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Flowing Into Purpose & Learning To Love

Exactly what does that mean: flowing into purpose & learning to love? That’s what I’ve been contemplating this week, how do I make a smooth transition into the role Spirit has asked me to fill and will the timing ever be perfect to just do it?

The fact is, every time I have shifted into a new version or upgraded way of presenting to the world, there has been absolutely nothing smooth about it and the timing has always been exactly when the universe deemed fit. Definite stop. Definite start.

Those instances show up in your life as “Tower” moments like jobs ending or redundancy; the loss of loved ones; relationships or marriages that suddenly end in divorce and so on, but what if there is no tower moment just an overwhelming need to step into a higher purpose?

According the Archangel Chamuel I’ve been training for this for lifetimes. Having just recently turned a significant corner in healing from the last lesson in self-love, Spirit are calling me to apply that, now crystalised wisdom, by narrowing my expanded understanding of The Grail to help a very specific type of woman…

Are you that woman? The one who repeats the pattern of giving her all to the kind of relationship that will never return the intensity of her love? Are you the one who commits to the guy who only puts her on the list when he’s at a loose end? Are you the one who forgot she was the powerful creator of her own destiny because she was selfless enough to help him build his?

Perhaps you are looking for love in all the wrong places, finding yourself drawn into non-reciprocal (one-sided) connections with emotionally unavailable people, sometimes even abusive and narcissistic partnerships, where you begin to lose your sense of self as your world begins to collapse around you and your very grip on reality is brought into question? If you are that woman, you are not alone.

Learning to love yourself enough to break free of this pattern has been a life’s work for me and I’m told, it is the primary focus for the continuation of the work I will be doing with the Grail.

There’s an issue with that, it means I’m going to have to tell some stories I’m not proud of. It means I’m going to have expose the soft underbelly and some still very raw lessons in order to guide you through how the Grail taught me to love fully and without conditions. And it means I’m going to have to

  • Honour my divinity
  • Be fully present (even with discomfort)
  • Show you how forgiveness changes everything
  • Allow my truth to shine through
  • Give up whatever I’m protecting
  • Share the healing process
  • Let love flow through me to each of you.

Make no mistake, this is no mean feat that I’ve been asked to do… but I know it will be the most significant transition I have made yet.

If you are one of the brave women who fit into the catagory that I described, whether currently partnered or single, and you would like to heal your love patterns and learn what Self-Full Loving looks and feels like, I’d really like to hear from you because I want to tell you more is possible for you… more love than you can imagine… and 2020 will be the year I show you the way.

You will need to be:

  • Ready to embrace your power
  • Willing to look at what is, by accepting what has been
  • Open to taking responsibility for your choices
  • Ready to tell a new story
  • Open to letting go of attachments
  • Determined to heal yourself and put your well-being first
  • Ready to embrace real love with an open heart.

Contact me here if you would like to know more about flowing into purpose & learning to love.

Love is coming your way sister, it is possible and you are worth it.

Jo x

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Weekly Oracle – Just Who Exactly…

This week Principle 1: I AM God, teams up with the royal blue throat chakra and I mean this with all the love in the world when I say: “Just who exactly do you think you are talking to?”

It’s a fascinating question that I remember hearing a lot as a child whenever I was perceived as being cheeky to an adult, but I have a very different answer to the question now.

I AM God. As are you.

Communication is our primary tool for connecting. We do so by expressing a full range of ideas and emotions, and how we communicate is often less about what we say and more about how we say it… or don’t say it for that matter. But communication is also about how we listen, receive and accept that incoming information, the whole transaction being a dance in which the participants can choose to love and honour each other through their giving and receiving or they can choose to disrespect each other. It’s either a mutual exchange of balanced power or a battle to usurp the energetic resources of another, which can be done even by refusing to respond at all.

When this kind of transactional control takes place it is a sign that someone, somewhere in the mix, possibly even both parties, have forgotten who they are or failed to acknowledge who the other person is.

Communication is the key to, and foundation of, any kind of relationship. When we see God in ourselves we will not allow ourselves to be disrespected, when we see God in another and indeed our own reflection, we would not dream of disrespecting them either.

This week, ask yourself just who exactly you think you are? If you come up with anything less than “a spark of the Divine” then you will also see what you are reflecting out into the world and why you may not have the kind of relationships you actually deserve.

Also take a look at all the people you have dealings with this week, no matter how difficult the interaction and ask yourself just who exactly you think they are?… and if you don’t get that very same answer, retreat, refocus, adjust your attitude and apply reverence to every life you come across.

In honour of the late Aretha Franklin: show a little RESPECT.

All are created equal… it’s only a very human trait that allows some to be more equal than others… but that’s another Principle for another time.

More later… x

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Holding All The Aces (And Staying In Balance)

Holding all the aces is by no means a competitive statement, nor does it imply any sort of gamble but to be honest life in general is a great game that we choose to fully engage in or remain a spectator on the side lines. Instead, it is made in reference to the tarot and how keeping a firm grasp on all the aces leads to a Self-Full life (as in Principle 6) and an evenly balanced one at that.

Before I come back to the subject let me offer a scenario in the context of games, or in this case sport (as an analogy anyway)…

I’m currently embroiled in an interaction with another. This great game feels a little like the beginning of a boxing match… one fighter stands firm, flexible and resolute in the centre of the ring, self-assured yet humble, whilst the other fighter bobs and weaves in a display of prowess or intimidation like he has something to prove.

In this case the second player is exhausting his energy dancing around a situation instead of just throwing a punch (or his best shot in any other scenario) but the first player, as the observer, is holding all the aces… The object is not to win the fight against an opponent in this case, but instead to win the fight against one’s own unnecessary expenditure of resources.

Basically it’s about skirting around a subject instead of coming straight to the point. (A little like I did there).

So, the aces then… (I started that sentence with ‘So’ because my opponent doesn’t like my writing style though apparently spends much time analysing it, and believes that beginning a sentence with so is a sign of worry, whereas it’s actually a lazy way of saying “All that being said” or “Bearing that in mind”)…

So, The Aces of Swords:

Absolute clarity, the truth of the matter and no problem in saying it like it is.

The Ace of Wands:

Creative passion, inspired action,  and personal power.

The Ace of Pentacles:

Grounded in reality, tangible and measurable, something solid.

Oh yes… and then there’s The Ace of Cups:

The Wholly Grail or Sacred Chalice, the infinite capacity for love and healing, sharing and giving… firstly to self and then to another.

Holding all the aces means the first fighter doesn’t mind if the second ever throws a real punch… Me? I’m enough. I’ve already won the fight because which ever way this great game goes, I know I will grow from it. The other guy? Well I don’t know if he has realised he is holding his own set of cards. He’s mastered the Cup and the Wand alright but the Sword and the Pentacle have yet to fall out of the deck…

If you know your tarot archetypes then you will know that The Magician has mastery over all the Aces… I’m the High Priestess, and until the Magician gets a grip on all the alchemical tools, I will forever have mastery over him. Not where I want to be I might add. I’d much rather stand shoulder to shoulder with The Magician than have to instruct The Fool. I’m fast developing into The Empress who has infinite patience but that means he’s going to have work harder to become The Emperor… (and The Wheel keeps turning) buts that’s enough of the tarot…

Its time to stop throwing the fight and instead, throw a punch.

If you would like to learn more about your personal journey go here for a personal reading, or go here if you would like a Grail Counselling Session, or if you would like to learn more about unleashing your inner Priestess then go here.

More later… x



Aligning Your Intentions With Love

Yesterday was the first Monday of the month and if you’ve been following you might have wondered what happened to the usual “First Monday Challenge.” Well it kind of got pushed to the bottom of a list of other challenges for me to meet yesterday, so here we are a day late and a dollar short. When, as the title says, you are aligning your intentions with love, it is of no matter.

I just spent an extended weekend placing myself at the service of others: navigating meetings, attending a funeral, running a complimentary day workshop, supporting friends, tending to my elderly mum’s needs (as she’s a bit poorly right now)… and generally doing what I can to make the lives of those that matter to me a little bit more comfortable, bearable even. It’s a very humble place to be and a very rewarding one… though it doesn’t necessarily drive your journey forward, it’s important to remember that arriving at the destination is of less consequence than the experiences you share through connection along the way.

Connection is occupying my mind much at present, certainly the kind of connections that are aligned with the intentions of love and mutual support. So often we find ourselves in relationships that are one sided and the energy flow is unbalanced, geared towards meeting the needs of only one party, eventually causing frustration, resentment and the breakdown of the bond because it’s so hard to see what created the connection in the first place. It’s hard at these times to embrace Principle 1 and see the divine in that person… but divine they are as are you. This Principle aligns you with your own worthiness to receive your highest good as well as to honour it in another but it takes Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted to be able to give and receive in equal measure.

Over the next few posts, in honour of our yearly designated day of love, (probably as prescribed by Hallmark), I’d like to offer up the Wholly Grail as a guide to Aligning Your Intentions With Love and to creating conscious connections and loving relationships. I know I will be applying the Principles in my own life… (It’s about time I took my own advice).

Look out for the posts over the coming days and if in the meantime you fancy a personal Guide to Conscious Connection then check out my Valentine Offer Here.

More later… x

Yours Sincerely – Handling Seasonal Cynicism

At this time of year patience is short, tempers get flared and people often act from a place that is less about who they are than what they mistakenly perceive. Sincerity is replaced by cynicism and things are somehow filed into neat little boxes along with the sparkly wrapped presents under the tree… things like personal digs and thinly veiled animosity that seem to go hand in hand with people being drawn together.

Peace and good will to all men quickly becomes exclusive and “all men” becomes “except for you because you’ve pissed me off at some time in the last half decade and now I just don’t like your face and every word you utter I will sleight.”

It’s sad to notice that a hand outstretched in a loving gesture in public is actually a hand that appears to give you a psychic slap in the face privately and that the spirit of Christmas has been replaced by the spirit of one-up-man-ship and my one’s bigger than your one.

Is that what’s actually going on?

Are the loving interactions that we are sending out being met with viscous undertones or are the reactions we are receiving filled with genuine good cheer and an open heart and it is in fact our own prior wounding that is listening with prejudice for any hint of those slings and arrows?

It actually doesn’t matter.

You can be dancing on a knife edge between flying bullets and kisses on the wind but when you reflect back from a place of pure love all will heal given time.

To deflect any cynicism during this period try offering your full focus to the person you perceive to be sending negative behaviours your way, but allow that focus to be of love. Recognise the wounded human angel beneath the demon acting out and extend your heart energy to help heal theirs. If it helps you can visualise a stream of energy emanating from you heart chakra to theirs, firstly in a soft pink colour (the colour of the ascension flame of love), allow it to flow softly and smoothly until it turns to mother of pearl in colour (the colour of the ascension resurrection flame which brings up old wounds and memories to be acknowledged, healed and let go of), and hold that vision until the energy turns deep ruby in colour (the colour of the ascension flame of divine service), this ruby ray of energy is your heart energy in service to the healing of another and though this gift may be silent, anonymous and possibly not even felt, it’s effects will transform both the transmitter and the receiver given time.

What is sure though, this little exercise will cure you of your own cynicism and low and behold it may have been you all along that was receiving love from a suspicious standpoint.

Principle 3: I AM Human, Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted.

Now you can truly sign off with

Yours Sincerely… x


Saturday Oracle – Beyond A Karmic Connection

The Universe may just be about to offer you the chance of a lifetime and it involves a very difficult choice: to leave behind the painful mistakes of yesterday and travel beyond a karmic connection, or to hold onto the bitterness and blame of situations long since relegated to the halls of history and forever be trapped by unforgiveness.

This week’s oracle is a little unusual in that it contains two challenge or chakra cards. This is because when selecting the cards by the force of the energy flowing through them, I couldn’t differentiate the level of power they each had. What was obvious to me though was the polarity of the energy within each… Principle 3: I AM Human acts as a back drop to the magnetic dance being performed by the two challengers. It’s underlying message is one of fallibility and forgiveness, it smacks of repetitive patterns and the free will fuck-ups that we as a species and as individuals are destined to make in the name of learning and evolution… and it takes some of us longer than others.

In the first instance I chose the chakra card that offered the frequency of pain. Simply because I understood that its polar opposite would offer relief and therefore the cure for the first. The card turned out to be the vibrant orange sacral chakra. Pulling this card with Principle 3 speaks of repetitive relationship mistakes and the pain of co-dependency. Like the Devil in a tarot deck, temptation, entrapment, emotional bondage and repetition have been feeding disappointment born of expectation up to a point but this karmic connection, call it a soul mate relationship if you will, has now played out its dark side and this karmic lesson is complete.

Here is where the polar opposite energy stream emanating from the emerald green of the heart chakra comes into play in a dynamic plot twist that offers a higher karmic lesson that you can choose to accept in this lifetime or roll over into the next. This is the lesson of unity.

We cannot separate the Principle from the cure and therefore the way through, should you choose to accept the new evolutionary mission now, is forgiveness.

Forgiveness in this case is not a word or even a sentiment, it requires the complete surrender of every painful memory or action that has passed between the divine masculine and divine feminine in the previous karmic cycle, not through dismissal but through acceptance. It requires ceremonial definition as an absolute ending to what was, in order to become what will be.

Unity requires, no, demands the execution of the old paradigm of competition as the now complementary (no longer opposing) forces align to face the next test together… a test that the universe has designed to be unachievable as individuals.

Of course you can choose to forego the new karmic adventure and carry on as you were. Stepping through this gateway, though agreed upon by all parties prior to incarnation, is still and always will be subject to free will.

In summary then: that was then, this is now… choose unity or choose separation but the old story has come to its natural end and the way of the heart is the doorway between levels of consciousness. If you choose to remain on your side of the portal your life will continue along its current trajectory, if you choose to step through you will ascend to a higher level of love than you have ever before experienced in your fragile human form.

I suspect the decision might take a little time… have a great week.

More later… x

Monday Mating Musings – This Time Around

In the Oracle post at the weekend I mentioned its similarities with the tarot cards: The Tower, Star and Wheel of Fortune. As a collection they offer the breaking down of circumstances and a hopeful outlook towards a second chance at mastery as fate brings something around again for consideration. Will you do it differently this time around?

Life goes around in cycles and we are often faced with familiar situations that, although the details may have changed such as the faces, places and appearances, but the lesson is often exactly as it was before simply because we didn’t settle it right. Sometimes the players are the same but the timing makes all the difference…

Let’s take relationships for example… My current astrology transit is full of the reappearance of an old acquaintance or former love… a connection that is unresolved coming back to the fore for us to have another crack at it. Being an avid supporter and promoter of Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted, I have no problem with people showing up in my life again, simply because I don’t carry grudges, I don’t have space for them and I don’t like the taste a grudge leaves in your mouth. That being said, I do often ask the questions: why now and what for?

I’m an inquisitive soul and learning is a much faster process when we ask questions but to be honest, just observing is as effective when it comes to relationships especially when you’ve been there before. This time around you have a road map, landmarks, signs and signals… but you also have a brand new day, another crack at the whip and therefore a chance to follow a different path to a different kind of relationship or outcome but that takes real bravery…

When you know what the pitfalls are in a union, why would you choose to repeat them? The universe has seen fit to bring the unlikely pieces together for whatever reason, magnetic pieces of a bigger puzzle that keep attracting each other together only for one of you to flip polarity and repel at the last minute. But why do we have to flip polarity? Fear? Fear of what? Am I the one whose polarity switches?

I have a fatal flaw when it comes to relationships: I believe in complete emotional honesty. I believe in being upfront about how I feel, I completely own my own feelings and I’m really not afraid of them. Obviously that’s not really a flaw, it’s a refreshingly uncomplicated “know-where-you-stand” position for another to be faced with, but it also burns really hot and is often too intense for those who have, for reasons of self preservation, had to suppress within themselves. So how can I do it different this time? Should I play it cool? Should I pretend I’m just not that interested? Should I ignore completely the opportunities I’m faced with?

Here is the thing: I love me. Who I am has taken years to accept, to acknowledge as a worthy and beautiful divine being (Principle 1: I AM God). My light is blinding, I burn with such intensity that like the Sun, I create worlds… if you are afraid of my fire, I understand, but do not ask me to tame it, to diminish my light or offer less than all of myself, because to do so would only burn me and nobody has the right to ask me to self harm.

This time around, what needs to be different is this early warning: “If you choose to approach, make sure you are fireproof. Leave the  extinguisher at the door, it will put out the flame in everyone involved. Don’t fear my honesty, it is your shield and your mirror, instead fear your own heart’s armour that keeps you in perpetual separation from that which you seek.”

Wow! That turned out to be a bit more personal than I intended but hey, I’m not looking for a repeat performance, I’m looking for a brand new version of divine dance.

What are you going to do differently this time around?

More later (when I’ve finished my packing)… x


Monday Mind Manoeuvre – Remember Who You Are

I will finish the last two parts of the Modus Operandi series a little later but something came up that I thought important enough and wanted to explore, it’s to do with losing yourself in a relationship and how to remember who you are.

Now before I go any further I should mention that I have a someone special and he tends to read all my posts (and then deny it) so on that note I want to say this is nothing to do with he and I (lest he panic that we have an problem) and simply about the plethora of counselling I’ve been doing in the last few days in every direction as well as observing among the masses on social media etcetera.

Now let me first get you into Wholly Grail territory by reintroducing Principle 1: I AM God, along with Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted. Theses two Principles are the basis of relating from an empowered state.

What you observe in your outer world is a reflection of how you feel in your inner world. Your outer world often affects how you feel… catch 22 you might think, but here’s the thing: how you feel is a result of what you think about what you perceive, so then it stands to reason that if you choose different thoughts the feelings will alter which will in turn transform what we observe.

That sounds complicated but truly when you remember nothing is personal even when it is aimed at you, it is just a projection of the thoughts and feelings of another that you receive according to your state of inner peace and empowerment. If you are feeling like a victim then everything will seem to be an attack, if you are feeling like a hero everything will appear to be an opportunity for learning and healing even if the outer circumstances are identical in each case.

Principle 1 asks that you see yourself as a spark of divinity and that you see that same light in everybody else regardless of the outer conditions.

Principle 7 asks that you let go of all attachments in order that healing may occur. This doesn’t mean walking away from relationships that are nurturing and mutually beneficial  most of the time, it means letting go of the fear that they might end. All things end, the question is, do you want to squeeze the life out of it quickly by gripping, manipulating and controlling or do you want to love and laugh and learn your way until death do you part?… That’s what it means: death simply means an ending, any ending.

Drop the victim stance by recognising you hold all the power… over yourself and what you choose to place your attention on. If you contrive to fix, change or manipulate the significant other in your partnership to see, do or be what you want then you are trying to exert your power over another and the battle will commence or the rift will widen… let them be who they are, even if they are currently in victim mode, don’t ever be tempted to meet them at the bottom, instead lift them with your example of understanding, compassion and gently hold the space for them to step out of their shadow and into the light where you will be waiting with open arms and an open heart… and maybe next time you slide down the scale and forget who you are they will do you the same courtesy.

Wishing you beautiful nurturing relationships today and always.

Big love until later… x

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What’s In A Word And Does It Really Matter?

Thoughts become things. When we speak our thoughts (or communicate them through some other means like this post for example) we begin the process of turning thought into form.

A thought is consciousness, high speed vibration. Sound is a vibration that resonates at slower speed, and matter is slower still… “matter”?

Thoughts fuelled by emotions, spoken with intent, invoke more emotions which stir actions, which in turn create worlds… or destroy them. So what’s in a word and does it really matter?

You may have randomly stumbled across my post today and therefore have little idea of where this is coming from so I urge you to go back and follow my train of thought from the last few posts, but as a quick update this week has been throwing up references to the past and to situations, objects, projects, people, connections and relationships that have been left by the wayside as the path of life has unfolded for me. With each of these references, or more accurately remembrances, has been an underlying question: “what part did I play in how that unfolded?”

Word’s really do matter and when it comes to historical karma, no matter how low vibrational the word “sorry” might seem, sometimes acknowledging the role you played in any given situation, taking responsibility for any wrongdoing and the expression of a heartfelt apology, can be be the key needed to transform your most dire mistakes into your greatest lessons.

There are those who would disagree with me, it’s ok, each of us is responsible for our own karma anyway.

Repentance is about acknowledging where your ego led the way and fear spoke in opposition to your higher truth, it is the release of lower energies like guilt, regret and blame, and it is the claiming of absolution and the reclaiming of your own power through declaration of ownership over your own emotions and the choices you made whilst in their grip…

An apology is the antidote to the most deadly spell. The words that set world’s in motion, though they can never be unspoken, having mattered so much that they terminated a timeline, may be healed and transformed into yet another reality by healing intent uttered through love.

Principle 3: I AM Human…. and if I never apologised for a role I played in your particular drama, consider this my healing spell.

More later… x

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Amplification Of Passion – Meet Me In My Wholeness

Finding out who you are is the first step in creating the life and love that you really want. Up until the point of accepting that prior to understanding your true nature you are simply seeking to heal something you believe is missing, you will always seek out a vibrational match to the perceived broken aspect of self.

Basically put, whilst your are trying to fill a void, you’ll attract someone or something that reflects and reinforces that void within you.


Once you let go of the need to be other than you are… broken, whole, perfect, imperfect… it’s all relative and a matter of perception, you begin to accept that what makes you different is what makes you who you are. In this state of self-acceptance, you begin to exude new levels of purity and authenticity that draw towards you a plethora of miracles including your reflection in the purity of others.

If others will meet me in my wholeness, we become the amplification of passion. Let me explain:

Imagine that your heart centre is a light-filled vessel, say a Grail cup. Now as you are eliminating light from this heart chakra, filled, fuelled and overflowing divine purity to all who draw near, their heart centre’s are reflecting back that divine purity and because they are already filled, fuelled and overflowing, the light is increasing and creating something new that can be shared out further. Everyone is sharing what they have to give, nobody is taking what isn’t needed.

Take instead a depleted, say half full heart chakra. It craves love so it shines what it has at whatever comes close… as the law of attraction demands that like attracts like, potentially that is another half full heart chakra that needs to be further filled. (Are you still with me)? “I’ll take that, thank you very much.” Says the approaching half-hearted chakra… The original waiting now to receive something in return to fill the depleted vessel that just gave what it had away as a bargaining chip.

I just said yesterday to a dear friend: “two broken people do not make a whole one.” Find your authentic wholeness and use it to help another find it within themselves (if they will it), then the two of you will amplify the light for others making you, as a team, a force to be reckoned with.

So how do you find your inner light? Read my last couple of posts, it’s a start.

Regardless of what you may currently believe, the only thing standing between you and everything you have ever wanted is you… and your opinion of how worthy you are of having it… but trust me when I say that if it’s for your highest good then it’s already yours.

Principles 1, 4 & 7

More later… x