Saturday Oracle – Balancing The Basics

If you set down your proverbial cup on the raggedy edge of a treacherous cliff and the wind blows hard or the ground begins to crumble, then it won’t be such a surprise when the cup topples and its contents spill. On the other hand, up there on that high cliff, closer to the gods […]

Saturday Oracle – The Beginning Of Wisdom

First let me say that this combination, though a little too frequent for my liking, is not in any way a surprise. When I turned over the cards of The Intuitive Chalice Oracle today they all but jumped out to greet me and here’s what notion immediately entered my mind… On my short walk back […]

Saturday Oracle – Happy Place

This week’s oracle sees the union of Principle 6 with the bright yellow of the solar plexus chakra. It’s hard to find your way back from fear but that’s exactly what this week is bringing for you, though don’t be fooled into thinking that it won’t take work on your part. Recently you have found […]