 2017. Please remember to fasten your seatbelts and remain in your seat until the ride has completely come to a halt…” except it never really does come to a halt does it?

The first Monday of the year and we are all geared up for this universal 1 year (whatever that is), having survived by the skin of our teeth the “9” year of endings that felt like it went on forever at times and yet it seems just moments since I began a post with the words “first Monday of the year.”

What exactly does it look and feel like to be geared up for a year of fresh starts and new beginnings though?

Many of you will be holding your breath waiting for the new to come colliding in through the front door (and for a few it might), but for the most part this cosmic stream that we have placed power into mainly through collective intention is simply providing optimum conditions for you to create anew. The challenge here is when to begin and when to wait.

I know you’re already knelt at the starting blocks but the truth is that you may still be missing some vital information, inspiration, or the direction in which to set off running and so now is the time for reflection, meditation, consolidation and decision making, otherwise when the starting pistol does get around to firing you’ll be spinning on the spot losing vital energy.

Get a pen and paper, write down what you really want to create this year, as both tangible, measurable outcomes and as the resultant feelings and emotions that go with them… use the 7 Principles of The Wholly Grail as guidance if you like, they will provide you with:

Self- worth, Presence, Forgiveness, Authenticity, Freedom, Health and Personal Fulfilment and Balanced Relationships… that’s not a bad place to start now is it? Once you’ve got your list, meditate on it, rule out all the clutter and pare that list down to just 3 things (all the feelings, but just 3 actual goals). These are your priorities… your current hearts desires. This is where your energy should go and which direction you need to set off in when the momentum takes you.

Remember something else important too… when you set off towards your destiny, it sets off in search of you. That’s gonna be a bit shit if you’re running blindly in the opposite direction so get focused. What’s another few days, weeks, months?

When the ride sets off, it will be the ride of your life, but for now you have to wait for the rollercoaster to fill up with the component parts and players… prepare…wait…

More later… x

E is for…

th (1)

Exit apparently! No, seriously, E is for… exploration.

After we touched on the subject of Principle 6: I AM Self-Full and the readjustment of focus back towards your own major life goals in the last couple of posts, and particularly the need to prepare yourself for the task ahead regardless of the potential future obstacles that you may encounter that you have no control over, it’s now time to look at the pear (the goal), in fact the whole pear tree from a different angle.

Exploration in this case is about seeking out what feels right for you and indeed understanding what your options are. What’s right for you… again a Self-Full not selfish action. Fulfilling one’s own needs and emotional, spiritual and physical requirements isn’t about being independent its about being autonomous and responsible for at least your own part in your life story (I say your part because your life story is far from devoid of other characters) but if you reach the end and you didn’t at least do everything you could to reach your goals then you will leave this life with regrets, and how sad would that be? So first define your “pear,” (the goal) then prepare yourself in mind, body and spirit for the journey towards it and then start the exploration of options.

If your pear was Mount Everest, or reaching it’s summit, you would first have to consider how you’d like to climb it, right? There are many paths to climb a mountain and Everest had more than one face. Sure, people are going to tell you, your unorthodox choice is impossible and you should settle for a tried and tested route but will that be the best route for YOU? You’re going to have to choose a guide. Some look better than others, some have more ornate base camps, flashy stationery and better insurance, but the old local guy in the furs has lived with the mountain his entire life so ask yourself what the goal is again: is it to get to the top of the mountain or to ensure your family get a good pay out when you fall off or get crushed under an avalanche?… Oh yes, get to the top of the mountain, (and safely back down of course). So explore your options and ensure you choose those options through love and not fear, through passion for the project. Whatever your pear may actually represent, there is a reason it grew upon your tree and to allow that fruit to rot or become windfall because somebody else’s dream or goal got in the way or because you were too afraid to try would be tragic.

P is for Preparation. Your preparation can continue through this process as now you have more specific information and can tailor and hone the physical prep.

E is for Exploration…

Be Self-Full today and I’ll back on Monday with the next instalment, meanwhile tomorrow is Oracle day so look out for that post.

More later… x