Weekly Oracle – The End Of The World Or The Beginning

The most powerful card in the Intuitive Chalice Oracle was only too happy to show itself at this time, first to remind us how far we’ve come, and then how far we still have to go. Is it the end of the world or the beginning, I wonder? Having just finished a meditation to consult […]

Saturday Oracle – First Make Room

I was taken aback when the Sacred Chalice decided to grace us with its presence for this week’s group reading, simply because all seems quiet on the western front as it were. The Chalice usually arrives as an omen to great change, either positive or negative and can represent either bliss, gain and success, or […]

Saturday Oracle – One Step Too Far?

I’m beginning to wonder if The Sacred Chalice has made more appearances than any other card or combination in the set. It certainly seems prolific of late and each time it arrives it brings with it a slightly expanded energy. Perhaps though, this week that expansion is one step too far? In everyone’s life there […]