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August’s oracle – The Confidence to Grow

August’s Oracle – The Confidence to Grow, describes this combination from the Intuitive Chalice Oracle, which coincides with the launch of my new book, “Self-Full Living Workbook.” Strange then that it speaks to the confidence needed to be real in the face of potential praise or indeed criticism, the opposite ends of the spectrum when allowing yourself to be seen.

Principle 2: I AM Detached, keeps us fully present with what is. This is especially true for the tendency to project your expectations into the future or haul your experiences from the past, but there is also a lateral tendency the interlocks with Principle 4: I AM truth. This brings our focus back from attaching to other peoples potential reactions.

Detachment is the art of letting go of what you cannot control, with grace and with humility. Combine that with the vivid yellow of the Solar Plexus, aka the seat of personal power, you are led to the confidence to grow into whatever life’s next adventure might be.

Time moves in a linear fashion for us humans, and that straight line means that whatever you just did is already in the past. Now is a good time to honour your acheivement, of having completed it, learned from it, had fun with it, grown as a result of it… and then let it go to establish a life of it’s own, one where your happiness, confidence and wellbeing are neither dependent on it nor defined by it.

Let your next step be the one that inspires you and fills you with joy and excitement. Let your last step be the learning you needed to keep growing beyond what has been possible so far. There is no limit to your potential other than the limit you place on yourself… make sure you do not let your lateral and temporal vision distract you from the purpose of your endeavors, or your potential to be a guiding light for others who may well be following along your path.

You’re allowed to SHINE!

Jo x

Detours Distractions and Sheer Determination

The path has led me a merry dance of late. I fell off it a couple of times (though in reality you are never really off the path). I found myself following a new star for a while and while that was fun, it was only ever leading me to distraction. The detour was good practice in finding my way back to centre and a perfect lesson in discerning the value of peace over pursuit.

Most of what life brings us is a test of what we say we want, and when we know our goals to be in alignment with our divine mission and purpose, those tests are worth the detours distractions and sheer determination.

I indulged in a Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy session (QHHT) just over a week ago. The process was intense but so informative and somewhat liberating, delving into soul lessons from past lives that have relevance now, but what was much more enlightening was the intimate conversation I had with my higher self during the session. Big me revealed that “the path is not the path, it only leads to the path.”

How about that for cryptic!

The thing is, I knew exactly what the statement meant…

Your current purpose is a stepping stone to the next one, and as life is a journey, the path is meant to be filled with detours, synchronicities that propel you down new roads towards greater learning. New passions and new purposes that force your ingenuity, your creative acuity even, to expand beyond what you think is possible, using your accumulated skills and talents to serve the greater whole in some way… and at every turn you have to believe you’ve got the measure of it, you have to believe that this is it, because only by dedicating yourself fully to the present challenge will you master it and trigger the next synchronicity and open up the new path.

I’ve been aware of the new path for quite some years, it’s been my greatest distraction. I have spent endless hours desperately trying to understand how to hop across to the parallel path, not realising that the path converges with my current one at the designated point where the newly formed integrated path then changes direction naturally. But what is the designated point?

The point at which I master this one. I’ve been distracted by the potential of the incoming reality for so long that I forgot to engage fully with this one. (Even a Grail Priestess can get lost in the vision of a future not yet created). 

My higher self brought me great comfort, conformation and most of all permission to immerse myself in now. Not that it hadn’t shown me the way already… how else do you think Principle 2: I AM Detached, was conceived?

One foot in front of the other on the current stretch of my own path, renewed vitality, added interest, engaged talents, new things to learn along the way… and just a sideways glance occasionally to check the next path is keeping pace.

I’m no longer determined to get to he next path, I’m placing all my determination on mastering this one.

If you would like help on coming back to your centre, please do get in touch.

More’s later… x

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The Opposite Of Happiness

It struck me recently that at times life appears to herd you into a pen or down a narrow funnel into a situation that you didn’t choose… well at least not consciously anyway. Although at these times you’re focused on a desired outcome in one direction, your life around you seems to get tighter and tighter where you took your eye off the ball. At these moments you are forced to scramble to save what you have or to let go completely and lose everything, potentially risking bag lady status. 

One of the problems at these junctures is that there are no guarantees at all of success in either direction. Focusing on saving yourself from falling guarantees a repeat pattern but not an improvement, and letting go completely guarantees losses but no actual gains. The only real guidance you have at a time like this is how the journey feels.

Fear is the shepherd that will coax you towards the opposite of happiness, but it can disguise itself as temporary relief. Relief is a skilled liar that will lull you into believing all is well when really all that is occurring is a short stay of execution. Dramatic I know, but think about it… are you scrambling to save everything you have because you are afraid of having less? Isn’t that settling for mediocre?

The Wholly Grail’s Principle 5: I AM Liberated asks you to let go of all that keeps you from living your most precious dream, and holding onto the opposite of happiness just because you are terrified your most precious dream cannot possibly exist is exactly what prevents it from existing.

I haven’t got the hang of it yet… I realised last night I was scrambling towards the opposite of happiness because it felt safe. I realised I was trying to save something that drained me, made me feel less than the miracle maker that I am, just because my most precious dream is showing no signs of manifesting (if it did I would jump without hesitation into the abyss of bliss). So I asked Big G this morning, “God, help me to be brave enough to risk it all for happiness.”

…and then I went out and rescued what I already had, just in case He isn’t quick enough with the answer. (Principle 3: I AM Human)!

Be braver than me, stop heading towards the opposite of happiness.

More later… x

Weekly Oracle – The Fault In Our Thinking

There is a feeling of follow-up to last week’s oracle with this combination, almost like the universe wants you to course correct slightly to find a more direct path.

When Principle 3: I AM Human shows up in an oracle reading chances are a mistake has been made that requires adjustment and forgiveness. When you pair it with the deep indigo brow chakra then that mistake equals the fault in our thinking.

So last week I was talking about an old dream that was now beginning to show signs of being delivered. I also mentioned meeting God (or the manifestation you almost forgot you’d asked for) halfway across a symbolic bridge. The problem indicated this week is that you may be so focused on how far the object of your intention has come to meet you, that put all your power over there instead of right where you are.

Let me try to lay this out for you…

Yesterday in meditation, Archangel Michael asked me: “Where do you stand?” My first reaction was that I had no idea where I stood in relation to the goal but as he uttered again “What’s your position?” I realised that my position had nothing to do with where the outcome was.

Imagine that you want something in your life, say for example a soul mate relationship, (many of us can relate to that), well where you stand on the matter – your focus, your intention, your desired outcome, are all products of your own decisions and your ability to say: “This is what I want no matter what it takes or how long I have to keep believing.” The fault in our thinking is when we state: “I don’t know where I stand with you.” This implies that your position is in the hands of someone else’s whims… the actual issue is that you don’t know where they stand or whether this is a shared goal or outcome… but that is a whole different kettle of fish.

So then, this week it’s time to clarify your position, at least to yourself, about exactly where you stand and what your intentions are, whatever the subject matter.

Clear away any doubts and indecision, re-up the faith quota, forgive yourself for faltering and even temporarily giving away your power (and position) to outside influences. Get crystal clear in your intentions and practice constancy… and most of all remember the universe responds to focused instruction… just leave room for the form of the outcome to evolve.

When you know where you stand on that bridge, there is no fault in your thinking and God, in whatever form, knows exactly where to find you in His own good time.

I know where I stand on the matter, how about you? If you need help defining your position then why not book a one-to-one here?

Have a blessed week… x

Can You See Your Future?

It’s an accepted anomaly that when driving a vehicle you automatically steer towards whatever you are focused on, hence it’s wise to keep your eyes on the road ahead. Life is similar in as much as in order to create the life you really want you must first be able to visualise what that life looks like, in other words focus on the outcome you want to achieve. What life is asking is that you attempt a certain element of pre-determination, but can you see your future?

Let’s imagine for a moment that you are a master magician and you are about to conjure up the exact experience that will bring you that feeling of a fulfilled life that you’ve been looking for… What are you going to conjure? That’s the thing, if you don’t know what to conjure, how are you going to know how to conjure it? Now if you have a vision in your mind of what you are going to magic up, then regardless of how many forms it takes on the way there, you will keep going until you have achieved the desired result.

It doesn’t really matter what the goal is, how big it seems or what the component parts might consist of, all creative endeavours start off as inspiration that when repetitive thought is added become passions or missions, that when consistently stoked and action is taken become momentum towards that inspirational vision even if the vision evolves along the way.

Lately I’ve been reviewing some of my own visions, asking myself if where I am is where I had visualized being? What I realised was astonishing: I managed to create several of the component parts… but missed the big picture by a square mile! Why? Because my focus was on the small details rather than the grand plan. The future that I had imagined for myself became a footnote while I began imagining the details in glorious Technicolor… and of course I steered towards the details.

Along the way, evidence began to stack up of more details and the greater plan got buried under the new images that were filing in from so called reality… “I will just deal with this first…” became the norm and before I knew it, life was in control of me and not the other way around… does that sound familiar?

I’ve found a very peaceful state over the last few weeks, a Zen-like break in the routine where it’s been easy to detach from the details. I’ve given myself permission to relax, recognised the only one pressuring me was me, it’s one of the reasons there have been very few posts on the site. I’ve allowed myself to dream the old dream again and ask if I’m ready now to create the vision in its purest form, and to search the recurrent themes in the imaginings that I’ve been keeping company with lately to see what I’ve been creating unconsciously: I found a broken relationship in there where there should be joyous union, because the image was built on details of the faults of both parties rather than the things that make us beautiful and allow us to inspire each other and nurture growth; I found protracted recovery from health issues because I was focused on the details of how I’d manage if I was ill for another extended length of time. The list of things I’ve been steering towards that aren’t part of my plan is ridiculous for someone who understands the mechanics of the law of attraction…

So can you see your future?

Not only can you see it, you can manipulate it into any form you choose… but choose wisely… and consciously.

Creating vision boards has become a bit cheesy recently but if you are like me and easily distracted by details then let me suggest you crack on and get busy making one. Put your must haves on the board. Paint it, write it, stick photos on it… whatever floats your boat… that way you can see your future every time you look at the board and be inspired to steer that way even if the outer world is trying to bury you under the details.

Here’s wishing you a Zen-like space in the routine to refocus on the big picture.

More later… x


First Monday Focus – Just One Thing

Wow! First Monday of the month again. I normally issue a challenge for just such an occasion but to be honest life is currently challenging enough so instead how about we do a First Monday Focus? In this case, focus on just one thing…

In the middle of massive transformation at home, I’ve just received a request for help from someone reaching out on social media who appears to also be dealing with uncertainty at this time and from conversations I’ve had with others too, it’s  seems commonplace at present that people are struggling with overwhelming circumstances compounded by fear, doubt and a crippling inability to make decisions that they trust.

We are in “All or Nothing” mode at the moment, thanks to the recent Full Moon and Venus in Scorpio, and the tendency is to try to change or settle everything at once. When it seems as if everything is in turmoil you could be forgiven for creating even more overwhelming circumstances by attempting to fix every aspect of life in a vain attempt to keep all those lovely balls up in the air in some kind of pointless juggling act. It’s ok for some of them to fall on the floor so you can concentrate on just one important thing…

That thing is going to be personal to each of you, for me its finding somewhere to live. For the lady who reached out to me, it may well be the same, but for some it may revolve around improving health, finding a job etcetera, but when all around you feels uncertain, it’s your basic needs that take precedence over every other decision you need to make.

Improving your situation often requires action, but the focus for today is simply deciding which one thing you intend to take action about. Creating that focus will bring the clarity you are asking for.

Leave all the negative self talk and the coulda shoulda woulda accusations to one side… however this situation occurred, it did so with the sole purpose of propelling you towards greater action, blessings and lessons exist within the core of your circumstances. You have everything you need within you in a wealth of hidden potential and resilience to improve the hand you have been dealt one step at a time. Don’t forget to ask the universe for help too.

Things to remember:

Principle 1: you create your own reality… so get creative!

Principle 2: where you are right now is the only place you can create from so leave the past behind in order to build for the future!

Principle 3: stop beating yourself up,  that is simply wasting energy and resources on a detrimental activity.

Principle 4: nobody else’s opinion is going to give you what you’re looking for, decide what’s important for yourself.

Principle 5: let go of all unnecessary and superfluous clutter to free up some mental, emotional and material resources.

Principle 6: concentrate on basic needs, your safety, health and well-being are your primary assets

Principle 7: accept help where it is offered and offer help where you can… helping others reminds you how useful and powerful you are even when you’ve forgotten how to trust yourself.

Remember that the above Principles are the path to The Wholly Grail but the Grail lives within you not in your illusion of external reality.

Right then, on this happy Monday, I’m wishing you miracles with just one thing (but you get to choose which one…  so choose wisely).

More later… x


Monday Mind Manoeuvre – Casting Call

Did you get chance to read the free oracle on Saturday? It was all about the truth surfacing during dreamstate. I mention it now because I just awoke from a particularly poignant dream full of clues as to what needs to change in order for me to get the best out of this ride. It was like a casting call…

Finding myself at a television studio where senior students are about to begin rehearsing their single focus for the semester, I’m handed a script. The script is a hefty chunk of stapled A4 complete with photos of the original storyline, it’s split into 5 sections which I’m confused as to which order they come in… I don’t recognise the title, I don’t have a clue what the story is about and everyone around me seems to know the script and is preparing for the first rehearsal… and by the way, I have to deliver the news live at 6pm but I have to write it first… and its 2.30pm now and I have to first read the synopsis of the play before rehearsal…its ok, I’ll talk about hurricane Ophelia, that’s news isn’t it? The weather?… Now the list of roles is interesting because on the script notes the director has decided that I have to play the character in the style of another character who I am aware of but don’t know much about, from a tv series I don’t watch. So I flick to see what part in the play this character has and I’m not even playing the leading role… trying desperately to at least read the first paragraph of the introduction I keep getting disturbed by all the other happenings around the studio and the other students who have obviously had a head start with the script which to me may as well have been written in Russian by some apparently award winning art-house writer whose name I can’t pronounce or even spell…

Interesting dream eh?

The truth isn’t hidden here at all but I’ll put its basics a bit more clearly in case they are of help to any of you:

  • Who is writing your life story?
  • Are you the leading role in your story?
  • Are you expected to play a character (whose playing a character) or be your authentic self?
  • Do you know what your story is about and how you want it to go?
  • Are distractions deterring you from your main focus?
  • Are you delivering “the weather report” instead of the news because you’re short on time and/or inspiration?
  • Are there too many parts to the story and does it need simplifying?
  • Whose in control of your life?

…And the last one for me was the feeling that I didn’t know any of the players. In the dream the other students were all strangers and I just didn’t feel like I belonged. Having a soul family, a supporting cast, is paramount to a successful story: life story, that is.

Wow, looks like I’ve got some work to do! I have no intention of delivering the weather while “rehearsing” for a play I don’t know and don’t like, written by a writer I don’t know and can’t understand, in a peripheral role I don’t suit in the style of a character I’ve barely heard of without a cast I’m comfortable with and feeling like the only one on the team who hasn’t a clue what I’m doing and being distracted from learning by all the comings and goings of trivia… did I mention there was also wine there for a big party? Tempting, but just another distraction.

Principle 4: I AM Truth… apparently in the case of my current set up, I need to check that statement. What are your dreams revealing to you about your waking situation?

More later… x

Ps. This post was written by me, in the style of me (no characters necessary).


Conflict And Contradiction – A Glitch In The Matrix

Talking about manifesting the crystal clear vision you’ve created for yourself just beyond the veil as I was in Monday’s Challenge, I wanted to tackle another spanner in the works of bringing your dreams to life: conflict and contradiction in thought, word and deed.

If you want to slow down or even put a halt to creating your vision, the fastest way to dam up the flow and create a glitch in the matrix is to act contrary to your desire. Suppose you have created in your mind’s eye a perfect life for yourself, especially one that requires the cooperation of other people, needing them to want and visualise the same outcome. Now supposing in the moments where you mistakenly assume you are in control of the manifesting process (rather than The Source of All Things who of course has ultimate creative control on how the vision morphs into the realm of matter), and supposing in your limited capacity you have no idea how to move all the component parts and people into the necessary arrangement and alignment to pull off this multifaceted miracle… at times like this its easy to focus on a vision for which you do have control, for example one that doesn’t require the consent of outside parties to make progress.

Sure you can convince yourself that you are filling time, sure you can create something special, but that creation is always going to fall short of your true desire, leaving you feeling unfulfilled, discouraged and somewhat empty inside. That’s only half the story though: using up your creative energy producing a vision from the small self has not only blurred the original picture but has also depleted vital resources manifesting the mediocre instead of the magnificent… Besides, where did this bit fit in the original vision?

Desire is the creative fire in the universe. When you add focus and will, you cannot fail to fulfil destiny… destiny is the path which your soul is compelled to follow, but you have no control over the how, the when or the who. When you engage a desire, the universe is compelled to assemble your matrix for manifesting, but when you place your focus on a different outcome because your ego and your soul are in conflict, that’s where the building takes place leaving your desire in stasis until you choose to refocus in the main matrix again.

Since your creative fire is built-in to the soul’s drive for attainment, the inferior choice will become just that: inferior (in quality, success, etc) simply because your soul will be screaming “I don’t want this, I was born to become that over there.”

Wasted time, wasted energy, working against the Will of God, (which is always in alignment with the will of your soul: Principle 1). Where some cultures will tell you desire is bad, the truth is that desire is everything (only the attachment to it will get you into trouble: Principle 2).

In summary: if your soul desires it and your heart yearns for it then that’s the vision you should hold out for. World’s may collapse and fall while you wait but that’s a lesson in surrender and one for another time.

More later… x

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After The Storm

I love the smell of the air immediately after the storm. Everything is more alive, more vibrant, washed clean by the rain and in full colour. It’s a time when, as a child I would take off my shoes and walk along the York stone paving with bare feet just so I could feel the wet, cool, solid foundation reminding me that this moment counts.

This moment counts.

What you do with it is your choice. It could be life changing, life affirming or it could pass by as a simple moment of acknowledgment of all that there is… you don’t have to do anything of course, you can go on with your daily rounds without looking up, without truly, fully breathing in, and without a clue that the moment is passing you by.

Having selected Principle 6: I AM Self-Full as the lead card in Saturday’s Intuitive Chalice Oracle, I’m mindful of the focus energy this week on doing what’s right for you and doing it slowly and with purpose. It’s being compounded by the gentle new moon in Taurus arriving in the early hours of Wednesday morning (about 01:16am UK time). The emphasis for me is about focus: all or nothing, this and only this… It may seem like limiting choices and expression of variety but for now at least, that way lies scattered thinking and dispersed intentions. I am my primary focus. My needs are paramount.

The storm has passed and it’s time to ponder the emergence of fresh perspective and tend to the fundamentals like health, home and happiness.

Whatever storms you have been facing have blown away the cobwebs and the chaos has transformed into a fertile landscape for planting new seeds. Some of those seeds you rescued from what went before, some you have dreamed anew but the only thing that matters now are the dreams you’ve dreamed for you.

Take off your shoes, put your feet on the ground, breathe, smile… and draw the moment inward until it fills you.

Happy Monday… x


Saturday Oracle – Being All In

Difficult decisions can only be made once you understand what motivates your choices.

We make arrangements, agreements, commitments spoken and unspoken, we fulfil responsibilities and obligations that these contracts, conscious and unconscious bring with them, but do we actually understand and honour the most sacred contract there is? That is the one we have to ourselves.

This week’s oracle teams up Principle 6: I AM Self-Full, with the emerald green of the heart chakra to highlight for us this fundamental and yet often neglected vow of taking care of our own needs.

Ask yourself as you step into the week ahead who you are doing it for? Who you get out of bed for, go to work for, cook for, make yourself beautiful for? Ask who you cry for, smile for, yearn for and strive for? You will come up with many answers from your kids to your boss to your clients to your lover to your dog… but the ultimate truth is you do it for you.

Your kids bring you joy, love, a sense of continuity and even immortality. Your boss is just the guy or girl that pays the wages that fund your lifestyle. Your clients’ happiness gives you a sense of fulfilment and purpose. Your lover makes you feel special (hopefully), provides physical attention and acts a mirror to your hopes, dreams and aspirations, as well as fulfilling your need for connection and companionship and that urge to pair off that dates back to Adam and Eve, and was fortified by Noah’s deliberate loading strategy for his big wooden boat thing. Your dog… well who knows why we humans are so attached to four-legged furry things but it’s mostly because they love you unconditionally for who you are no matter how shit your hair looks or whether you’re a flatulent toad in your down time. At the route of every obligation, contract or commitment is the fact that it benefits YOU!

Now that we’ve cleared that up, give yourself a little while to let it percolate and come at this oracle afresh.

Self-Full Living is the art of providing for one’s own needs. You either do it consciously or unconsciously.

The heart chakra is the centre of balance in the energy system, it’s the healing heart where unconditional love comes from, it provides a safe space in which to exist, that’s what it means to hold someone in your heart, you give them a space to heal, to be whole. Now imagine for a moment that you are the person you are holding within that centre of life affirming, healing love… everything you do this week must be about you so take that temporary time out, let it breathe (whatever it is) whilst you have a word with yourself about your motives.

Commitment is an all or nothing deal. Fear is the enemy of commitment. Maybe, you’re afraid of losing? Maybe you’re afraid of winning? Maybe you’re afraid of losing yourself in the vastness of a love so deep and so powerful that it consumes you? But it’s your love… The love you lavish upon yourself. Whatever you pour it into, whoever you pour it into, you ultimately are pouring into yourself. Do you love yourself enough to give life and love your best shot?

Take the time, make the space, and then asked the question…

Am I all in?

Because if you’re not all in, you’re out.

More next week… x