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Handling Lady Luna’s Grip On Your Gravity

Remembering back to the oracle over the weekend, (you may not have caught it due to a technical hitch with the website but it’s available to read here). It was about getting lost in uncertainty within a sea of your own questions and the resulting  emotional state is often one of confusion, frustration and ultimately leading to physical exhaustion.

Today’s Full Moon in Scorpio is a pretty significant event in terms of emotional stability, the moon herself affecting water and Scorpio being a watery sign… water being symbolic of and affecting the emotions. If you don’t believe in the potency of astrology then look at the physics: the moon’s pull on Earth’s gravity is what causes tides in the sea so if it has that much influence over a powerful body of water such as an ocean imagine what it can do to a walking meat sack of water like a human being.

All that said, let’s take for granted then that during a full moon your personal tides are high.

Emotion is not your enemy. When you understand that you are not actually the emotion but instead the individual experiencing them, you can take up the position of the observer and use it as one of the greatest gifts Source bestowed upon you knowing that its guidance as to your direction, your position, your timing and your environment. How cool is that? Cosmic GPS!

So knowing full well there are 3 days across a full moon where it’s effects are at there most powerful: the day before, day of and day after; I wasn’t too alarmed when my energy dropped yesterday, as did my enthusiasm and my excitement for the things that have been fascinating me of late. I simply turned my attention to Principle 6: I AM Self-Full (understand it more here), and got on with a few mundane chores that didn’t require much creative energy….

And then the questions began.

Before I knew what was happening I was embroiled in a deluge of mind chatter, not about how I felt, I understood that, but confusing emotional heaviness caused by gravity with my GPS alerting me to the chance I might be going the wrong way, making the wrong choices, taking risks that were ludicrous, believing the wrong people… it goes on. These are the questions the oracle warned of.

The only way to stop the tumble and start handling Lady Luna’s grip on your gravity is to get fully present by embracing Principle 2: I AM Detached, the art of letting go of all outcomes and just being.

You may not be able to control the movement of the heavens but by being aware of how you’re affecting by it you can get back to your empowered centre knowing “this too shall pass.”

More later… x

Proof of Purpose

Grail Oracle 2Grail Oracle Indigo

Just a few short weeks ago we saw this combination in The Momentary Mirage when our attention was being drawn to a longed for dream and the glimpse of the joy it might bring. This week Principle 2: I AM Detached, teams up with the intense indigo of the brow or 3rd eye chakra once again to reassert your priority of action needed to set that dream in motion.

You may feel a resurfacing of optimism with regards to a project or plan over the next few days and along with it a sense of urgency. It’s essential that you stay grounded and focus on the practical steps you can take, actioning each one at the optimum time even if at present you don’t see how to bring your plan into the light . There may be a tendency to panic and flap about aimlessly due to the overwhelming feeling of a looming deadline and that there are still missing pieces that you don’t yet understand, but be assured that though the cherished dream still appears out of reach, the steps you take today will place you in a position of readiness for when that miracle takes place. Now is good time to utilise the full moon energy combined with the summer solstice (both due on Monday), one of the pivot points of the year, to catapult you towards success.

Ask yourself: if your dream happened today what would you need to do, be and have in place?  Are you prepared, physically, emotionally, environmentally? Is your health at optimum levels to take full advantage of the joyous celebration that is to come and so that you are capable of doing your part? Have you made space in your home, life, schedule and even in your heart?

Because this energy curve is pushing you to stop procrastinating, you must have a clear picture of the goal in mind and you must not under any circumstances get caught up in trying to decipher the parts of the puzzle you cannot control, that’s what it means to stay detached from the outcome. It isn’t that you don’t care about how or when the dream comes to fruition, it is simply that you are surrendering control to a higher power so that you can focus your entire will upon the part that you must play now.

This wake-up call is Proof of Purpose… understand that this is not just a dream, it’s a Divine mission. Your soul’s yearning is pulling you towards a pre-written destiny that only God truly understands and the urge to fulfil that desire is what drives you… drives you forward, drives you on and even drives you mad.

You’ve got work to do… something’s coming and it’s what you’ve been waiting for… the goal beyond the goal, the grand prize… if you aren’t ready it will walk on by.

No pressure.

More next week… x


Rises and Falls Like The Goddess

Desire is a powerful motivator for change and change is a powerful motivator for creativity.

There’s been a commercial on tv lately for a leading brand of washing up liquid or detergent if you like, in this commercial the little boy tells his dad that he wants the bottle to make a spaceship… ok now this brand has been around for too many years to mention and those of you brits that are old enough to remember Blue Peter (a kid’s magazine programme on the BBC circa 1960- 1990, but don’t quote me on that as its an estimate), will also remember “… and here’s one I made earlier” turning just such a detergent bottle into just such a spaceship. I remember an incident where my brother and I needed said-same squeezy bottle as a weapon of mass destruction (ok a water pistol) for a game we’d invented back when kids played out on the street instead of sitting zombie fashion in front of the game console… now the thing is, at that time my mum, who looking back, was an extremely tolerant and accommodating parent, emptied the entire contents of green soapy slime out of bottle and into a jug so that the game could commence, unlike tv dad who makes the poor kid wait weeks until it’s empty.

Why is any of this important? Creativity rises and falls like the goddess. Today being a full moon for example is a time when what has been started must be brought to fullness as beyond this point energies begin to wane.

When a child has a creative idea or anyone else for that matter, if you don’t ride the wave of that creative impulse it will subside and the moment will be lost. Having said all that, desire can create a flame that burns so hot that you fail to take consequences into account… You act without thinking, speak without thinking, commit to an outcome without understanding the true path that you are taking, but if you leave it too long not only does the desire and the impulse leave you but so too does the urgency, the creativity and the energy when overthinking allows you to second guess that passion that lit the spark… fear steps in and the moment is gone forever… the squeezy bottle holds the green slime for what seems like an eternity and eventually heads for the recycle bin never to become a spaceship, blast off never occurs and in fact the child forgets that he ever wanted to build a spaceship in the first place… that kid could have been the next astronaut but now he’s heading for accountancy… not that there’s anything wrong with accountancy you understand but how many astronauts are there?

Being Open-Hearted is a skill that requires you to surf the energy flowing through the universe to you, through you and from you, when you put a halt on a desire, when you allow logic to hold back your creative impulses you place obstacles and blockages in the way of that flow, not just for your well-being but for everyone else’s as well. After all, we’re all riding the same wave.

Nurture your desires, fan the flames into passion wherein lies your destiny and the potential to change the world!

More later… x

Ps. I haven’t forgotten about that link I promised, I’m just having a little technical hitch… working on it now  (maybe fairy liquid will sort it out?)