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Saturday Oracle – Down There’s For Dancing

Have you ever heard that phrase “Up here’s for thinking, down there’s for dancing”? It’s just possible it denotes the need to get out of your own head occasionally and ground the stuff that goes on up there in your frequently overburdened mind. This is a week though where your ego didn’t listen and your dancing may just suffer the consequences.

When Principle 3: I AM Human teams up with the blood red base or root chakra, your bad choices can make life a little difficult physically.

Principle 3 is about making mistakes (or deliberately doing the opposite of what’s for the best) and the need to make things right or forgive what cannot be changed. The base chakra deals with your physicality, strength and foundations. Now forgive me if I’m wrong but isn’t this the weekend of the international chocolate festival? (I mean Easter obviously). If I’m right then be warned that your choices may have a noticeably detrimental effect on your health this week.

It’s not just about holiday overindulgence though, you can’t carry on the way you have been doing and not expect there to be consequences, so this week is the week when your health becomes a primary focus and you should begin in earnest to redress any issues with regards to your body’s needs.

There are myriad ways in which you may make small adjustments to improve your well-being but the base chakra wants you to get physical and get grounded… Down there’s for dancing so if you like dancing start there… it’s also for walking, running, kickboxing… you get the idea. This is the week to start moving your ass despite your inner complaining.

On your spiritual journey its really easy to forget that working on yourself means mind, BODY and spirit… it’s all God. Don’t make the journey shorter by forgetting the fundamentals.

Heave a happy, healthy, active Easter!

More next week… x

For The Weekend – Happy Healthy and High Energy

A few years ago I put together an event called Fat Tuesday. It’s name stemmed from the celebratory idea of Mardi Gras (which does actually translate to Fat Tuesday), but it’s concept was all about being happy and healthy as you are. So many people are fixated on the body beautiful or at least some unobtainable idea of it promoted by the media, that we have all but lost sight of the most beautiful thing about having a body: the ability to revel in sensation as it houses and transports your spirit around this mortal life. Today I’m fully focused on being happy healthy and high energy!

…but recently that hasn’t been the case.

How often do you find yourself out of touch with your physical health? How often does your body have to remind you that you have a duty to care for it?

Lately I’ve been feeling way older than I should… things creak and ache when they shouldn’t, my flexibility has reduced quite a bit in the last year and I’m finding myself more tired more often than usual… it’s a message that I’ve been ignoring but I cannot continue to be blind to the warnings.

Mind, body and spirit… the wholly trinity (yes, I spelled it correctly) of Self-Fullness. When all three are in balance we become an unstoppable channel for Divine service, but when one side of the triangle is depleted in any way, the whole is ineffective and illness follows.

Principle 6 of The Wholly Grail: I AM Self-Full, centres around self care and is totally focused on strengthening the triangle beginning with the physical body… the mind will deteriorate without a healthy body: adequate sleep, nutritious food, appropriate exercise and optimum hydration. The spirit will wither in the absence of a strong dwelling place and in competition with the distraction of physical discomfort… so what are you waiting for?

Though we all have commitments to uphold and attend to, the first commitment I’m making today is to myself… I deserve a life that’s happy, healthy and high energy… you do too (but you have to do it for yourself).

Leave me a comment below about what different choices you’re making about your health and happiness today.

More later… x

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Modus Operandi Part 6: Me Versus Myself

As this Modus Operandi series has progressed I hope you have begun to understand the difference between how you think you might be following the Wholly Grail Principles for inner peace as opposed to how you actually carry out your day to day life in opposition to your intentions. The title “Me Versus Myself” is true then for all these practices of self-defeating behaviours but never more so than when it comes to your health and self care.

Principle 6: I AM Self-Full, is vast in concept because it involves putting your own needs first in order to fill your cup ready to serve and share with others… that can mean intellectually, emotionally, creatively, professionally, intimately etc. Whatever way you give of yourself, if you fail to take care of your own basic needs by constantly placing others before yourself you will eventually drain the cup and become ill, ineffective and eventually unable to be of service to anyone… including yourself!

Some believe it selfish to put their own needs first, going without meals, without sleep, pushing hard to try to rescue others, failing to enforce personal boundaries and basically martyring themselves in the process to the point of burnout. Giving of yourself until there is nothing left will leave your dependents ultimately without the very person they depend on, so tell me: how does that work out to be less selfish?

Once the selfish aspect is dispelled we get to tackle the other side of denial, the side that says “I always take good care of myself” when actually you really don’t…

How nutritious is your diet, the very fuel for your body? Are you conscientiously equipping your physical vessel for the task ahead or are you so frenetic that you ram in whatever is in front of you without thinking just to provide fast but low grade energy to continue whatever you have currently deemed so much more important?

Do you rest your mind as well as your body adequately? Sleep when your mind is busy might as well be no sleep at all. I know a fair few people who survive on little or no sleep because deadlines and demands are put ahead of their health and others who spend so much time over-thinking and worrying that their quality of sleep is poor. Meditation, and a disciplined wind down practice can be of enormous benefit to this problem but here’s the thing: if you don’t adhere to Principle 1: I AM God, understanding your true worth and your value to the rest of humanity then you will never place yourself, your health and your happiness as a priority in your life.

I haven’t even touched the surface of being Self-Full here but you’re starting to get the picture.

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More later… x


Maintaining Focus In The Face Of Distraction

I’m devout in my spiritual daily practice, not for any other reason than it helps me stay well. When I say well I mean balanced in mind, body and soul, but over the last few days it has been almost impossible maintaining focus in the face of distraction.

Daily practice for me begins with journaling, is followed by meditation and I end the day the same way. I take a few minutes out in the afternoon to check in with my Higher Power (what I refer to as God, though I’m aware you may have a different name for It).

When that routine is disturbed for whatever reason, I feel the absence of focus begin to creep in almost immediately… you know that feeling that you’ve forgotten something important? Having that routine disturbed for a few days though, and I start to feel genuinely unhappy. I’ve been two days with a disturbed practice. It started on day one as a necessity and continued as an experiment… “what’s the worst that could happen?” I didn’t always have this routine and I must have survived before it or I wouldn’t be here, right? The experiment was kind of like seeing what it would be like to go cold turkey to break a habit… is it just a habit?

Daily practice, whatever it may be, is fundamental to my wellbeing. I used the word unhappy to describe something indescribable, but let me break it down for you:

No focus, no direction, impending sense of doom, overwhelming feeling of being alone even in a crowd, physical lethargy, headaches, anxiety, inability to cope with stressful situations, poor digestion even… all because I thought “what’s the worst that could happen?”

When Saturday’s oracle honed in on Self-Full Living (Principle 6), and particularly on taking care of your self-care/personal grooming in order to build confidence, it’s also worth noting that you are a human holy trinity: your mind, your body and your spirit require restoration and respect through meditation.

You deserve to be at the top of your own priority list, and a simple daily practice can help you achieve not just confidence but also health, happiness, balance, insight, connection and focus.

I’m off now to do just that before anything else.

More later… x


Get The Basics Right, The Fun Stuff Will Follow

We have arrived at the end of an energetically transformative week, which if you’ve taken advantage of, you could be feeling grounded in the present moment, poised for whatever’s next but neither relying on its arrival nor doubting that it will come. This place, here, in the now, is a wonderful environment filled with the power of infinite potential but it is not a place to wait… it’s a place to nurture that power by focusing on what’s important and immediate. Get the basics right, the fun stuff will follow.

So what are the basics?

Last Saturday’s oracle whose potency is evident right up until the end of the day, was about communicating your needs, and given the mildly antagonistic nature of last night’s super new moon, this is a perfect time for you to attend to those needs regardless of whether help is available. There is so much you can achieve between now and whenever the universe delivers your gift in whatever form it arrives.

The basics include first and foremost your most precious possessions: your body, mind and spirit. Attend to your personal care needs first, spend some time in nature listening to the birdsong and remembering how to breathe deeply, right down into the bottom of your lungs, exhaling the residue of what no longer serves you. Take time to appreciate the flowers… I’m happily playing in my garden doing just that after my help arrived early in the week in the form of a beautiful friend who worked like a machine helping me tame the neglect and half rebuild Eden… thank you Karen!

The basics include spending time with family: eat together, play together, put down your phones and devices and relearn how to talk to each other… laugh together.

Today is all that matters, leave tomorrow to take care of itself (I’ll be back with the Intuitive Chalice Oracle then).

Principles 2 & 6

Happy Friday… x